9 Wireless Charging (15W) vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I want to test the new 15-watt wireless charging on the galaxy note end I was able to get a hold
of the new official 15 watts wireless charger that Samsung makes it says here it’s compatible with the note 10 and the S 10 5g up to 15 watts so
I’ll test both of these in this video this charger runs about 80 US dollars so check the link below for current pricing because you’ll never know when they’ll go
on sale if you’re wondering what comes in the box you get the charger itself it’s a single stand charger, not a duo a little pricey some paperwork but you
don’t need that USBC cord and a fast-charging brick this looks like the same one that you get in a box with the note 10 plus the quality
is nice though it’s plastic with some ventilation on the bottom and a pretty large fan on the back with ventilation for cooling so this looks pretty serious to charge
the note 9 I’m using the duo charger that is 12 Watts this was introduced with the S 10 series even though it’s 12 Watts the note 9 doesn’t support
it so it shouldn’t mess with the charging times and of course the note 10 plus with the new 15-watt official charging standard after 5 minutes the note 10
plus has 3 percent charge while the note 9 has 2 percent charge very close at the takeoff I had to readjust some things to get rid of this glare
after 16 minutes I missed the 15-minute mark the note 10 plus has 13% charge and the note 9 has 8% charge after 30 minutes the note 10 plus has
29% which isn’t bad at all and the note 9 has 18% this is a little closer than I thought it would be since this isn’t quite double the speed
that I was expecting after one hour the note 10 plus has 57 percent which is good and note 9 has 39 percent which is faster than I
thought it would be after an hour and a half the note 10 plus has 84 percent charge and the note 9 has 60 percent charge so the note 10
plus taking a decent lead here and finally at the 1 hour and 54 minutes mark the note 10 plus hits 100% and the note 9 is at 77% this
is impressive considering that the note n plus has a larger 4,300 milliamp-hour battery compared to the note 9s four thousand milliamp-hour battery I’m going to charge the
galaxy s 10 5g to confirm 15-watt wireless charging while the note 9 goes to a hundred two and a half hours later the note 9 is at 97%
it’s almost there 2 hours and 43 minutes later the note 9 hits 100% so the note 10 plus with a larger battery is about 50 minutes faster almost an
hour faster so that is fantastic if you’re a wireless charging fan checking the galaxy s 10 5g it looks like 15-watt wireless charging is supported here the same amount
of time the note 10 plus takes to charge on the estimated countdown makes sense since they both have the same four thousand three hundred million power battery I
want to add in that the note 10 plus was a little bit warm during the first half of charging but cooled down towards the end the note 9 was
the same but in the end, I’m happy that wireless charging times are getting better in my last wireless charging test the iPhone tennis max took about four hours to
wirelessly charge so this is a major win so let me know in the comments are you picking one of these new 15 watt Wireless charges up for your note
10 or are you cool with the older chargers and don’t mind waiting a little longer thank you for watching link below if you want to pick one of these
up more note 10 content coming up so subscribe to the channel

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