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What is in my Tech Bag 2019?

us to play with cool tech for living and one of the most exciting parts is to be able to travel all over the world and it used to be

only once in a while but basically now I’m traveling multiple times a month and today I want to share with you what combo I rely on when it comes

to traveling and what tech I take with me this is what’s in my tech bag travel edition for 2019 the combo I use most for trips is the flight

pack to buy air this is a compact backpack that can hold a ton of tech inside and it can also turn itself into a messenger bag when you need

it so I like that versatility the away carry-on is my choice to pack my clothes in I love how smooth the wheels are that’s really important when you’re rushing

to make that connecting flight plus it has a combination lock for safety with TSA key compatibility and you also get that hidden battery pack that is most importantly removable

so it’s flight friendly it has a few USB ports on it with faster charging included too I don’t use it a ton but it’s a nice feeling that you

know you have backup power when you need it to show you what I bring with me is better to pack for this short trip I’m about to go on

in the left compartment I always bring a couple pair of sneakers with me if you don’t know I love sneakers and I always have to carry them on with

me I have this weird phobia about checking luggage with my shoes in them but it is what it is I have a packing cube that I like to put

my socks underwear and undershirts into these cubes are super cheap it keeps things really neat and maybe I will go full packing cube on the next one but I

highly recommend them they really work if I’m going on an international trip I always pack a power converter I packed a few shirts as well I have a pack

here with all of my toiletries in it and my shaving gear packing some jeans and also packing a few more shirts not packing a ton because this is just

a domestic trip while traveling I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle including eating better drinking a lot more water to stay hydrated sleeping better and of course creating more

time to work out so I want to thank oral-b for sponsoring my journey I finally stepped up to an electric toothbrush and it’s my first one ever actually so

here are a few reasons why I like traveling with it first the price won’t break the bank so it’s really affordable this is a good choice for a first

time her like myself you do get a charger in the box which is great but I just keep it at home because the battery can last over a week

so that is key second it’s simple there’s one mode I just turned it on started using it right away there was no learning curve there is a pressure sensor

in there that stops pulsations if you’re brushing too hard so you don’t hurt your gums and teeth and there is a on handle timer that stutters every 30 seconds

to let you know that it’s time to move on to another quadrant of your mouth I’m in the habit of counting them now and I finish in two minutes

which is the recommended time by dentists and after using it for a month I have to say the clean is so much better than a manual toothbrush I can’t

travel without it now I’m hooked it’s a part of my everyday routine so with that link below for a sweet discount on it it’s available in black and white

power up for a healthier lifestyle and let me know what you think about it let’s move on and show you what’s in my backpack the first accessory is this

little shoe keychain I was never able to get these Chicago off-white ones so I bought this keychain instead one day I will own this pair but until then this

little replica is awesome in the detail is insane since I’ve been more into gaming lately in the laptop compartment I have the razor blade 15 the mercury white edition

I love the way this laptop looks I’ve been using this for a while now and this is the last gen model actually with the gtx 1070 in it but

it plays all the titles that i need i love the matte display with the 144 hertz refresh rate so look out for a video coming soon i got a

set up tour that i can’t wait to show you the worst part of traveling with this is that giant power breaks

that you have to carry is huge so make sure you have room in that backpack the next thing is the smart bag organizer i think i showed this on

my last bag video but it’s really useful instead of having my cables and chargers everywhere in my bag i keep them all organized here i have my charger my

extra battery for my camera in the larger pouch I take my lav mic which is the Sennheiser AVX I’ve been using this for a long time I love the

sound and how compact the microphone system is I take all types of cables with me including USB C lightning and also have a you headphone dongles here for Android

and iPhone when I need to use a 3.5 millimeter jack so this is something if you absolutely need you will thank me later one thing that I can’t fit

in this pouch what I bring with me all the time is this a touchy travel charger I’m in the habit of bringing extra charges with me because you won’t

believe how many of your friends forget to bring chargers on their trips so I can be the hero here this one has power delivery and extra quick charge USB

ports and believe it or not this can power any MacBook Pro including the 15 inch even though the specs say it can’t I live that dongle life even when

I don’t need it I usually have to carry this when I carry a macbook pro but with the razor blade I don’t need it is just have it carrying

this thing around I’ve been using this for over a year now it’s really reliable and fast this is the Kingston nucleon and for some extra storage I’m carrying the

older Samsung t3 SSD this thing is still serving me well is fast enough for everything I needed to do and it’s one terabyte in this little SSD I love

it in the top portion of the back for quick access or all of my wireless earbuds that I like to have with me I have the first generation err

pause that are matte black which I have been using for over a year a custom painted by color ware but now I have the second gen ones that I’m

testing out and now I can flex with that battery light and wirelessly charge so more to come on that in a future video I also like to carry the

galaxy buds these are so legit especially if you carry a galaxy as 10-plus around they already come in black and they look and sound great let’s move into the

middle compartment when I travel these are a must-have the best all-around wireless active noise-cancelling headphones in my opinion that are out there and these are the sony 1000 x

mark threes great sound one of the top choices for comfort really intuitive touch gestures and I love the color and finish I highly recommend these if you’re looking for

a high quality A&C you won’t regret picking these up at all when I travel also like taking this next pouch with me this is where I keep my collection

of moment lenses I have a few focal links here still waiting to get that anamorphic one I really need to pick one up but one of my favorites is

the wide-angle attachment and what’s great is Nomad now makes rugged cases especially for the iPhone tennis Mac’s that I carried that works perfectly with moment and I love that

leather look and feel and with the moment app I can get full manual control which is really nice I can do this with photos or videos through the app

since I do use my phone for pretty much every picture that I take when I travel having these extra focal links helps a ton to get creative with just

what’s in my bag this air bag is nice because it’s compact but it’s more than big enough to comfortably fit my camera choice this is the sony a7r 3

with the 24 to 70 GM lens and since this camera is 42 megapixels it’s nice to get some raw stills once in a while along with that really high

quality 4k video I carry one extra lens with me and nasty sixteen and thirty five-millimeter GM it’s super wide with F 2.8 aperture so if you’ve seen any of

my youtuber react videos all them are shot with this lens it’s a beast and it’s super sharp in my secret interior pouch I have my small HD focus OLED

in there since the a7 r3 doesn’t have a flip-out screen please Sony I need a flip display on the a7 s3 the focus allows me to do some vlogging

especially if there are times that I need to see myself to get that right framing plus when I’m shooting b-roll or just anything I can use the tools built-in

to make sure that I’m in focus or I can use the false-color tool which is my favorite actually to make sure all my shots are properly exposed and even

though it’s pricey I love it and it’s bright enough to see outside despite the brightness rating so that about does it for what’s in my tech bag for early

2019 let me know if you enjoy these videos maybe I’ll do a summer edition or I’ll do one later in the year so make sure you subscribe for that

and I want to know one thing from you what is the one item that you can’t leave at home when you travel let me know in the comment section

below thumbs up if you enjoyed this and I will see you guys on the next trip

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