Comparison Between OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra

The championship match up. We’ve all been waiting for is finally here. We’ve got The Wombles apro going head to head against the current champ in the Galaxy. S 20 Otara now taking a look at the spec sheets.

Both of these phones are powered by the same Snapdragon eight sixty five.

Both of these phones have really fast storage. And really the big difference here comes down to RAM with the one percent pro that we’re testing, having twelve gigabytes of RAM, while the S 20 ultra has a ridiculous 16 gigabytes.

Now, I don’t really expect the RAM to play a role in that second lap, since both of these phones have more than enough RAM to keep all the apps open. But in the first lap, there is a chance that the extra ram on the ESC Twenty Ultra could actually give it an advantage, depending on how aggressive Samsung is with their app caching of the S1, the ultra ends up caching apps better than the one. Plus apro.

It can have faster, but of times, of course, one plus is kind of known for their optimizations. So this thing can honestly go either way. I’m excited to see what happens. Let’s get right into it.

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We’ll kick things off by starting the stopwatches on each phone and then jumping into the first row where the two phones perform identically in Facebook and roughly the same in Starbucks.

So heading into Microsoft Word, we’ll see if one of them can create at least some kind of separation here where the one plus a pro does just that, pulling ahead as it moves on to excel.

And from the looks of it, it’s able to run it through that app faster as well, giving it a nice little cushion as both bones move on to the second row and began working on snap seed, where each one is editing the same exact photo, adding not one but two different filters before exploding the image out to storage, where this time the Essany Ultra is able to keep the one plus from pulling any further ahead.

Meaning here in laps. It’s the S01 Ultra is still right there in this thing and from the looks of it, it’s actually rendering this video at a faster rate.

So we might just see a comeback here. Where?

Yes. Truly, Ultra is able to take the lead for the first time in the speed test, already moving on to Google Trends.

So a pretty big turnaround there. Kind of surprising given the similar specs.

But this 20 is proving that it wasn’t just a fluke loading Google Trends at a faster rates while absolutely blowing through subway surfers, giving the SUV ultra what may be the biggest lead that we’ve seen so far.

And at least in flip diving, that lead only gets bigger with a champ loading that game faster as well. So the one policy pro is in some serious trouble here.

So far, it’s loaded the last four apps in a row at a slower rate and unfortunately, it’s slower and fit the fat as well.

So as it gets started with forward assaults, that’s when he Otara already moves on to the last row where it’s able to pull not one, but two apps ahead with very little runway left here in the first lap. We’ll see if two one plus can at least cut down on that lead before it’s too late. But with it loading ESPN slower as well.

Yes, 20 Ultra is able to finish our first night with a time of one minute and 47 seconds with the one plus eight pro finishing just under eight seconds later with a time of one minute and fifty five.

So a very interesting first lap there. The difference was consistent across all of our test trials and outside of maybe three or four apps.

Yasuni Otara had the edge over the one plus in all the apps with the big ones of course being the video render and the gaming row.

Now, considering that both of these phones don’t get bogged down too much with heats, I think the difference here it came down to optimization if now on the phone side than on the developer side.

But either way, the 20 OTRO is able to finish the test first with a time of two minutes and 23 seconds with the one plus a probe coming in with a time of two and a half minutes flat, making the winner and still fumbling style speed test champ. The Galaxy s 20 Ultra. Anyways, that is it for me in this article.


Speed Test Review

Last year, when we tested the Pixel three Excel and the iPhone tennis max, the iPhone just dominated the pixel beating. It’s by over a minute.

But this year, things might actually be different.

The pixel forward now has six gigabytes of RAM instead of just four. And it’s also the first phone we’re officially testing with Android 10 now.

That said, unfortunately, Google decided to stick with the slower USFSA two point one storage instead of 3.0. And they also stuck with the regular Snapdragon fifty five instead of the eight fifty five plus which considering how powerful the iPhone eleven pro has already proven itself to be.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the pixel four stacks up.

But will it get embarrassed like it did last year? Or will it be able to redeem itself? Let’s find out. After the test. Be sure to check out the official speed test rankings on our Web sites, which we created using Wick’s.

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Just answer a few questions. Upload some of your photos and pick a theme that best matches your style. And then have a do the rest. Building you a professional website that looks great on mobile and on desktop. Try it out for yourself at the first link down below. OK, so we’ll kick things off by starting the stopwatches on each phone.

And then jumping into the first row where the iPhone is able to get the step over the pixel and Facebook.

But the pixel is able to quickly recover in Starbucks and it takes the lead as both phones began working on word. But with iPhone, it just ripping through that five hundred page documents.

It’s able to take the lead right back as it blazes through Excel and already moves on to the second row. So a pretty big lead for the iPhone. Very early on in this speed test.

We’ll see if the pixel can make up some ground here in the second row as both phones work on snap speed adding.

And that’s one but two different filters to the same exact photo. And unfortunately for the pixel four, it does look like it’s editing this photo at a slower rate.

Even worse, it’s about to move on to the video exporting test here in Adobe Rush in the area where the iPhone has always been dominant, thanks to its a series chip.

And just like expected, the iPhone powers through Adobe Rush without a problem with the pixel, clearly rendering this video slower as well. So things are beginning to get ugly. The iPhone is showing no signs of slowing down here in the gaming row, with it already finishing up with subway surfers as the pixel finally finishes up with a dopy rush.

And with the pixel also loading this Google trend search slower. The odds of the pencil for making a comeback here in the first lap are almost slim to none.

However, it is worth noting that the iPhone loving pro did a struggle a bit in the second lap when it went up against No Templar’s earlier this year. And with the Pixel four finally having more ram, it might just be able to recover in the second lap.

Of course, in order for that to happen, the pixel has to stop the bleeding here and the first lap.

And unfortunately, not only does the pixel load both subway surfers and flip driving at a slower rates, but it also loaded fit the fat slower as well, allowing the iPhone to pull a full of four apps ahead of the pixel as it finishes the first lap with a time of one minute and 50 seconds.

So just an outright dominant performance by the iPhone in lap number one.

So dominant, in fact, that even if the pixel is able to keep all the apps open and ready to go and lap number two, I don’t know if it will be enough for it to make the comeback.

The iPhone is just six apps away from completing the test. While the pixel is still working on the first lap, finally completing it 27 seconds later.

So a huge cushion for the iPhone even as it fails to keep. Excel and word open, the pixel is still really far behind. But the good news for the pixel is it is at least managing to keep these games open and ready to go, something that the Pixel three wasn’t able to do last year.

So a definite improvement, but not enough for it to beat the iPhone with the iPhone completing the task with a total time of two minutes and thirty nine seconds with us fast forwarding the pixel to the finish line where just like the iPhone, it failed at keeping both word and excel open.

However, it did manage to keep Starbucks open on its way to completing the test 36 seconds later, with a total time of three minutes and 16 seconds, making the winner by a huge margin.

The iPhone eleven pro Macs anyways. That is it for me in this article.


Speed Test With Iphones

So I’ve been looking forward to the speed test for a while now. We have the budget for hundred dollar iPhone. I see.

Going head to head against the top of the line, the big boy, the iPhone eleven pro max now outside of their seven one hundred dollar price difference on the spec sheets.

There are a few other things to take note of. First, the iPhone.

I see it has three gigabyte ram compared to the four on the more expensive 11. And it also has a slightly lower native resolution. But the big story, of course, is both of these phones have the same industry leading A13 bionic chip, which in theory means they should perform roughly the same.

But somehow I find myself a little skeptical of that idea. I don’t know if it’s because the SC is using pretty much the same parts as the iPhone eight outside of the processor, or if it’s because we’ve seen other phones with the same processor perform differently, but they’re both running. I was 13. They’re both made by the same company.

Presumably the same optimization. So let’s see.This article is sponsored by I Blaze On with cushioned corners, a raised lip and a built-In screen protector.

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Downbelow and the description to learn more. All right. We’ll kick things off by starting this stopwatches on each phone and then jumping into the first row where the two phones perform identically in Facebook and here in Starbucks. It’s a similar story.

The SC seem to have gotten a split second advantage over the 11 pro Macs there, and it does the same thing in Microsoft Word.

But we’re talking just fractions of a second here. So moving on to the second row, the two phones are still neck and neck, which at least according to the spec sheets, is exactly what you would expect.

But I do it to say it is still somewhat surprising to actually see it play out.

Not only has the budget iPhone SC Knot’s fallen behind here, but it’s actually been loading most of the apps. Little fractions of a second faster now. This is nothing definitive. It’s still definitely within the margin of error.

But it’s just amazing to see a 400 dollar iPhone keep pace with an 11 100 dollar iPhone. Especially when you consider that the 11 100 dollar iPhone is undefeated here in the first lap, even against the top Android phones.

But we’ll see if the iPhone SC can keep it up here in the gaming row where it is possible that we might see some signs of thermal throttling depending on the cooling system the apple is using in the SC compared to the 11 pro Macs.

And typically bigger bodied phones do better with heat distribution.

And the iPhone I see is a small phone, but so far it seems to be handling these games without a problem. I don’t know if that would hold true over a longer session, but in this quick burst speed test here, the Essie’s performance is nothing short of impressive.

Now, I do have to point out that while the SC does have the lead here late in the first lap, there are a few caveats. For one, the SC screen is significantly smaller, so the robot arm technically has less distance to cover from point to points.

And two, we’re not using the eleven pro maxes regular swipe gestures as we wanted to eliminate that variable.

But either way, the two phones finish the first lap within two seconds of each other. I’d consider that well within the margin of error, meaning the two phones perform roughly the same in the first lap.

But how they perform in the second still remains to be seen, with iPhone SCA failing to keep subway surfers open while the 11 pro Macs and its extra RAM have it fully ready to go.

And with iPhone Essy also failing to keep premier open, the 11 pro Macs is able to easily pull ahead. But it fails at keeping Excel open, which is nothing too surprising. As we’ve seen many times in the past.

But it does somehow manage to keep word open, as it does at both Starbucks and Facebook.

So quite an improvement for the 11 Permax since the last time that we tested it. It looks like I was thirteen point five may have improved RAM managements, but not enough for the iPhone s. E to keep the same apps open, causing it to finish eleven seconds later with a time of two minutes and 40 seconds, making the winner the iPhone 11 pro Macs.

But it was a close one and a really impressive performance by a phone that costs less than most flagships anyways. That is it for me in this article.


A Drop Test Between Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max

Lots of guys,And today we have another form of style article. This time a drop test between the galaxias Santa Claus and the iPhone 10 as Max.

Now, what’s interesting about this drug test is on the one hand, you have the iPhone, which Apple claims is using the strongest glass to ever be used in a smartphone, or at least that’s what they’re saying back when they announced it.

And then, on the other hand, you have the Galaxias town plus, which is using the new Gorilla Glass six, which Allissa, according to Corning, the company who makes Gorilla Glass, can survive drops of to two times better than Gorilla Glass five, which is what Samsung was using on their phones last year, which, of course, begs the question, which one of these two very expensive smartphones is actually more durable?

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Rocket is including one month of their rock flick service for free, which they say has the most extensive 3D library in the world.

But going beyond just 3D, all their smartphones include 12 months of rock talk for free, where you can make unlimited outbound domestic and international calls over Wi-Fi.

And you also get 12 months of rock held for free where you can talk to a personal doctor whenever you need and benefit from pharmacy savings of up to 75 percent on prescriptions.

Rocky also has other bundled services like roadside assistance and music at a low monthly cost, which you can learn more about. In addition to learning what new smartphones at the first link Downbelow in the description. All right, let’s get to the drop.

Test. Round number one backdrop and three to one after the backdrop.

Both phones have their rear glass damaged. The Gorilla Glass six on the Galaxias Tom Plus didn’t really seem to make any difference here, despite all of Corning’s claims with the glass completely shattering. And spider webbing all across the back.

The iPhone’s glass, on the other hand, while not completely undamaged, did significantly better with its back having just a few cracks.

And although its big protruding camera lens did get a few scuffs around its housing.

The iPhone did well enough here to get the win in round number one, round number two, corner drop in three to one. The screens on both phones remain undamaged after that cornershop, which is actually pretty impressive when you consider just how thin the bezels are on these devices.

And while both phones did receive a few scuff marks on the corners themselves, there really isn’t much of a difference between the two making it a tie in the corner job. Round number three, face drop three to one.

The face drop did its damage to both bones, though cracks on the iPhone are mostly contained to the bottom corner of the screen, whereas the tense cracked spiderweb all across the front.

And to make matters worse. After doing our 15 point inspection, where we test everything from the cameras and sensors to the flashlight and charging port, we found that the s tense fingerprint scanner under the glass no longer works.

No matter how many times we tried, how much pressure we applied, we just couldn’t unlock the phone with a fingerprint. We even tried restarting the asked hand without any luck.

And after going into the settings, the S10 wouldn’t even allow us to register a new fingerprint.

So a really, really disappointing result for the S10. Plus here, giving the win to the iPhone in round number three bonus round. OK, so while the S tends fingerprint scanner no longer works. The good news is everything else still does, meaning it gets to go on to the bonus round.

Now we call it the bonus round because it’s the least important round in this test due to the fact that nobody really drops their smartphone 10 times consecutively. However, this round does at least give you an idea as to the impact and shock resistance on a phone.

Last time the iPhone was able to survive three consecutive drops before the area between the seconds and the third rose on the touchscreen, stop working. So we’ll see what the Galaxy s ten plus can do any better. And three to one.

So one bonus drop in phone looks like it’s good if the screen works. Yes, it does.All right. One, three, two, one. That was amazing. It fell flat.

No bounce. Just stuck the landing. Can we call? Yes, we can. And one more drop, buddy. And you’re done.

All right. Drop number 10.And three to one.So some glass flew out just for the grand finale.

This insane, totally ridiculous bonus round and bonus still going can make an emergency call if we needed to.

All right. It passed. So after 10 consecutive drops from just under one and a half meters, the s.m plus seems to still be going relatively strong. We checked if all those drops smack some sense back into the fingerprint scanner. But as expected, it’s still a no in that department.

But otherwise, the camera and the touch screen still remain fully functional. So a pretty good result in the bonus round. OK.

So with all four rounds in the books, it’s time to take a look at the scorecard.

The way scoring works here is the winner of each round always receives 10 points with the loser of each round, receiving somewhere between six and nine points, depending on how much worse it did. So in the first round, the Gorilla Glass six on the S10 plus didn’t seem to help at all, with it shattering significantly worse than the iPhone in the second round. Both phones held up rather nicely.

In the third, both phones cracked. But the Galaxy s 10 suffered one of the worst results we’ve had in a while, with the functionality of its fingerprint scanner being completely destroyed. And finally, in the fourth round, the s.M proved that while a single drop can kill its fingerprint scanner, at least its other components have great impact and shock resistance.

But in the end, the S hence more shattered glass and the failure of the fingerprint scanner costed the match, making the winner of this drop test, the iPhone 10 as max anyways. That is it for me in this article.


Some Secrets About OnePlus 7 Pro

Just from all the leaks and rumors and the information that even one plus was putting out bit by bit, you probably know a good amount already about the one plus seven pro.

You know that it has a new higher resolution notch list. Ninety hertz display, you know, it has dual stereo speakers, a triple camera system and improved vibration motor and that it’s one of the first Android phones to sport faster you up as three point o storage.

But in today’s article, I want to talk about some of the things that maybe you don’t already know about the phone, some of the big things and some of them just small little quirks. So we’ll start off with that pop up selfie cam.

Now, if you’re like me, you might be worried about having a moving part in your phone and it’s durability.

But one plus says that they tested the Pop-Up camera over three hundred thousand times and they’ve actually built a fair amount of software into the phone to help protect it.

So if you switch back and forth between the cameras like a madman over and over, and I did this just because it looked cool, you get a little warning telling you to essentially take it easy.

If you try closing it by manually stopping the camera back inside with your finger, it automatically retracts and warns you had to do that. And if you try to open the camera while something is blocking it, it’ll make this weird sound for a while and then it just gives up letting you know that it’s blocked. But maybe the cool thing about the selfie cam software is it’s full of detection.

So if the camera is open and you accidentally dropped the phone, it’ll automatically retract.

Which is pretty good, especially when you consider that the selfie cam, when it popped up, even if you have a case on the phone, it’s going to be exposed. So it’s good that it goes back in and stays fully protected.

Now, the second thing that you may not know about the one plus seven pro has to do with the camera as well.

This time the camera’s on the back of the phone and it is actually a bit of bad news.

And that’s the fact that,You can obviously take photos with all three lenses. But when it comes to video, at least for now, it’s limited to just the main lens and the telephoto lens.

So if you’re thinking about using this thing like a little GoPro, yeah, that’s not going to happen.

The third thing that you may not know where the phone is, a small one literally in the new SIM tray compared to the one plus 60 before it’s this new SIM tray is tiny.

It’s still dorsum. The tree has a store on each side of the phone for a different SIM card. And from the looks of it, it seems like there’s a larger seal around the tray for water resistance. I know that one post didn’t have this phone officially IP rated, but this at least is a good sign.

So the fourth thing that you may not know, but the one plus of impro is that while it has the same USGBC ports as the 60 in terms of raw data transfer speed, Walpole’s seven is way faster, with USP three point one compared to USP two point O on the 60.

All right. The one thing that you may not know is a new software feature that one plus implemented into the seven pro called Zend mode. Enabling this mode basically disables your phone for 20 minutes at a time.

So you can focus on whatever it is that you’re doing without your phone distracting you.

Now, while this may sound a lot like screen time or like digital well-being, it’s not because you literally can’t disable it once it started. There is no home button.

There’s no back button you can press. And, you know, I thought for sure that if I restarted the phone, it would go back to normal. But nope, it still doesn’t work.

So I like it. I mean, when you turn on Zen mode, it’s a real commitment not to use your phone, letting you have day, night or whatever it is, and allowing you to reclaim some of your attention, at least for 20 minutes without any temptation at all.

OK. This six thing they may not know, but the one plus seven pro is its fingerprint scanner is a lot better than it was before on the 16th, not just because of the three element lens and the larger sensor compared to that phone, but also because of the new algorithms that do an even better job of learning your fingerprints.

So it works faster and more accurately. Now, usually you can’t really show the progress these types of algorithms make on a phone, but with the fingerprint scanner, you actually can.

So here I registered a fresh scan of my finger. And while it works, when I use it just right, when I turn my finger over to the edge, it doesn’t work.

No matter how many times I try. But as I unlock the phone successfully with that finger over and over, the phone’s algorithm learns more about my finger. And slowly but surely starts adding it to the database, eventually getting to the point where that same sideways unlocked that I was trying earlier works nearly every time.

This means that you don’t go into the settings and register that same finger multiple times in an attempt to improve accuracy.

At first, the fingerprint scanner is not going to be that great, but the more you use it, the better it gets. I literally hated the fingerprint scanner when I first started using this phone, but now that I’ve used it for a while, not trained it, it’s improved to the point where it’s no longer an issue. It actually works pretty damn well.

And, you know, while it’s still prefer the old style of fingerprint scanner, like the one on the pixel, the scanner is no longer.

A deal breaker for me. Moving on, the seven thing they may not know has to do with those curved edges on the phone. No, there’s no edge panel like on the galaxy phones.

And no, I’m not the biggest fan of curved edge displays, but one plus did add a nice little animation when you receive a notification.

It’s a small little quirk for sure, but it’s something that does add a bit of value when the phone is just sitting off to the side and you get a notification.

And finally, the eight thing that you may not know about, the one plus seven impro is it has a new cooling system that one plus is calling ten layer liquid cooling, which is supposed to keep the phone running strong even after long gaming sessions.

Now, from my experience with the phone with the dual speakers and the 90 hertz display the phone, it definitely still gets hot. But more importantly, it hasn’t led to the processor overheating to the point where there’s thermal throttling.

Of course, we’ll learn a lot more about the phone’s performance once we do our speed test.

But that’s pretty much it for me in this article. I do have my review of the phone coming soon. Along with a speed test and the battery tests once the phones become publicly available.

I was trying to give you guys some different coverage compared to what you’re probably seeing in your feed.If you didn’t like the article.


Speed Test Between Smartphones

Lots of guys,And nobody sells more bones than Samsung, Apple or why wait? They’re the top three smartphone manufacturers in the world by volume.

And today we’re taking their best phones and putting them head to head in a fumbling style speed test. Now, taking a look at the spec sheets, these phones are very different.

The resolutions are different. The software versions are different.

And, of course, the processors are different as well. The iPhone 10 is packing apples. A11 bionic chip. The note eight comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon eight thirty five and the May 10 pro is using always own Karen 970, which while way it has been hyping up.

They’re saying that the Care 970 offers ultimate performance and that the May 10 will stay fast over time thanks to artificial intelligence.

Now there’s no way to know about that long term claim in terms of performance, but, well, we can’t find out. Today is Wishbone is currently the fastest. So let’s find out.

Tunnel bear is the easy to use privacy app that helps you browse the Internet. And up to 20 countries to try to tunnel there for free. Go to tunnel. Baer dot com slash phone buff or click on that link down below.

All right. We’ll get things going by starting the stopwatches and then jumping into the first row of system apps with the animation times on all three phones being roughly the same.

Putting them neck and neck as they move into to Facebook with the iPhone being able to pull ahead as no date falls into seconds with May 10 falling into third.

So with all three phones now moving on to the more heavy duty apps, the iPhone is able to add onto its lead with it ripping through Photoshop and that A11 bionic shape being able to export the clip and premiere without breaking a sweat.

Meanwhile, The Cure 970 to me 10 is duking it out with the Snapdragon eight.

Thirty five in the notes were surprisingly, there was little difference between the two. As each one moves on to the gaming row, where the iPhone is able to officially pull a pull up ahead of the other two with it pushing ahead to fit the fat as the two Android phones began working on Flip Diaby.

So it’ll be interesting to see if either the May 10 Pro or the Galaxy Note eight can create at least some kind of separation here, because so far it’s been a bunch of back and forth with the Node eight loading some apps like Subway Surfers and flip diving faster and the May 10 pro loading apps like Photoshop and the Fad Here faster. So really inconsistent results so far.

In fact, the only consistency we’ve seen so far in this test is that the iPhone 10 has been pretty much faster across the board.

Of course, we still have the entire second lap left to go where the three gigabytes of RAM that Apple insists on using in their thousand dollar smartphone just hasn’t been able to keep all the apps in this test open and ready to go.

However, Apple has issued a few soccer updates since our last test, so we’ll see if they’ve been able to improve optimization as the iPhone finishes the first half.

With an impressive time of one minute and 22 seconds to May 10, Pro is just about done with that last app, clocking any time of one minute and twenty nine seconds, followed by the notice which comes in just three seconds later.

So the timing couldn’t have been better for the Android phones, with iPhone failing to keep flip diving open, setting up to make time proper.

A comeback where yes, it’s able to keep flip diving and subway servers open, allowing it to take the lead here in the speed test.

The iPhone 10 also feels like keeping up with servers open, which allows the Node eight to pass it as well. So the three gigabytes ram once again hurts the iPhone here with the six gigabyte packing May Tamaro completely.

That’s that’s what the time of one minute and fifty five seconds.

And the node eight coming in just six seconds later with the time of two minutes and one second. So we’ll go ahead and Ballymore iPhone to the finish line where it continued to struggle, keeping apps open on its way to clocking in a time of two minutes and 19 seconds, making the winner the walkway mates hand pro.

Before we take a look at the individual app, little times only give a quick thanks to Tulba for sponsoring today’s episode.

So I was using Tumblr pretty much all week last week when I went to Vegas for CBS because naturally I was connecting to a lot of public Wi-Fi hotspots and using Tulba, I was able to encrypt my web traffic, making it harder for anybody monitoring those hotspots to track my activity. Now, using Tulba itself is easy.

All you do is open the app, select the country that you want to browse from, and tonneau bear will securely tunnel you to that country, hiding your IP address in the process with servers in 20 countries.

You can always get a fast connection and browse the web just as if you were a local tried Tulba for free by visiting tunnel dot com slash phone bov or by clicking on a link down below in the description.

All right. So here are the individual Abelardo Times from the first lab where you can see the apps that the May 10 pro and the No. Eighth went back and forth on how the iPhone’s A11 bionic chip is just an absolute beast that’s missing maybe a gieger to a ram anyways. That is it for me in this article.


iPhone 11 Some Pretty Big Improvements

Apple finally unveiled the long awaited iPhone A11 11 pro and 11 pro Macs phones. That’s at least on the surface due to the similar design as last year’s iPhone.

Don’t seem like the biggest of upgrades rights. But when you take a deeper look, these new iPhones do actually come up with some pretty big improvements. The first of which is right there on the back. No, it’s not a new shaving feature. It’s not a stovetop.

It’s apples. All new camera system, an area where Apple desperately needed to play catch up to its Android competitors.

All three iPhones now come with a new ultra wide angle camera that lets you zoom out to X to squeeze way more into your photos and videos on the pro models.

You also get two X telephoto zoom that this year has been improved to allow up to 40 percent more lights, presumably for better indoor shooting. Speaking of which, the cameras now have nites mode, something that we’ve seen on Android phones for a while now.

That’s led you to actually take decent photos in a really low light situations without having to use the flash.

And if you do want to use the flash, it’s now 36 percent brighter than before. There’s a new audios and feature that matches audio with the framing of your article, zeroing in on whatever it is that you’re looking at.

On the flip side, the selfie camera has been bumped up to twelve megapixels compared to seven on last year’s iPhone, which allows for a wider angle. Selfie is when you turn the phone into landscape.

And a new feature, Apple is calling slow fees, something I hope to never have to see again, where you can record your selfies.

Inglourious one hundred and twenty frames per second slow motion.

Moving on from the cameras. Apple is claiming that these new iPhones are using the toughest glass on any smartphone. They kind of always tend to say that. So we’ll just have to wait and see how these new iPhones actually perform in our job test.

But in addition to the more durable glass, Apple says that these new iPhones also have better water resistance.

But even more impressive than the new water resistance is the battery claims, with Apple saying that the iPhone 11 last up to one hour longer than the iPhone 10 are. Which, by the way, already had pretty good battery.

But even crazier, they’re claiming that the iPhone will live impro pro and the pro Macs will last up to four and a five hours longer than the iPhone. Tennis and tennis, Max.

Now, I do have to say that I’m a little skeptical of these claims because it almost sounds too good to be true. But Apple says they’re able to do it in part thanks to the pro models, new super Retin-A XDR display, which is like a mouthful to say.

That’s supposedly 15 percent more energy efficient, even though it’s capable of getting brighter than last year’s iPhone.

Being able to go up to a hundred dates in some might add up to twelve hundred.

And it’s during article. Another area where Apple says the better gains are coming from is the all new A13 bionic chip, which not only has a 20 percent faster C.P.U, but it uses up to 40 percent less power while the GP you is using 30 percent less power, despite also being up to 20 percent faster.

Moving on, because there is more the iPhone elevons all have improved sound with spatial audio and Dolby outmost basically trying to simulate surround sound on a phone normally doesn’t really pan out, but ultimately sound as should be at least a bit clearer and more dynamic.

And interesting new feature on 9/11 that Apple didn’t really spend too much time talking about is its new you one chip, an ultra wideband chip that gives the iPhone spatial awareness.

So one example the Apple is giving right now is you’ll be able to point the iPhone 011 toward someone else in the room and have them prioritized in airdrop.

Basu Things that are improved on these new iPhones. Is there’s a faster face I.D. by up to 30 percent, while also more importantly, supporting more angles. So hopefully we’ll be able to unlock one like the phone is lying flat on the table.

There will be faster Wi-Fi downloads with Wi-Fi six giving you up to 30 percent faster downloads.

And specifically for the iPhone eleven pro and the pro Macs, a fast charger will finally be included in the box. Now, I don’t want to brag, but I called it just saying that’s pretty much it. I mean, it’s not a new feature, but different live and pro now doesn’t have three to touch anymore. So our IP 3D touch, you’ll be missed.

But you know what won’t be missed is the fifty dollars that Apple knocked off the price of the iPhone lhevinne at just seven hundred dollars compared to seven hundred and fifty on the 10:00 hour last year.

Apple usually doesn’t lower their prices, hung like a new phone. So a little bit of good news there. Of course, the more premium eleven pro and the pro Macs or at the same price as the tennis and tennis makes last year at ninety nine and ten ninety nine, respectively.

And last thing, they’re also bundling Apple TV plus for free for anybody who buys one of these new iPhones. I’m not sure if Apple’s.

Fluke’s competitor is worth the suppose it’s 60 dollar value. But, you know, some of the shows do look cool, I guess. And hey, it’s free anyways.

That is it for me in this article. We covered a whole lot and a little bit of time. I’m basically running out of breath. So let me know what you guys think about the iPhone 11 ads. Phone BOF pretty much everywhere. And as always.


Comparison Between OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE

Real quick before we get started, I want to update you guys on how we conduct these tests here at Falmouth. Now, normally we wait until the phone is publicly available before we conduct any tests.

So that way we’re testing on final software and that way we’re testing the same version of the phone that ultimately ends up in your hands. Now, that said, the community has made it clear that people want us to publish our results sooner.

So in an effort to find a balance, in an instance where a manufacturer sends us a device early like one plus did with the Nord, I’ve decided we’ll go ahead and cautiously test these phones.

If we feel like the software is stable enough. But at the end of the day, because this is still technically prerelease software, it’s important to me that we verify these results after the public release and will report on any changes on the YouTube community tab or on any of our social.

So if you want those reports, you can follow us there. But with that out of the way, I got to say, I’ve been looking forward to the speed test.

Now, normally I have at least some idea as to which phone is going to win. But in this case, it can go either way in the first lab. The iPhone, I see has that industry leading A13 bionic chip with Ed Vme storage.

While the Naude only has the Snapdragon 760 five and the slower USFSA two point one storage.

But then in the second lap, the NAUDE has 12 gigabytes of RAM for the model that we’re testing here.

While the iPhone S-E only has three gigabytes. So while I expect the SC to have the lead after the first lab. The question is will its lead be big enough to hold off the Naude from making the comeback? Let’s find out.

OK, we’ll kick things off by starting the stopwatches on each phone and then jumping into the first row where the two phones perform similarly in Facebook with the one plus door to being able to pull ahead in Starbucks.

We’ll see what happens here while loading this 500 page document in Microsoft Word where the SC just ripped through it, which is the same exact thing it does here in Excel.

Already moving on to the second row. Meaning just one row into this thing.

And the SC already has a pretty significant lead with it. Now, a full up ahead and showing no signs of slowing down here in snap seed as the iPhone finishes excluding the photo and begins working on Adobe Rush.

We’ll see if they won’t. Plus, Naude can make up some ground here in snap seed.

But unfortunately, it looks like the phone is editing this photo at a slower rate. And to make matters worse, we’re now on Adobe Rush, where that a13 bionic ship under the hood of the ACA allows it to export that article in flagship time, while the one plus Naude and its Snapdragon 765 G is rendering this clip at a significantly slower rate.

Now, this is the same exact clip that we use in all of our Adobe Rush tests.

It’s just a 20 seconds TENNET AP video with a simple transition effect added on.

Yet this small workload to the Naude an extra 10 seconds to complete along the iPhone essy to continue to pilot on pulling a full three apps ahead with both phones now and the gaming row. We’ll see if the NAUDE came.

Keep the iPhone from completely running away with it because if it can’t at least match the iPhone’s performance in these games, it still has a shot at making a comeback in the second lap, where the iPhone S.E and its three gigabytes RAM has already proven to struggle.

While the 12 gigabytes RAM and the model of the one plus Naude that we’re testing here will likely be more than enough.

But unfortunately for the nerd, a load’s subway surfers flip diving and fit the facts at a slower rate, allowing the iPhone to finish the first lap. And an impressive one minute and 47 seconds. While the one plus is still working on that last game in the gaming row.

So the iPhone SC has a huge cushion here, even if it does struggle with keeping all these apps open and running in the background here as it is with subway surfers.

I don’t know if it’s going to hurt the iPhone.I see enough where the NAUDE could make a comeback.

Now, while the one plus did load Spotify at a slightly faster rates, a loading ESPN and now Hulu at a slower rates only makes the odds of a comeback that much less likely. With it finally finishing the first job with a time of two minutes and 22 seconds or a full 35 seconds longer than it took the iPhone essy to do the same.

And while the SC is struggling to keep these last few apps open in the background, the fact that it reloads them so quickly doesn’t actually make it that big of a deal, allowing it to still complete the entire test in a healthy two minutes and 38 seconds.

As for the NAUDE. The good news is the twelve gigabytes RAM does indeed manage to keep all the apps open and ready to go, which allows it to cut down the iPhone’s 35 second lead from the first slap down to 22 seconds, coming in with a total time of three minutes flat, making the winner the iPhone as EA.

Anyways, that is it for me in this article.


Galaxy S20 Something New

So we got some hands on time with the galaxias 20. Yes, 20 plus and at the as 20 Otara. And just like you’d expect from a flagship Samsung phone in 2020.

These things are packing a ton of new futures. But what wasn’t expected is the pricing with the regular bottom of the line as 20 starting at one thousand dollars. And the top of the line is 20 Otara going all the way up to fourteen hundred dollars.

Pricing, you’d expect more so from a company like Apple than you would Samsung.

Making you wonder what exactly all this extra money actually buys you. Well, let’s find out.

This article is sponsored by Rahaf Power with support for both Qualcomm’s quick charge and USP power delivery. The Pioneer Power Bank can fast charge most devices, even laptops, without actually being able to match the 60 watt output of the MacBook pros wall charger.

And while it has a small footprint, thanks to its high density batteries, this thing has a massive 20 thousand million up our capacity capable of charging your phone many times over.

With the power bank itself being able to be fast charged with 830 30 watts inputs filling up in under three hours. Learn more at the first link down below.

We’ll start off with maybe the biggest new feature on these phones. And they’re all new camera systems.

Yes, 20 and yes, 20 plus have an image sensor that’s sixty five percent larger than the one on the Galaxy s 10 with a 12 megapixel main camera, a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 64 megapixel telephoto camera, which Samsung says offers three X hybrid zoom and up to 30 X super resolution, which is basically a combination of digital zoom and optical zoom, plus a little bit of image processing to let you get in closer than ever before.

But it’s the as 20 otras camera that really takes things to the next level. It has an image sensor that is three times larger than the Galaxy s 10.

And while it has the same ultra wide camera as the smaller models, its main camera has nine times the resolution at a whopping one hundred and eight megapixels. But Samsung isn’t just throwing megapixels at this thing for the spec sheets.

They’re actually combining it with their pixel bending technology that effectively turns nine pixels into one giant pixel, producing twelve megapixel photos that allow for more light to come in per pixel and will hopefully lead to better low light performance.

Of course, the Otras main camera isn’t the only one that’s different from the smaller models.

It has a forty eight megapixel telephoto camera that comes with a special folded lens that produces 10 X hybrid zoom and up to 100 X space zoom. Now keep in mind that these extreme zoom levels, whether you’re talking about the smaller models or the ultra, are not likely to produce the best looking images.

They might be better than other phones at the same level of zoom, but if you want a clean image without any distortion, you’re going to want to stick with the hybrid zoom levels. But the distortion doesn’t mean that the space zoom is entirely useless.

The way I like to think about it is space. Zoom is more for your vision than it is for actually taking photos.

I think like a little telescope in your pockets that lets you see things from way further away than you could with just your eyesight alone.

Now, in terms of video, all three of these phones can shoot 8-K footage, which for context is four times more detailed and Fourcade and is 16 times the detail of 10 ATP.

Samsung also said that they improved the rolling image stabilization of these phones thanks to the larger sensor and that the phones can I will record longer 960 FBAR slow motion with a one second burst compared to the points for second burst that you got on the Galaxy s 10.

Taking advantage of the new cameras and the high resolutions, Samsung had a new feature called Single Take, where you can record for 10 seconds and the phone will automatically create up to four different videos from that 10 seconds and up to 10 photos from different angles from the different lenses and different crops.

So that way you don’t settle for just one shot. And then finally, last thing worth mentioning about the cameras is on the flip side with the S 20 and s 20 plus coming with the same selfie cam that we saw before.

While the S 20 Otara comes with an upgraded 40 megapixel selfie cam.

Now, it would be nice to see the upgrade come on the regular s 20s, but at least all three models do come with a smaller selfie cam cutouts, which makes them even less nervous world than before and gives you more screen real estate.

Speaking to the screen is now slightly taller, with thinner bezels at the top and the bottom.

And thankfully, thankfully, Samsung finally made the screen a little bit flatter, like there’s still a slight curve in there, but it’s flatter than before, meaning you’ll get less edge distortion while watching articles and less clear when under direct lights.

I’ve always felt like curved screens were more of a marketing gimmick than anything else.

So it’s something that I’m really happy to see gone. Of course, the headline feature for the ESC twenty screen is the higher refresh rate at 120 hertz compared to just 60 on the S10.

Now this is something that’s hard to appreciate over video. But in this article, we compared 60 years to just 90 hertz.

And you can tell just how much smoother everything from the animations and scrolling is. And technically, the ESC twenty should be even smoothing that at one hundred and twenty yards with a two hundred and forty hertz touch sampling rate to power that display.

The phones come with either the Snapdragon eight sixty five or the S.A.S. 990 under the hood, with the C.P.U being up to 25 percent faster and graphics rendering up to 20 percent faster.

There’s also a faster U. S 3.0 storage faster DDR five RAM and more RAM on all three models with a minimum of twelve gigabytes ram and up to sixteen gigabytes ram on the S twenty ultra which. Might sound like overkill, and maybe it is.

But Samsung is at least adding the option to leverage all that extra ram with a feature called App Spinning that lets you select up to five apps to always keep open in the background.

So, for example, you can pin a game or two. And if you of your social apps, they use often and never have to wait for those apps to load up again, making the entire experience just that much faster.

And if you happen to be in an area with 5G coverage, you could be seeing significantly faster data speeds since all three models of this 20 come with 5G, which, you know, may or may not be useful today, again, depending on where you are.

But at the very least, it could help make the phones a little bit more future proof.

Down the line in terms of other features, the s 20 series is the first non pixel phone to get Android Ten’s live captioning where you can get captions for any video that you watch on your phone from the web to your gallery, which is great for those situations when you can’t listen to audio out loud.

There’s a new music share feature that lets a friend play music on a car’s Bluetooth system straight through your phone instead of them having to connect through your car’s clunky pairing process.

And the ESC twenty matches airdrop on iPhones with a new feature called Quick Share that lets you share files with up to five nearby devices wirelessly, although for right now it does seem to be limited to just the Galaxy as 20 series.

And then finally, Samsung is saying that the S 20 is the most secure device that they have ever made, with it being the first to feature a new secure processor called the Guardianship to Protect against harbor based tax, similar to the Titan chip that Google has been putting in their pixel phones.

And that’s pretty much it. But anyways, that is it for me in this article.


Speed Test iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 6S

Thanks to last past for sponsoring a portion of this article. So we have a special speed test for you guys today. Were we able to get our hands on a brand new still sealed in the box? iPhone success. Plus, a phone that almost five years since it was originally released.

Apple still supports what the latest version of IOW 13.

So we decided to do the only logical thing and test Apple’s oldest and still supported iPhone against their latest and greatest in the iPhone 11 pro Macs. Taking a look at the spec sheets, a lot has changed over the years.

The iPhone success has Apple’s a nine chip compared to the industry leading A13 Bionic.

And it only has two gigabytes around. That’s half of what Apple is putting in their iPhones today. But the success does at least have passed.

And Vme storage, which is super important when it comes to speed. And again, both phones are running on the latest version of Iowa’s 13. Now, before we get to the test, I want to thank last pass for sponsoring this portion of the article.

Whether you have an older iPhone or in your one or you have an Android phone.

Last bars can help speed things up when you’re logging into apps and websites with it automatically fill in and your usernames and passwords for you, which not only makes things faster, but it removes the burden of having to remember a bunch of different passwords to begin with.

Meaning no more getting locked out of your accounts, no more having to reset passwords and no more having to write them down.

Since last passes, encrypted volts can securely store an unlimited number of your passwords. The outcomes, what they built in password generator, letting you create more secure passwords while also giving you the option to share your passwords with your friends.

Perfect for things like article streaming apps.The paid version costs just three dollars a month.

And what’s cool is there’s also a free version that still gives you most of the same great features, even the ability to sink your passwords across multiple devices.

So click on that first link download to get last pass for free and put your passwords on autopilot. Big thanks again to last past for sponsoring that portion of the article.

But for now, the Skitz at a speed test. All right. We’ll kick things off by starting the stopwatch is on each phone and then jumping into the first row.

We’re right off the bat. The 11 pro is able to pull ahead, loading both Facebook and now Starbucks at a slightly faster rate as we move on to Microsoft Word. Each one will have to load up the same exact documents where the 11 pro just blew through it already working on Excel with it, actually loading that Excel sheet before the success is able to finish up with word.

So a huge difference. Very early on in the speed test, we’ll see the success can do a better job here and excel where from the looks of it might actually be falling even further behind with it taking almost eight seconds longer to complete the same task.

But it does finally joined the Eleven Pro in the second row with its starting to edit a photo here in SNAP Seed, while the eleven pro is a full up ahead of it.

Working on exporting this clip in Adobe Rush, which is one of the most intensive tasks in this entire speed test. And one where we might just see the biggest difference yet, considering how much progress Apple has made in there, a series chips.

So as the iPhone Eleven pro moves on to the gaming row, we’ll get to see how the iPhone six, as does here in Adobe Rush, where it’s struggling even before the export task, with it taking significantly longer just to open the video project itself.

And as far as exporting the article as you would expect, it’s doing so at a slower rate, although I will say for a phone it this old it’s actually doing a little bit better than I thought it would.

But that’s not to say that it’s anywhere close to the 11 pro with the 11 pro almost done with the gaming row as the iPhone success is just barely getting started with it, which is pretty incredible when you think about it.

Dipoles success was the undefeated speed test Tampa back in 2015, with it destroying all of its competition in 2016 and even beating some bones in 2017.

So to see this big of a difference with the iPhone Olympio pro finishing the first stop before the success is even halfway through the gaming row.

It just goes to show you how far smartphones have come and we’re not even done yet with the success loading subway surfers flip diving and fit the fat at a slower rates.

The iPhone 11 might just be able to finish both laps before the success finishes with the first, which would be kind of fitting considering the first phone to ever lap another phone here.

A phone buff was when the six asked did it to the Node seven. But with iPhone success finally finishing up with the gaming row and moving on to the lightweight apps in the bottom row, the former champ certainly isn’t going to make it easy.

And with D11 pro failing to keep snap, he’d fully ready to go and with it also failing to keep Excel open. It’s gonna be close.

However, it does look like the Eleven Pro is reopening these last few apps in the second lap faster than the iPhone six, as is loading the lightweight apps in the first lap, which again just goes to show you how far the iPhone has come, which was far enough for it to finish the entire test before the iPhone success finished just the first lap, with the success actually taking five extra seconds to do so.

We’ll go ahead and fast forward through the second lap where.

It’s two gigabytes of RAM, the iPhone success was only able to keep those bottom four apps open in the background without having to reload every single one of the other apps, causing it to finish the entire test in a painfully slow four minutes and forty three seconds, over two minutes longer than it took the iPhone 11 pro Macs.

So just incredible to see how much faster the iPhone has become. Anyways, that is it for me in this article.