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Desk Setup Tour (2019)Ultimate Minimal 5K Ultrawide

this setup tour is brought to you by CleanMyMac ex this powerful Mac utility will keep your Mac running like new clean up speed up and protect your Mac with

just one tool click the link below to find out more what’s up everybody this is Dani this is a new year I’m in a brand new space which means

a brand new desk setup and I can’t wait to show you the full office tour but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what’s going on around

here so I kept this desk setup minimal I hope you like it welcome to my 5k ultra wide Mac Mini minimal setup let’s start with the heart of the

setup and the desk is the BDI central lift in white and you might have seen my last setup with the darker version of this desk which I still love

but I’m back to the bright and clean aesthetic on this one there are a few reasons why I stick to this desk and the first one is that I

love the satin edge tempered glass finish on the top it’s unique and it looks like no other desks that I’ve ever had and it’s also motorized with programmable

Heights so I can stand up to work if I need to change it up while I’m crunching through long edits and then when I’m done I can just set

it back to the way it was with just one button there’s a cutout at the top of the desk for monitor wires to feed through and here’s what underneath

the desk looks like the central lift comes with this metal cable ledge that will keep all of your power strips and cables in one place it’s nice and discreet

the motor for the desk is nice and tucked away here and there are built-in cable straps throughout the bottom as well to keep all of your wires organized I

even put my amplify HD Wi-Fi router underneath the desk and it was easy to keep all of the cables under control and I was able to feed all of

the wires down the leg with this included cable housing so this desk is a cable management dream right out of the box there’s only one wire that looked messy

but I was able to hide that with this cable management channel that I got off of Amazon it’s cheap it sticks on with 3m and it looks so clean

I’ll leave links to everything that you see in the setup tour in the description below if you’re interested I have a few attachments for the central lift desk I

have the matching central 6 4 1 4 pedestal file cabinet to give me some extra storage and on top of this I keep a rotation of my favorite headphones

on the Wu audio metal headphone stand, I’ve had this for a while now but I love it hands down the drawer is my favorite attachment because once again BDI

thinks of cable management with holes on the rear portion of the drawer so I’m able to keep this Nomad wireless charger right in the drawer so whenever I need

to charge my phone or my air pods I just place it on there and close the drawer I love that little solution to bring wireless charging to my desk

setup without drilling holes or messing my desk up more on this desk in a future episode and you never know you might get a chance to win one of

these desks so stay tuned the power on the desk is the latest Mac Mini with a 6 core Core i7 processor plenty of power through edit to 4k videos

it’s small and compact on a desk and I think it looks nice especially in that space gray color this Mac Mini is fairly new but if you’re running

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MacBook Pro is running so much faster now like the day

that I bought it so it’s about time that a legit Mac cleaning app is available that’s beautiful and easy to use and most importantly does what it claims to

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go to the description below and click on that link and try it for yourself I highly recommend it it’s legit I have the matching Space Gray Apple keyboard to

tie in that color scheme I like this keyboard because I still have that number on the right and I still think it’s much more comfortable to type on this

the keyboard then my MacBook Pro so maybe I’m weird because I like this keyboard but for the next setup I’m testing out a mechanical keyboard that is wireless and

designed for Mac I’m digging it so far so I’ll show you this in the next episode I decided not to go with the mouse and out for the

Apple trackpad instead this is a custom painted color where Mac black version I thought it looked nicer on the desk than space great trackpad which I have as

well and I’m one of those weird guys that like editing on this trackpad if you think I’m weird for that let me know in the comments below the

the most polarizing thing on the desk is the ultra-wide monitor and this is the LG 34 inch v k2k panel it has a resolution of 50-120 by 2160 and

the reason why I chose this monitor was that it has Thunderbolt 3 support so I thought it was a no-brainer for the Mac but I have my ups and

downs with this monitor and while I love the way this monitor looks I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this monitor the best thing about it is the quality of the panel

it’s got a matte finish which I like and the colors are fantastic so when I’m watching high-quality content like this I enjoy it or if I’m doing

web browsing and answering emails like I do so many hours of the day I can fit so much on this display I also love editing video with this type

of screen real estate it gives me that flexibility to look at more of my timeline for Final Cut Pro it is a dream and this Mac Mini is way

more powerful than most people would imagine it to be for video editing, unfortunately, there are many downsides to this monitor the first is just how flimsy the basis even

if you are typing or just bump the desk slightly the monitor moves around everywhere so if you’re planning to get this monitor I would get a monitor arm just

to keep it steady that’s not even the worst part just the basics like connectivity and the monitor turning on can be an issue and if you use a MacBook

Pro with dedicated graphics especially the latest versions it might not even work it works a lot better with the integrated graphics like on this Mac Mini but I had

to add the Blackmagic EGP you just to get consistent performance with connectivity but even then I still can’t get the monitor to output all half the time so even

though that the monitor is not unusable by any means I would do a little bit of research before buying this monitor there are a few other aesthetics that I

wanted to include on this set up there is a lamp that I bought from Target and I’m not sure if they even make this anymore but I love this

lamp because of the gray base I thought that it matched perfectly and I like that the wood brings a little bit of warmth to the setup and the black

and white broke wiring ties it all together nicely the bulb inside the lamp and the light strip behind the desk is Philips hue I used to use light fix

but I’m in the current process of moving all of my smart homes to hue so I’ll tell you why in the next smart home setup tour but I love

the number of colors and the moods that I can bring to the setup with these lights plus I can control these lights by voice or on the hue app

from anywhere in the world last but not least this chair is not the obvious choice for most death setups but I like it if you don’t know I

love sneakers and when I saw these fans and Moderna Rachelle chair go for sale I got it immediately I think it’s sold out now but the classic checker pattern

fits it perfectly it’s made of fiberglass and it’s way more comfortable than I thought it would be and it came with a cushion that makes the chair more comfortable

during long editing sessions even though the setup is not 100% done

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