OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Review

I’ve been using the one plus 7 pro camera for about two weeks now so I want to share with you my real-world experience with this camera after two weeks and

I think the triple camera system is a nice upgrade from the one plus 60 because now you get that standard field of view the ultra-wide-angle field of view and

then you also get that three times optical zoom so I want to talk about the things that I was impressed with some things that I hope to see fixed

with future software updates and give you some real-world pictures and video from the one plus 7 pro camera so you know what to expect when you pick one up the

the first trip that I took this phone to was Google i/o it was my first i/o so I was excited couldn’t wait to test the camera so I was

taking a ton of pictures after looking over a ton of the shots from the main sensor which is 48 megapixels with F 1.6 aperture these are going to give

you the best results I would say this is the strongest part of the triple camera system, by the way, all the shots that I’m going to show you in

this video is shot on full auto mode completely untouched and straight out of the camera but there is a pro mode so you can tweak whatever values that you

would like to get the best shot and also there is raw capability so you can have the ultimate flexibility in post-production in bright day scenarios like any other flagship

phone the images are nice and full of detail there is one thing that I did notice that even with Auto HDR on is that the colors are very natural

and more on the flatter side of things I did a full comparison with the galaxy s 10 plus and that phone has a scene optimizer where it boosts saturation

and contrast depending on the scene so I don’t blame people for liking a more ready to share pictures right out of the camera but I’ve become a person that

likes to edit the photos a little bit afterward so the flatter colors are my preference but this is personal preference on what type of processing that you like

here are some shots from the Golden Gate Bridge you can see exactly how far SAFF was with this ultra-wide you can get that grand scheme of things with

this lens I think the ultra-wide is the most useful smartphone lens that you can have on the back of your camera you can at me if you want

to I think it should be on every smartphone it’s just that great I use it throughout IO San Francisco and in New York City during the launch of

this phone I had so much fun just going around taking shots of buildings it just lets you capture a different perspective the ultra-wide on the 1 plus 7

pro is not as wide as the one that’s on the galaxy s 10 plus that still wins for the widest field of view but it’s a welcome addition and

I think you’ll love it the one big downside for me is that you can’t record video with the ultra-wide camera I’m sure that can be added later on

but at launch you can’t do this so I just wanted to let you know you know I can’t do anything camera without going to Disney I took some wide-angle

shots here too to capture the park so having that field of view is great when you’re on vacation and it’s also a really good way of testing the

3x zoom it’s 8 megapixels and there are some pictures that you can get with the 3x zoom that you can’t get with the 2x zoom so I did

enjoy this but I did wish it was higher in resolution for a little bit more detail these shots aren’t bad by any means but it could use a little

bit more resolution maybe a 12 or 16 megapixel, for the most part, I’ve gotten really good results but there are some mixed opinions online especially with your favorite reviewers

so I want to clear some things up and talk about some of the things that I think that they can improve with future software updates after looking at a

a lot of these pictures I would like to see better edge to edge sharpness I’m noticing that in some of the corners there seem to be some softening and I

would like to see improvements in the focusing as well on subjects I feel like this also falls into the personal preference category because if you do look at images

side by side with something like the galaxy s 10 plus it does look a lot sharper right out of the camera you can just add sharpness in the post to

the 1 plus 7 Prost camera and make it look very similar but I think some people would prefer the sharpness to come right out of the camera so I’m

sure this can be easily fixed with a software update I’ve taken hundreds of photos so I know this camera is extremely capable because some shots come out sharp

and detailed so you can see here that some of these images are stunning while some have some issues with uniformity so I would like to see a more

consistent photo experience across different lighting conditions sometimes you get this rich contrasted and the very colorful image just like this one and then sometimes you get a more washed image

so that’s what I think other viewers were complaining about here is a

they usually push a few large software updates that improve the camera quality that helps a lot in the life cycle of the one plus devices so I’ll be updating this

video as soon as major ones are released so we can go back and revisit the camera there is one advantage of that softer look that this camera produces and

that is in the portrait mode I like the soft textures it gives off I think it gives it a more DSLR like look and even in low-light I

think the portrait mode does a decent job that 3x in portrait mode is cropped though so you’ll have to stand back pretty far to get these type of

shots and they’ll have to be pretty still or it can get blurry but my kids aren’t the best subjects because they can’t stay still for more than a few

seconds so I want to talk about some of the things that I was impressed with the one plus 7 pros and the first is the video capability the

4k 60 frames per second look stunning from the phone and I was shocked at this concert and how great it captured the scene there were no fluctuations in

exposure no ghosting no crazy light bleeding and this is just pure auto after looking back at it I was shocked really good noise reduction I know a lot

of you asked for a more realistic audio sample like loud concerts so here you go here is what the mic capture sounds like I saw a few comments on

my last video talking about some of the other reviewers pointing out the fun colors that might be coming off the 1 plus 7 Pro video and there’s a pretty

a good explanation for that so the 1 plus 7 Pro shoots in HDR which is REC 2020 colors so that’s not converted off the bat so in some scenarios you’re

gonna get oversaturated skin and exaggerated colors so if you convert this video to rec 709 color which is what most displays are capable of playing then

the colors look fantastic they’re balanced they’re more neutral so I am NOT saying that an average consumer should do this at all I would love to see one Plus

make it toggle for this somehow and give you a choice of rec.709 colors also I was pretty shocked by the low-light performance of the 1 7 Pro with the

a sensor having 48 megapixels and scaling them down to 12 megapixels I was impressed with the noise reduction and the color replication you get a nice balance shot I think

it does well even against black ships like the galaxy s 10 red is one of the tougher colors to capture on smartphones and the one plus does a great

the job you can see all of this in my s10 vs 7 pro video so I will leave it linked down below the nightscape mode does capture a lot more

the detail on certain shots but in certain scenarios, handheld shots with nice scape can be hard because it takes so many exposures you can end up with some blurry ones

too so that’s something that I would like to see them improve on but low light is a nice strength on the 1 7 Pro it’s not perfect though it

could use some improvement in certain lighting conditions the noise reduction becomes a little too aggressive and it can smoothen out things especially when it comes to skin tones so

I would like to see that improved in the future the last thing I want to talk about is the pop-up selfie camera and I think the pixel 3 literally

ruined all smartphones when it comes to front-facing camera shots and selfies but this is the thing that I think that one-plus needs to improve on the most when it

comes to the camera here are a few examples this is not the worst front-facing camera that I have seen and is capable of taking some decent selfies but

it needs work with exposure contrast and sharpness overall I don’t shoot a lot of selfies so this doesn’t matter to me much but I know for some of

you a front-facing camera can be a deal-breaker so I hope we get an update to this very soon I want to wrap up my experience like this is this

the best camera system out there right now no but is one plus that much closer to competing with flagship cameras yes the hardware is incredible the price is fantastic

at six hundred sixty-nine dollars so when you are looking at side-by-side images with something like the more expensive Galaxy S 10 Plus yes those images are better but

how much better are they $300 plus better I’ve shared some blind camera comparisons on Twitter so you should check those out and the response is a lot closer than

you would imagine and the low-light photography is surprisingly good so not saying the one plus camera is quite a flagship killer yet but they’re going in the right direction

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