Galaxy S10+ vs OnePlus7 Pro Camera

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’m doing the battle of the triple camera systems between the brand-new one plus seven pro and the galaxy s ten plus

so the pop-up camera over here on the seventh Pro is giving me 1080p video while the S ten plus is giving me 4k so it should be looking

a little bit crispier so let me know which video looks better what stabilization looks like on both of these and what audio source you think sounds better I’m just

going to switch off in between the two so can’t wait to test both of these triple-camera systems we’ll see how the white angle does how the zoom does

how the video does in every lighting condition and let’s see if the cheaper seven pros can give the same quality as the Samsung Galaxy S ten plus let’s do

it let’s go ahead and start with the daytime pictures all of these photos in this comparison video are shot on auto mode all settings are left on by default

all untouched no edits straight out of the camera both of these phones have pro mode and brought capture so if you want the most out of these cameras both

of them can give you that flexibility if you need it both of these phones have great daytime capture both full of dynamic range and lots of

detail but there are some major differences between the two after looking at over 500 images side-by-side the galaxy SN plus has a scene optimizer built into the camera software

where it boosts contrast and saturation depending on the scene and what that gives you is a more punchy and vibrant image you can see it on photos that

include the sky and also very noticeable when taking pictures of flowers if you like a ready to share pictures right out of the camera then you will love the

galaxy s 10 plus but if you like a more natural color approach and like to edit the photos afterward you’ll probably like the 1 plus 7 pro camera better

this is all personal preference I also noticed that the galaxy s 10 plus has sharper images all across the board right out of the camera you can always add

sharpness to the images later on the 1 plus 7 Pro to get that same type of look but generally the S 10 plus creates the sharper image of course

this does go back and forth and I’ve had some images where the 1 7 Pro is sharper in some scenarios but I wouldn’t blame most for favoring the

shots from the galaxy s 10 plus let me know which processing approach that you like better when it comes to the dynamic range they do go back and forth but

the Galaxy S 10 series is known to overexpose by a stop or so and it’s also known to have some highlight clipping in the images and you can see

that they won 7 Pro does a better job with controlling highlights in the clouds most of the time but for the most part, the images are very close to

each other they both have ultra-wide cameras as a part of their triple camera systems but the galaxy s 10 plus is wider and it’s noticeable so you’ll be

able to capture more of the scene is so useful having this ultra-wide on both of these phones but I think Samsung has the best ultra-wide on

the market right now the s10 plus has a 2 X optical zoom and the 1 plus 7 Pro has a 3x optical zoom and this is also preference but

that 3x zoom gives you that extra reach especially when you’re at a theme park this helps a ton so if you want some extra zoom the 1 plus is

for you now the galaxy s 10 plus does have a higher megapixel zoom sensor at 12 megapixels so that is a bonus where the 1 7 Pro has an

8 megapixel so I wish it was a little bit higher in resolution for more detail they both have portrait mode but there are some differences on how these images

are shot the s 10 plus shoots portrait mode with the wide-angle lens so you do have the flexibility to shoot without a forced crop so it is more flexible

but I do like the way that they one pluses images come out with that zoom focal length there’s a more natural depth of field I love the skin tones on

the 1 7 Pro and I feel like it has a more DSLR like look when it comes to a video they both shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second

which is nice they both have fantastic looking video full

of dynamic range and details, you’ll notice that the colors on the 1 7 Pro look very saturated because the video is being exported in rec 2020 or HDR color

space if you convert this video to rec 709 the colors look fantastic and have a great natural look but that’s a post-production step that most people won’t know-how

to do so the Samsung has a better approach for the consumer now I do think the dynamic range and exposure changes are handled by the one plus in certain scenarios

but they are both fantastic for video both are very steady when walking and recording 4k video both have optical image stabilization in both of the telephoto and main lenses

I think you’ll be happy with either of these I was shocked on how good the one plus 7 pros fared with the legendary super steady mode for stabilization I

had my son run around and I was chasing him and while the s10 Plus looks slightly smoother the one plus 7 pros did fantastic and in 4k you can shoot

4k video with both of these phones with their zoom lenses which is nice if you need to record video from farther away but the advantage that the galaxy s

10 plus has is that you can record 4k video with the ultra-wide camera where with the 1 7 Pro you cannot at this time I can’t forget about

all the selfie lovers out there the one plus 7 pros has a 16-megapixel pop-up camera while the S 10 plus has a 10-megapixel camera along with an 8

the megapixel camera just to capture depth the galaxy s 10 plus is a front-facing camera is generally much sharper most of the time it captures the better color they both do

a good job with portrait mode but the S 10 usually creates a better effect both can have some noisy results but I’m going to have to give it to

the S 10 Plus even at night I shot way too many comparison pictures so I’m going to show you more towards the end of the video but when it

comes to daytime shots I’m going to give the edge to the Gow cs10 plus let’s get into what everyone loves and that is the low-light performance this is where

I feel like the momentum changes for the 1 plus 7 Pro the S 10 plus does capture more shadow and highlight detail but does introduce more noise into the

shot most of the time on auto so generally, the s 10 plus captures more detail on the shot but I prefer the noise reduction on the 1 7 Pro

there is a nice gape mode on the 1 plus where it captures more detail by taking multiple exposures and when it works it works well but I found

this mode to be inconsistent with blurring and since I have the Snapdragon model of the S 10 plus I don’t have the dedicated night mode but on auto with

scene detection it triggers the night mode so all these shots were taken with that mode triggered the red color reproduction is much better on the one plus this is generally

one of the harder colors to land when it comes to night time on mobile sensors the Galaxy S 10 plus tends to land on the warmer side of white

the balance on most of his shots where the one plus usually lands cool and this is also personal preference so let me know which one do you think looks better I

think the one plus 7 pro is more consistent with overall exposure and producing the better photos and of course like any other camera comparison the S 10 takes some better

photos depending on the scene and it does go back and forth but let me know what you think in the comments below I’m curious to see what people think

when it comes to nighttime video the one plus captures more detail but the Samsung does have more contrast and boosted colors right out of the camera I prefer the

one plus at nighttime on video but this could also land on the side of personal preference that is a lot of information to go through but to sum things up

here is a quick recap I think the galaxy s 10 plus has sharper daytime photos with a better ultra-wide camera I think the video can go either way

both great captures and I think the night time in low-light gets an edge to the oneplus 7 pros so if I had to pick just one camera though

I would pick the S 10 Plus overall it is a better performer especially with the front-facing camera as well the thing to take away is that the one plus 7

pro has been getting a lot of hate on its camera and if you look at the images side-by-side they are not wildly different from one of the best cameras

out on the market right now so this is a huge leap for one plus because they are closer than ever to pumping out a flagship camera I’m hoping that a

few camera patches can fix some of these inconsistencies and this test makes me very hopeful for one plus devices in the future let me know which one you think is

better let’s be nice in the comments this is just tech, after all, I love doing these comparisons so if you want to see more hit that like button and

subscribe to the channel let me know which camera you would like to see compared with the 1 plus 7 pros

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