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Galaxy Fold Broken Screens:

this is brought to you by Squarespace some of you may have heard about what’s going on with the broken Galaxy fold displays and it’s not out in the public

yet it’s in the hands of a few YouTubers reviewers and some journalists so I was just scrolling through Twitter the other day and I was looking at one post

after the other about full devices breaking in 48 hours or even as little as 24 hours so immediately I was concerned because I pre-ordered the other

night because Samsung didn’t send me a device so this has nothing to do with Samsung but I was willing to spend that $2,000 because it’s really expensive but this

is a brand new form factor this is a Gen 1 device I’m genuinely excited to test this out because I think this is the future I think this is

where smartphones are gonna go so after looking at all of the posts I think there’s a pretty simple explanation of what happened and I think it’s a mixture of

miscommunication and some hardware failures so I’m gonna break down what actually happened and then if we should be afraid as customers of buying a Galaxy phone as of this

the moment the galaxy fold is not available to the public quite yet it’s coming out at the end of the month so only a few reviewers and some journalists have

them and what I saw was the common miscommunication was is that there is a thin protective layer that’s on the top of the Galaxy fold and a lot of

people thought that they were screen protectors so they were peeling them off it was a little bit harder to peel off than normal but people were doing that and

that would break the screens because that’s a part of the screen so here’s the miscommunication part of it des from t-mobile posted out that there is a warning sticker

on the front of the display on the retail boxes but all the reviewers ended up getting a box that didn’t have that on there so they didn’t know them

had no clue that this wasn’t a screen protector so when they pulled it off it broke the screen so if you gain anything from this video do not remove

that plastic film layer that looks like a screen protector when you buy your fold leave it alone so this was confirmed by more than a few people like mark

Berman and even marques Brownlee mkbhd that after appealing that protective lay off it broke the screen and now they’re on a replacement and there was a lot of people

that posted that their Galaxy fold is doing just fine people like Jaime Rivera from pocket now bored at work and also people like the unlocker David Cogan and

plenty of people out there that were saying that their Galaxy fold has been holding up just fine so that made me feel a little bit more comfortable and just

this morning Lou from unboxing therapy puts out his video where he opens and closes the galaxy fold 1000 times in a row and spoiler it does well and it

holds up so I’m going to leave that link down below because that was a cool test but that gives me a lot more confidence as well Samsung is

aware of this they put out their public statement yesterday and they’re gonna be thoroughly reviewing these units to see why they failed so here’s the concerning part there

were a few incidences where they didn’t remove that protective film and their device still broke in 24 hours The Verge post by dieter bone I think was the first

one that I saw where there was what was suspected to be maybe a piece of dust or some kind of debris that got stuck underneath I’m not sure

how that happened I don’t know if that’s a manufacturing defect or whatever happened cuz I don’t think that display is open to the air by any means so not sure

what happened there but that was a little bit concerning and I think the second post that I saw was by Todd Hazleton that unit just broke with just regular

use just opening and closing it and using it for a day you can see the screen flickering and just freaking out right there you can see the seam this

is only after 24 hours of use and this thing is supposed to be rated for I think like a hundred thousand closes and opens over a longer period of

mean I’m going to 100% admit that when I first saw this on social media I thought Samsung is in so much trouble here because after that note seven battery

blow-up thing and then now with the fold like is this going to just destroy this launch and is this phone now just dead off the bat but the

more I think about it I don’t think that this is anything to be concerned about just yet because this is not happening retail units I think if

this is happening to customers after that the fold has been shipped and this is happening in the wild that’s something that we need to be concerned about but you

know how the news is I felt like it was blown a little bit out of proportion like they were acting like this was happening and it’s gonna happen to

you when you get your unit it’s just gonna break in 24 hours I don’t think that’s necessarily true this is just a small batch of maybe pre-production units that

we’re out so if this does happen in the wild then I think we should be concerned but I think for right now we need to just see what

happens so don’t get me wrong there is some evidence here that should raise some eyebrows and if you are concerned about it I don’t blame you at all and

if we’re having a real discussion here we knew that Samsung wanted to be the first of the foldable market because that’s one thing about tech companies right they need

to flex and they need to be the first they’re bringing out tech like this and they want it to be this way to the market I thought something like

this and publicity like this would kick back launch a little bit but it looks like Samsung is moving forward with their launch and they want to get this

into people’s hands and they’re confident about it so I think that we should wait to see what happens because I have not canceled my pre-order I’m waiting for it

to come in I’m still excited and pumped about getting the Galaxy fold so I think that if this is widespread through the customer’s hands we have something to

be concerned about but if this gets released and these problems don’t happen out there we should be just fine so I am hoping that this does not happen to

the customer devices so I want to know from you guys are you concerned about the galaxy fullscreen issues and do you think this is an epic fail or are

you gonna just press on with your pre-order because this is the coolest device you’ve ever seen let me know in the comment section below and I want to thank

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