Review Oculus Quest Changed My Mind about VR

the smartphone we all know what happened to those they pretty much failed after using the oculus quest this product changed my mind about how I look at VR let
I share with you the reasons why I think the oculus quest changes the game for VR for the masses first everything you need is in the box there’s no
need to buy anything else you get the controller’s you get the power cable the manual so when you buy this as a gift or for yourself there’s nothing else
that you need to buy to make this work there are additional accessories that you can buy like this travel case here if you want to take the system with
you since this is portable and cable-free but I love that everything that you need is in the box already second is just how easy this thing is
to use here’s what the headset looks like there are no sensors to set up because everything is already built into the headset there’s no complicated setup process no phone to
put in here you just get started right away it’s compact it’s not too heavy it’s comfortable – since this has nice cushioning if the gaming sessions get a
little crazy you can get a little bit of a sweat build up in here but that’s expected but it’s really easy to clean when you put it on for
the first time the tutorial steps you through the setup process and all you have to do is set up your Guardian boundary it couldn’t be easier you just draw
the virtual space it uses the cameras built into the front to show you your reality and virtual space so when you step out of this boundary it will automatically
switch to show you your room so don’t worry about running into a wall or a table I don’t have a huge space in here but you do get
used to this fast the controllers are also comfortable nice grip on them this magnetic battery cover can move on you a little bit in the beginning but after a
few plays you’ll get used to the grip I’m gonna suggest right now that you always use the safety strap when handling the controller because some of these games you’re
gonna get into this it’s immersive you’re gonna be swinging everywhere and you don’t want this thing to come flying out of your hand and go into a
TV or something you know what I’m saying not saying that I’ve done that next is the experience the virtual room is nice the interface is really easy to
use I like the fact that you can do more than gaming on here you can catch up on your Netflix shows if you want to YouTube is also here
and the viewing experience and resolution on the headset is also nice to do this with there are built-in speakers in the headset with positional audio this is nice for
gaming if you still want to hear what’s going on around you or if you’re playing with a large group it’s also nice to be able to share your screen
to a smartphone or a TV so others can see you play it makes for a fun and interactive experience and you can also screen record that’s what you’re seeing
now but when it comes to watching shows I prefer using the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack that’s built-in to give me that more immersive experience so this is a gaming
headset after all and if the gaming experience isn’t good then it’s not worth it right so let me tell you that the gaming experience is awesome on this real-time
room tracking and virtual tracking is great my mind was blown how well this worked the tracking and responsiveness is one of the major strong suits of the
oculus quest you will not be disappointed at all I got to try out some games my favorites were beat Sabre where you have to slash these blocks on the beat
and slash the right way to get points this one will make you sweat it’s almost a workout it’s a great mixture of gameplay and music I think a lot
of people will enjoy this game I also liked sport scramble this is a more lighthearted title with Virtua Tennis which I enjoyed I can see this being awesome in
multiplayer there is also baseball where I enjoy striking out way too much and there is the bowling which is always fun and competitive I spent way too much time on
this game trying to get better superhot is one of the coolest games that I’ve played on VR is challenging because these glass people only move when you move but
once you get used to it is so fun maneuvering and shooting and timing everything perfectly I enjoyed this one it’s a perfect example of what VR can
do and Robo recall is just a classic first-person shooter it’s not as complicated as super hot but it’s still fun nevertheless

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