Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10 Plus:

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today let’s take a look at the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note Enver PSA’s the note 10 plus since there are three new

note devises this year including a 5g version let me break down the differences between them and show you the best new features to see if these notes live up

to the hype the first thing that I noticed on these new note devices is that the power button is moved to the left side of the phone, it’s great

for lefties but it’s gonna take me some time to get used to letting me know how you feel about that the smaller note 10 has a 6.3 inch 20

to 80 by 1080p display and the larger note 10 plus has a higher resolution six-point eight inches 3040 by 1440 display both dynamic AMOLED both vibrant and great-looking displays

surprised to see 1080p on the smaller note but it looked great in my opinion this design is very near basilis even the bottom chin is reduced significantly both get

the single hole punch cut out for the camera both 10 megapixels with F 2.2 aperture both have this boxy more squared-off design but I’m digging it both feel extremely

premium well built as you would expect from Samsung there are four colors total at launch you get the ARRA glow which I think is my favorite the amount of

colors represented on this finish is stunning I feel like at every angle you get a new hue this is the one that I’m going for also is a

white is simple but I think it looks really beautiful in the person, of course, you get a is a black option and you also get the ARRA blue which I

dig also this color will be exclusive to Samsung command Best Buy at launch the latest and greatest will cost you though the note 10 starts at nine hundred

and forty-nine dollars and the note 10 plus starts at one thousand ninety-nine dollars so no matter what color you get you should protect that new note

ten or no ten plus with cases from today’s video sponsors spigen I’ve been using speaking cases for years and they make legit cases for whatever phone that you are

using but of course, they have them ready for the new notes it doesn’t matter if you want a super-thin case a rugged case with a lot of protection

or something stylish with a mixture of both spigen has something you want my favorites for the new notes are the clear options they let the beautiful new finishes shine

through on the back but give you that protection that you need you can even get one with a kickstand like this one so you can watch your favorite videos

on one of the best displays that money can buy don’t be that person that buys the new note and drops it and cracks that screen I will leave a

link down below for you to check out speakings affordable but the high-quality lineup for the new notes you’ll see more of these cases on the channel very soon I

highly recommend picking one of these cases up before your note 10 even arrives at your doorstep for power both get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which is an incredible chip

it was great on the s10 and it will be just as great here some markets will get the new 7 nanometre X and O’s 9825 chipsets both get 256

gigabytes of the faster ufs 3.0 internal storage but the note 10 plus has the 512-gigabyte option the note 10 also does not have a MicroSD card slot while

the note 10 plus does 8 gigabytes of RAM on the note 10 and 12 gigabytes of RAM on the note 10 plus 3 thousand 500 milliamp-hour battery on

the note 10 and the note 10 plus gets the larger 4300 milliamp-hour battery 25-watt chargers will be included in the box for both but only the note

10 plus will support the superfast 45 watts charging both phones will also support 15-watt wireless charging the 5g version will be the same as the note 10

plus but with 5g connectivity, no differences in specs just 2 grams heavier and many of you will be sad that the headphone jack is gone on all of the

notes this year r.i.p headphone jack you will be missed they all have triple camera systems on the back main 12-megapixel dual aperture lens with F 1.5 or F

2.4 aperture with oh is 12-megapixel telephoto also with oh is @f 2.1 aperture this time and also at that amazing

ultra-wide-angle 16 megapixel camera with 123-degree field of view at F 2.2 aperture but the note 10 Plus does have the time of flight camera on the back

for dedicated depth-sensing, I found it interesting that the portrait mode video is available on the front and back cameras on all of these phones the note 10 is

using the secondary camera for depth sensing and the front-facing camera is just using software to make this happen when I my units I will test them to see if

there’s an actual difference between the two now that we talked about the differences let’s talk about the s-pen since that’s what the note is all about this year the

S Pen is unibody the matching colors look fantastic I love the white and the blue Samsung added a gyroscope and an accelerometer to the pen so you can get

more gesture-based controls you can now change camera modes with the s-pen you can also change between camera lenses if you need to and what they rounded gesture you

can also zoom in and zoom out so this takes the S pen’s ability to use it as a remote shutter button last year to the next level so I

can see this being awesome on a tripod especially for content creation or group portraits the gestures will be supported in the gallery and music app as well and will

be open to third-party developers with an SDK so I can imagine some cool things happening especially with gaming so let’s see what they do you never know it could

be cool or it could just be left in a cloud of dust like it was last year some other new cool features with the s-pen you can write notes and and

export it into Microsoft Word files and the handwriting will be converted to the text I think a lot of pen users will find this to be handy there’s also a

native video editor on board so you can get creative and add effects transitions and more so you can make your note in your content creation tool Samsung decks is also

here to turn your Note 10 or note n into a desktop with just a single cable to a monitor there’s a new feature this year that connects your note

to any Windows 10 device you get text messages to access to your gallery and notifications without even downloading an app, there are also some other features like our doodle where

you can draw on a subject and life tracking will make it easy to create some fun memories there’s a new zoom in mic feature which I need to test

out where you can zoom in on a subject and the volume will be pinpointed to that area to pick up better audio so I’ll test all of this and

let you know in the review how well they work so make sure you subscribe for that and I’m curious and I want to know from you guys do these

new notes have enough new features to make you want to upgrade from the note 9 and also which one of these new notes would you pick up I personally

would pick up the note 10 plus but let me know which one that you would pick in the comments below make sure you check out Spigen cases if you’re

picking up a new note 10 or no 10 plus to protect that expensive investment with one of these dope cases thumbs up if you enjoyed it a lot more

content coming I will see you in the next one

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