Media Room Edition (2019): Ultimate Office Setup

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’ve teamed up with LG to show you my brand new OLED media setup tour with a little bit of a height

the best twist I’ve been working on this for a long time so I can’t wait to show this to you I wanted to keep it clean and modern but also

super comfortable and I also wanted to incorporate sneakers because I love sneakers just a little too much so here’s my setup for 2019 the heart of the setup is

the 65 inch LG c9 OLED TV this has to be one of the thinnest TVs I have ever owned the bottom has all of the components and the speaker’s

built-in but the panel itself is even thinner than my iPhone which is insane the LG c9 comes with a nice low profile metal stand and while I think

the built-in speakers are great already I wanted to take my audio to the next level giving it that theater feeling here so I went with the LG SL 10

yg soundbar it comes with this wireless subwoofer to give me that bass I need and the soundbar has to up-firing speakers to fill the room with

multidirectional sound with DTS X s and Dolby Atmos support it’s really easy to set up you can go fully wireless with these if you want which I think

is nice you don’t need a cable at all Bluetooth connection is a breeze and sounds great but you can go optical or audio return channel via HDMI if you

want as well so you have options plus it has Google Assistant built-in so by the voice I can play all my favorite music while I’m editing so this has taken

my office to the next level I love LG OLED TVs because the picture quality it’s incredible I love OLED because you get those perfect inky blacks because unlike

LCD TVs every pixel can be individually controlled so those dark scenes are fantastic the colors pop is just so vibrant it’s a joy to watch whatever on here so

whether I’m catching up on some YouTube videos or watching a movie the experience is top-notch with Dolby vision HDR 10 and Technicolor support I can watch these movies as

the filmmaker or director wanted them to be seen this is my second LG OLED and I love my last one but I think there are a few key improvements

on the 2019 models that make a huge difference to the user experience one of the first TV manufacturers to ship with HDMI 2.1 so it makes a huge difference

with gaming on consoles like the Xbox 1x it allows for variable refresh rate so it’s very similar to Nvidia g-sync or AMD free sync 12.9-millisecond input lag with a

1 millisecond response time and HDR support makes a great gaming experience on the last generation I didn’t recommend buying an OLED TV for gaming but the 2019 models

is a definite go with HDMI 2.1 it is a big deal it is the future so I’ll be talking a lot more about HDMI 2.1 in the four of

you coming up with nice features like enhanced audio return channel so if you pick one of these up you’ll be future-proofing your TV purchase so if you don’t

know I’m a huge smart home guy so having a I built into the LG c9 is very important so I get a choice of either Google Assistant or Amazon

Alexa, they are both here so I think LG is one of the first to ship with both working so after signing into Google on the TV I was able

to control the temperature in here with my smart thermostat I was able to change all of my smart lightings I was able to do all of my routines all

through this button right here on the remote one of my favorite things is just switching between apps with voice instead of searching for it I often ask to change

to Netflix or YouTube or going between that and Hulu is just so much easier to do it by voice this super fast and convenient but the soundbar

has far-field mics and Google assistant built-in so I set up a routine when I want to play the Xbox just to say one command the TV switches to HDMI

for the smart lights turned to green to match that mood and all of my blinds closed with my smart blinds to darken it up in here so I have

this place hooked up with voice commands I love the experience overall the easy to use webOS interface the remote has a pointer on it so I always find it

to be easier than most other TV interfaces you know exactly where to click the great picture qualities are given of course the built-in AI but also for Apple

fans airplay to support what that means is if you’re a Mac or iPhone user you’ll be to cast your content to the TV without any Apple TV attached and

you’ll be able to access all of your movies and everything that you purchase through Apple the TV as well so you might as well save money on that Apple

I have the Xbox one X and on the left side of the cabinet I have my Nintendo switch I have some sweet deep brand skins on it to give

it that custom look the pro controller and of course the Mario dock on the right side I have some retro consoles the NES and the Super Nintendo classic I

need to hack these up and get a ton of games on here I still haven’t done that yet the smart lighting I’m using here is the more affordable ones

LED I just did a video on these half the price or less of the bigger competitors but they work well you can see that these are multicolored I

can change the lights to whatever color I want I can control them right through the app or by the voice you just saw that working earlier they might not have

all of the features that the flagship bulbs have but they get the job done on the last tour there was a couch here but I told you I

was gonna replace it with theater seating because I wanted to give this place more of a theater or a media vibe and the problem with theater seating is most

of them don’t look very modern they’re big and bulky but I think I found the perfect ones these are by Valencia theater seating this one, in particular, is the

Zurich model a part of their premier series and these look very very modern they’re comfortable and I’m in love with them I love the slim profile they have

nice blue illuminated cupholders and kick plates which I think is a nice touch and all of the control buttons here are along the side with the USB port

which is clutch because sometimes you’ll want to be able to charge your phone while you’re watching a movie this Italian Nappa leather is nice it’s high-quality you

can feel that also can’t go wrong with this quilted diamond stitching I think this gives it a nice look luxurious I’m just gonna show you because

I’m able to relax and look at how far this goes back and the gap between this and the wall is not very far you can see how it

blinds behind me and we just keep going and going okay do I have to continue this later and also like the fact that you can move the headrest and

get that perfect position the movie experience now is elevated these seats are ago so I’m gonna do more on these on the full tour but yeah these seats

top-notch so finally the sneaker portion of the tour and I have some neons here that I think accentuate the room well the first one I have is

the Shawn Witherspoon Air Max 197 combo which I think is my favorite other two but I also have the classic Jordan one neon here which is also pretty cool

so let me know which one that you like better in the comments below this is probably only about 10% maybe even less than that of my sneaker collection I

know it’s a little crazy but I have pretty much a little off-white wall right here I mean some people like off-white some people don’t but I think the 10

the series collection is probably some of the best sneakers collapses out there so some of my favorite pairs here probably the Air Force ones here these Blazers man I love

the colorway on these are the air max 90s which that cone blue color can’t go wrong with this one I also have another pair of 90s right here

desert or some people love these more let me know which one you like better you can’t go wrong with the 97 z they’re the Mintos or the Serena

Williams which one would you pick the second portion of the wall is more of the Jordan one collection I have a lot more than these but the shadows I

think are kind of slept on the homage to home I liked as well it’s got the bread colors on one side Chicago colors on the other side with

some leather laces they look super fire, of course, you can’t forget these are also classic I know off-white probably belongs over there but I love the UNC’s

these are probably one of my favorite pairs Travis Scott fours and then I have these right here Justin Timberlake threes which are nice tinker combo one of the

coolest in the collection for sure spider-man’s bread so can’t go wrong with Jordan so if any of you can name this pair right here kudos to you and then

here are the Sean Witherspoon’s that I talked about earlier I think this is one of the best mashup combos that are out there great summer shoe and here

are some easy full reflective statics I like these I wear my regular pair static so I don’t wear these sit here because these things are worth

the fortune another pair of Yeezys right here so they always kind of rotate through the collection got some 40s right here love the way that the 40 sole

looks love how they are 3d printed BBC collection Pharrell nmds these are the plaid ones they came in green as well and then Nike react I like these

I think it’s one of the first epics reacts to come out my wife calls in the rat shoes

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