My Smart Blinds! Best Smart Home Tech

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I want to show you an essential upgrade to your smart home hey Google open studio blinds alright let’s get my smart blinds

ok opening for blinds in the office this is not the first time that my smart blinds have shown up on a channel I feature them in my ultimate smart bedroom

a tour that I did over a year ago and I got a lot of questions about them so I partnered with them to show you how I’m using them in

my new studio space and also I want to give you a chance to try it out for yourself so stick around into the end of the video to find

out how my smart blinds have a few ways to step up your smart home they have an automation kit which can turn your existing two to two and a

half inch blind smart which is the approach that I went or you can buy blinds from them directly that custom-fit your window frame no need to visit a

showroom just put your measurements in and they ship them to you with this Hardware built into it since I already have blinds installed I went the automation kit route

so that’s what I’m gonna focus on and I’m going to leave a link down below for you to check out all of their lineups and I’ll leave a special

coupon code there, so you can save yourself some money when you pick some up the automation kit, comes with everything you need it comes with the user manual the

3000 milliamp hour rechargeable battery the manual switch and also the motor and an accessory box that you will need later for install it also comes with the solar panels

so you don’t have to worry about charging it and there are some optional accessories here that I use to like the switch and the hub which I’ll talk about a

a little bit later I thought about including the installation process but I thought that was unnecessary because my smart blinds they already have great tutorials on their YouTube channels

so check that out if you want to know how to install these but it’s really easy basically what you’re doing is removing the rod depending on what type of

the line you have taken the old tilt mechanism outputting the new manual switch in then you place the battery then you place the motor in you find the bright

rod adapter plugging everything up including the solar panel and placing it back up I install four of these in the office and by the fourth one I was doing

it in about five minutes no joke next is just downloading my smart blinds app for iOS or Android pull that hook once and the pairing process is

that simple the app will show you how many blinds are found so you can do this all at once if you like after you install multiple blinds it’ll ask

you to calibrate one time to set it to the desired open and close position and that is it and now with one tap with your smartphone you can open

and close your new automated blinds, of course, you can manually control your blinds at any time with this slider here on the right-hand side and you can group

them too to control them all at once you have these installed you can forget about the process of just opening and closing your blinds and I know

there’s gonna be a lot of you out there saying well I can just open my blinds and I don’t have to spend any money and that is true

you can do that but even in this office I have four of them and having them all open and all closed at the same time with just one

touch of a button or by voice control is convenient but that’s not it the app also does some cool things there are a few features in the app

that makes a ton of sense like scheduling so basically for me I want my blinds to open in the morning and I want them to be closed before I

go to sleep so I can do that right here in the app and not even think about it throughout the day or there’s even a more intuitive way that

you can use that tracks the Sun so no matter the season change you can have the blinds gradually tilt as the Sun goes up and down another cool feature

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