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OnePlus 7 Pro is going to be INCREDIBLE!

the 1 plus 7 pros are going to be amazing and it’s right around the corner and I’m surprised one plus has been very vocal about the features that are coming

to the 1 plus, 7 Pro looks like they’re confident here and the 1 plus 60 is a great phone and it still is but there were just a

few features that I wish that phone had to bring it up to that flagship level and it looks like the 1 plus 7 pros are going to do that

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Squarespace the first huge improvement is going to be the display we’re gonna get close to a 6 point 7-inch quad HD OLED display this time so finally quad

HD on a one plus device and a lot of people are complaining about the 1080p displays before on oneplus as phones but I didn’t care cuz I thought they

look great and it was great on battery life but finally, quad HD here so I’m happy about that and that’s not even the end because it’s going to be

a 90 Hertz panel on this which is a huge deal and if you’ve ever used the phone like the razor phone or the ROG phone or even if you’ve

looked at the promotion display on Apple iPads even though that’s a little bit higher 144 Hertz you can tell the difference it’s going to be extremely smooth and

that’s gonna change your smartphone experience so I want to see higher refresh rate displays on phones this year and I’m so glad that the 1 plus 7 Pro

is going to have this what gets me even more hyped is that display may come out this morning and said that the 1 plus 7 Pro display has an

A rating the highest mark right beside the galaxy s 10 plus which has an amazing display so the 1 plus 7 Pro could have the best display on the

the market that’s a huge improvement going from a 1080p display to a 90 Hertz best-in-class so think about this display compared with a Snapdragon 855 at least 8 gigabytes of

RAM right so we’re gonna see probably a 10-gigabyte variant because the Maclaren 60 had 10 or we could even go Wilder and say there might even be 12

gigs of ram on this phone there’s gonna be a large capacity battery rumored is 4,000 milliamp hours so that to me seems like a home run and it looks

like we’re gonna get all of this screen because there’s gonna be no notch on the top we’re gonna get a mechanical front-facing pop-up camera and I guess maybe the

the only downside to this is maybe the durability of this camera but I think you can trust it because opal have had these designs before and I’m sure this is

what this is based on so I’m excited to get that full screen watching content gaming and all that stuff so you know I’m always for basalis I

think this is gonna be sweet so the next big upgrade is the one I’m looking forward to the most and that is the triple camera system on the back

is supposed to have a 48-megapixel main sensor which is already crazy but there’s gonna be an addition of a 16-megapixel wide-angle camera which I love because using

other manufacturers devices like the p30 Pro and the s10 plus wide-angle is everything

and I think that it’s the most useful lens to have on the back of a smartphone you can at me if you want to but there’s gonna be no

sacrifice on this phone because there’s also gonna be a 3x optical zoom camera at megapixels on the back so that triple camera system is probably gonna be

one of the most useful we’ve seen this on other smartphones before but having all of that power and all that flexibility on the back of one 7 Pro is

gonna be cool what I hope is that they stepped up their processing game and their image quality to match the flagships that are out there hopefully that’s being

done but I’m excited about this triple camera system, of course, all of the technology from the one plus 60 will be here as well especially the in-display fingerprint

scanner this one’s also going to be optical but hopefully, there’s some software magic here and some optimizations to make it a little bit faster, of course, we’re gonna get

that fast charging with – charging there might be that upgraded charging that we saw on the Mclaren version of this phone so we’re probably gonna get faster wired charging

what’s unfortunate is I think they’ve already dismissed the fact that there’s gonna be no wireless charging here because I think one plus still doesn’t believe that wireless charging is

fast enough to include so a little bit of a bummer there but at least you have fast wire charging hopefully we see some type of dual speaker

setup doesn’t look like there’s a headphone jack and with that pop-up camera I’m highly doubting in the type of water resistance on this phone before we talk pricing

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the thing that we will have to wait for on May 14th which is the launch date is the pricing and the different models that they’ll have so I’m assuming that

the pricing is gonna be between six and eight hundred dollars so we’re not gonna be sure where that lands at but I think even if it lands in the

middle of that let’s say that this goes and starts at seven hundred bucks this is looking pretty promising for all the other phones that out there that are thousand

dollars plus so you know that you’re probably going to get at least 128 gigs or 256 gigabytes of storage so that might be a really good value but we’re

not gonna be sure and they’re supposed to be a one plus seven as well not the pro version but a one plus seven looks like you’re still gonna get

that teardrop notch looks like gonna get a little bit of an upgraded battery that Snapdragon a 55 as well possibly with ten gigabytes of RAM so that’s probably gonna

be the lower-tiered version and then the pro is gonna end up being the higher-end version so let’s see what happens I’m going to be at the event if

there’s a 5g Edition which is also rumored I’m pretty sure that that’s gonna probably be at the top of the price point but let’s say that even that one

ends up being $800 you think about how much the galaxy s 10 5g is I think that one’s right around like twelve or thirteen hundred dollars so regardless you’re

still gonna get that value per performance ratio but I know that people are probably gonna be complaining about the price because one plus is steadily creeping up but you have

to think about where one plus going they want to be a flagship device and they’re still giving you flagship for less money their motto is being done so I’m gonna

be at the event can’t wait to get this device make sure you stay tuned to the channel for more 1 7 1 7 Pro coverage let me know what

you guys think about the 1 7 Pro is this the one is this the thing that you’re gonna end up picking up I think this is gonna be a

cool smartphone so let me know if you agree with thumbs up if you enjoyed it I will see you guys in the next one

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