Ultimate Smart Home: Budget Smart Lights Office

what’s up everybody this is Danny and welcome back to another episode of ultimate smart home and today I want to focus on budget smart home lighting and if you

caught my last tour I showed you this starter kit for a Gift Guide and a lot of people have been asking me about it so I’ve partnered with San

glad to show you how I have my lights set up here in the new office and this is not quite done yet and there’s gonna be some changes but

I think it’s okay to give you a little sneak peek there are a lot of smart bulbs on the market right now it can be overwhelming and confusing and

most of the popular brands are pretty expensive so I think that’s the biggest barrier for people trying to start their smart homes but I think Anglet is hitting that

perfect sweet spot especially when it comes to price you’ll find that this lighting is a fraction of the price of major competitors but give you all the features

that you need and if you happen to catch this video on a prime day that you can get these kits and other bulbs for a steal so I’m gonna leave

a link down below for you they have a big lineup of smart lighting so you’re gonna be able to find what you need singlet has bulbs that have Wi-Fi

built-in so if you don’t want to use a hub you could grab these it’s good either way but in my experience with smart bulbs using a hub actually

makes the experience a little bit more reliable it’s super easy to set up in this angle at home app these hubs come with these kits and you’ll more than likely

only need one hub because you can connect over 60 lights I believe just add lights in the app a QR code scan is all you need just rename and

group them and you’ll have control over all of these connected lights right from the app from anywhere in the world I have a br 30 multicolor bulb in my

a lamp behind the TV setup I have a multicolored lights trip and my ceiling lights are a 90 multicolor in my bathroom I have the white version connected so

I can see all of that in my app I can turn them on and off I can dim them to 10 percent I have full control

over the possible 16 million colors and all of the color temperatures so I can customize to any vibe I have a gaming mode set up through the app so

I can do a little bit of an RGB look when I’m gaming but right now I have just the daylight look for that fresh and clean look so for

me to demonstrate this let me go ahead and close the blinds first hey close office blinds sure getting my smart lines okay closing for blinds in the office so let

I go ahead and show you that game mode I have it right here on my single at home app all I have to do is just hit one button

and boom RGB just like that when I’m ready to play games but I don’t have to use my phone I can just use a voice assistant I have everything

hooked up through Google assistant in here but you can use Amazon Alexa there’s support for that too so let’s say that I want to change colors well go get

change office lights to white change office lights to blue change office lights to red turn off his lights just like that it’s super quick really easy so I

it through a voice assistant being able to control all my lighting in here just by voice is so convenient but putting it into routines and automation even better so

when I’m done working in here or playing games watching a movie or whatever when I leave this office I can put everything into one goodnight command so it will

turn off all of my lights in here change the temperature on my thermostat go ahead and close all of my blinds in here I love that when I travel

I can set up schedules for these lights to come on at certain times to make it look like I’m home or if I just totally forget to turn off

the lights or don’t say the goodnight command before I fall asleep and then I have a schedule for midnight every night to turn off so I can save energy

the app is really simple and easy to use it’s not too complicated with too many features that you probably won’t use they do have scenes that you can add

so I have my gaming and my daylight scenes on here with one touch I can change it up I would recommend picking up one of these starter kits I

like the multicolor myself but they do have white if that’s your preference the kits come with the hub and adding on extra bulbs or cheap so hit that link

below for updated pricing, I think you’ll be surprised on how affordable it is so if you’re not trying to break the bank and you want some smart-home lighting then

gives Sangla to try as promised here’s a little sneak peek at the new office this media setup video is coming soon it’s the new 65 inches 2019 LG OLED

c9 paired with the new LG soundbar there’s a BD Iola media cabinet that I still love I’ve had this for years and I still think it’s the perfect

modern central piece for this room there’s tons of gaming there too with all of the major consoles I’m sure that there’s a lot of you out there curious about

the shoe wall yes I am heavily into sneakers these rotate per season so for the backdrops of my videos you’ll see them change I still need a wall mount

these shelves so they can be elevated a little bit and I also still have to warm out the TV I do have an Ikea couch in here right now

with the shades but I decided to change it out for theater seating so I’m psyched for that when I first got this space I knew I wanted to elevate

my movie-watching and gaming experience in here so I can’t wait to show you the full thing it’s gonna be awesome but right over there is my editing station I

already showed you my desk setup still rocking that laptop docking combo you can watch that full video if you’re interested in this set up I’m so proud of the

look and especially the cable management but I’m gonna stop right there because I don’t want to give it all the way and I’m still working on this especially the

garage downstairs yes there’s gonna be a smart garage so this is a garage apartment this is gonna be a full tour thing so I don’t want to rush it

I want it to be awesome so make sure you stay tuned for that I’m still organizing all of my gear and finding the best places to put it so

what do you think about the space so far I think it’s coming out pretty good myself and I’m gonna be testing out a lot more smart home products in

here especially more budget smart bulbs I know there’s a lot of requests for that and also if you want me to compare them I’ll do that as well

but make sure you hit the links below and check out sang lid I like the multicolor kit and if you’re watching this on a prime day you’re gonna be able

to get 40% off which is wicked for that price it’s a major win so scoop those up before they disappear there’ll be sales on other bulbs as well so

check out those links for real-time pricing thank you for watching another episode of ultimate smart home and I will see you in the next one

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