Gift Guide Edition (2019) Ultimate Smart Home

what’s up everybody this is Danny and welcome to another episode of ultimate smart home and I’ve partnered with Amazon today to give you a sneak peek of my brand

new smart home setup and also to do a fun little gift guide I’m gonna be hitting every price point so you’re gonna find something that you love especially

for Father’s Day so everything that I show you today and more will be in one convenient amazon link down below and then you’re gonna be able to browse all

my suggestions and find something perfect to build your ultimate smart home so let’s go ahead and get started first let’s start with the echo dot and don’t let this

small size fool you this thing is extremely powerful and this can run your entire smart home the reason to pick up a third-generation is that it has better speakers

it has better microphone placement and this thing is pretty discreet you can put this anywhere you can even wall-mount it with some cheap wall mounts as I do

throughout my house so this thing is very versatile what makes this powerful is how it can link all of these items that I’m going to show you today

together with over 50,000 plus Alexa skills and the daily routines that you can make with this so I have a good morning routine so when I say good morning

then it turns on my bedside lamp for me it changes my smart thermostat temperature it turns on all of my lights downstairs for me and also opens up my

blinds in my office so I can go ahead and start early so all of that in one command it’s really powerful and convenient all of that can easily be

done in the Alexa app it’s fast it’s easy to set up its great smart lighting is essential to any smart home so if you want a flexible and affordable

LED they have different packages for different needs this four-pack comes with a hub and it’s really easy to set up just plug it into your router and

the app steps you through the rest you can control your lights through the app from anywhere in the world but just like you saw you can add voice control

with Alexa and control the lights and place them in routines my favorite is turning off all the lights at night with just one command by just saying goodnight it’s

a pain to go downstairs and turn off every single light in your house so with one command you can just turn off all your lights and that’s so convenient

and it’s just real-world stuff that you can use every day and once you have it you can’t live without it the Amazon smart plug can be a great

companion to smart lighting because sometimes with designer lamps like this you can’t put a smart bulb up here because it just doesn’t look as good but if you have

this lamp connected to the Amazon smart plug then you can make it smart let’s go turn on master bedroom lamp once again it’s a breeze to set up with

the Alexa app you can control it through there or if you want there’s a physical switch on the side to turn it on and off these are so convenient

to have throughout the house I’m sure you’ll be buying more than the one you can make anything smart that plugs into the wall so you can have this plugged

into your coffee machine in the morning as a part of your good morning routine to start brewing coffee right away when you first wake up you can control Christmas

trees with it multiple lamps you can even control popcorn machines all kinds of stuff with this so these are super convenient to have I love them I have the

same smart plug behind my Media Console so I can control it by a voice which is awesome the one thing that I love in my living room that

I’ve been using for a long time is the Sonos beam and this is a smart TV soundbar it’s nice and compact and it fits in pretty much any

Media Console so that’s why I love it but don’t let that small size fool you because the sound is fantastic I have a big living room and the sound

is filled in here and it sounds great so take my word for it you won’t be disappointed it is super simple to set up just the power cord

and one HDMI cord that has Audio Return Channel so that’s pretty much it

and the Sonos app just steps you to the rest why I think this is a good deal his number one it sounds so much better than their built-in TV

speakers and number two it’s a great way to listen to your music so it has Amazon Alexa built-in which is another bonus so you can stream your favorite music

and playlists just by voice for some reason if you do need more sound it is expandable so you can add a sonal sub or you can add other sonal

speakers you can do that right through the app so it’s a nice ecosystem I have this cool routine set up for entertainment it’s called movie time so when

I say it turns off my kitchen lights turns off my living room lights but just leaves the ambient lighting here for that perfect mood for the movie and

I even have a smart plug into a popcorn machine over there so it starts popping popcorn and then it locks my door so I don’t have to worry

about it, so all of that in just one voice command it’s so powerful it’s cool that’s a smart lock that you saw is the August smart lock pro plus Kinect

and the reason why I suggest this to people is that you can use your existing key because you only have to change out the inside of your lock so

you can have all of this smart functionality and people won’t know it from the outside so you’ll need about ten minutes in a screwdriver easy to install this

the smart lock has all the features that you’ll ever need of course control the lock from anywhere in the world you give keyless access through the app give access to

family members and keep track of who’s going in and out with the log of activity there’s a cool feature where it unlocks a door for you when you approach

so that is great so if you have groceries or if you’re carrying a big package in your arms this is convenient and also automatically locks the door behind

you as soon as you enter so that’s great for safety and you can lock and unlock the door by voice command with Amazon Alexa and you might think that’s

impractical but just going to bed upstairs and not knowing if the doors are locked down here you can just go ahead and ask Alexa if it’s not locked then

you can go ahead and lock it by voice so I think that’s a great feature for safety is sweet if you act quick Amazon is running a special promotion

right now where you get a discount on the lock and free expert setup this is valued at three hundred and seventy-five dollars and it’s available for two hundred

and fifteen dollars right now so go and hit that link and pick one up before it’s gone okay so the last thing that I want to show you are

a little bit different the person that’s helping me shoot right now John he’s away from his dog and he loves tech so if that person sounds familiar this is

gonna be good for you so this is the furball Wi-Fi pet camera and what John can do right now even though he’s away from his dog he can

check on his dog at any time with this big wide-angle HD camera and there’s bark detection there so if something is going at the house he’s gonna get a

notification to see what all the fuss is about and then he can calm down his dog if he wants to and one of the coolest things is that you

can also flick a treat and give the treat to the dog while you’re gone you can schedule this or the coolest thing is you can do this with

Alexa integration and just do it by voice command and what’s cool is that verbo is not a bad-looking product whatsoever because I think it fits in nicely with

the home decor two-way talk on here this is a really good way to get connected or stay connected with your pet while you’re out working I know a lot

of people I work and miss their dogs so, this thing is pretty cool so I hope you enjoyed that little tour and also a great gift guide for Father’s

Day, of course, it can be applied to any situation some great products there so let me know which one that you like best in the comment section below all

of these products that integrate smoothly with the Amazon echo dot and work great with the Amazon, Alexa ecosystem can be found all in one convenient link all my suggestions

will be there too as well so it’s gonna make it easy for you if you want to pick any just stuff up so thank you for watching another

the episode of ultimate smart home make sure you hit that playlist for more smart home goodness and I will see you guys in the next one

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