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Huawei Matebook 13 Macbook Air

it’s been over a month since while we sent over their maple 13 and it’s no secret that I’m a Mac user so I’ve been using the MacBook Air since

launch so what I want to do is I want to share with you my experience on what it’s like using the mate book 13 and how it compares to

the MacBook Air and what I want to do is help you make a buying decision if you’re looking for one of these to pick up and I think that

if you’re not tied into the Apple ecosystem that this could be the laptop to make you try something new this year so I’m gonna get some coffee to let’s

talk the transition from the MacBook Air to the Huawei mate book 13 for a month wasn’t that tough because they both have the same form factor they’re both

built well with all metal they both have the same port selection they have a headphone jack two USB type-c ports the Huawei has one on each side

which makes things practical for me but the one thing that I noticed is that you can only charge from the left side which I always try to go

and plug into the right side hopefully they can fix that through a software update or something but the big difference for me is Thunderbolt 3 available on the

MacBook Air and even though I’m not a huge Centreville 3 connected person I don’t use the GPUs that much the Huawei you don’t have that choice but

the good thing about this is that there’s a dedicated GPU in this thing so you can do professional work without Thunderbolt 3 so that’s nice for the maple

so two big notable things for me when switching over to the mate book 13 was number one to display they both have 13-inch displays but I noticed that you

can see the difference in the screen and body ratio on the mate book 13 it just looks so much cleaner and also enjoyed the touchscreen especially for Windows

I don’t use it a ton but I like getting to the settings this way and sometimes when you hit by button or if you’re just scrolling to a website

it’s nice and it’s got that 3×2 aspect ratio which makes things a little bit easier you can see a little bit more of the webpage so I enjoyed

that as well the MacBook has a good display but that huge bezel on the top I notice that every time I go back to it now so the

the main book spoiled me in that department second big thing is the keyboard because there’s gonna be a lot of debate over this but the third-gen butterfly keyboard

still is not the greatest on the MacBook Air it doesn’t have a lot of travel to it now you do get used to the keyboard and if you

like it then you know kudos to you I mean it’s not like I can’t type on it but it’s not as comfortable as the maple 13 so when I

first got on the maple 13 there was a lot of travel it’s comfortable to type on so for me scripting and researching is a lot more comfortable on

this so that was one of the things that are appreciated and when it comes to the trackpad I like how Apple strike pads are so big but

that transition wasn’t that bad either on this because the maple 13 has a rectangular and wide trackpad it might not be as big as the MacBook but it

was a pretty easy transition as well uses precision drivers so that’s my driver of choice so at least you get a lot of customization there and responsiveness is good

as well both of these have fingerprint scanners touch ID works well but every time that you open up the MacBook you have to put in your password which

is fine but here on the maple 13 I can just hit the power button one time and it reads my fingerprint at the same time so I can just

take a sip of coffee and he’s just gonna log me in and I’m ready to work so there doesn’t look like it’s a big deal but when you do

this over and over and over again you get to appreciate how fast and convenient that is this is random but this is a cat cafe when it comes

to raw power, this is where I feel like the Huawei pulls away a little bit because this can go up to an i7 quad-core

the newer version actually and it’s u series processor where the MacBook Air has a Y series processor

it’s only dual-core now they both have gigabytes of RAM and when it comes to performance I’m not a huge fan of synthetic benchmarks but when you look

at the two side-by-side you can see how much more potential there is in power with the maple 13 so if you’re looking for power then you’re probably gonna

end up picking this one now when it comes to value the base level MacBook Air comes with 128 gigabytes of storage for the SSD that’s pretty small whereas this

the version here $100 more we’ll get you a 512 gigabyte SSD so to me that’s a pretty big deal unless you’re living in the cloud which I can understand that

you don’t care about that but when it comes to getting more for the value for what you’re paying for that’s where I feel like the Huawei starts pulling

away so it’s not all bad for the MacBook Air though because even though it does have weaker internals and the Y Series processor is not that great especially

because it’s dual-core but that’s the one thing that Apple has going for them is the software optimization that they have because believe it or not I can edit or

K video on the MacBook Air with really no big problems because Final Cut is so well optimized for this kind of hardware that it works now it’s not

the speediest operation but you can’t edit 4k video on this but with the Huawei, you can get that done so even if you’re using premiere you can probably

edit 4k on here without a lot of complications so if you’re doing a lot of effects and you’re putting a lot of layers then you’re probably gonna want to

go to 1080 but when it comes to Photoshop Lightroom that stuff’s gonna run rate on the Huawei and that’s the one thing that the Huawei also has is that

internal built-in GPU they all do dedicated GPU has got that in here so you can game and that’s the one thing that the Mac can’t do

because we all know that gaming on Mac is not a good experience but that’s the one thing I liked about the flexibility the Huawei because I don’t want

to give you the wrong impression this is not a gaming laptop but with that MX 150 their 25-watt version you can’t play some cool games on here so

no matter where you are at the airport or wherever so if you travel a lot you can bust out a quick game on here overwatch you’re gonna be able

to play on low and you’re still gonna be able to get in those games whenever you want to you can play a Tomb Raider you could probably play apex

some you could probably do a lot of that stuff on this but you’re not gonna get the greatest experience your frame rates aren’t gonna be crazy but to be

able to play games on this really small form-factor that’s in your backpack that’s pretty nice so that’s a pretty big win for the wall way as well after using

these two for an extended period I feel like it doesn’t matter which one you pick up because they’re both really good especially in their own right

like they’re different and I think they’re trying to accomplish two different things I feel like the MacBook Air is trying to be more of a supplemental computer to maybe

a more powerful iMac where the Huawei is trying to be a standalone laptop there’s more power there’s more performance and you get that in pretty much the same price

that you get for the MacBook Air so twelve hundred dollars for the entry-level MacBook and you’re getting $1300 here for the Specht out a mate for thirteen and this gives

you more storage dedicated GPU and a much more powerful processor so if you just take ecosystem aside because trust me the Apple ecosystem is very powerful because I’m tied

in to it so if you are not tied into it then this looks like a much better value and it is because you’re just getting so much more for

the money and even when you compare it to other Windows laptops for this form factor and what you’re getting is very very competitive if not one of the best

deals on the PC market right now so if you’re not tied into the Apple ecosystem which is priceless I get II can’t put a price on ecosystem then I

would take a look at the maple Claire team because this could be the PC that changes your mind so I would give this a try because I think that

this is one of the best packages that are out there right now in pcs so thanks for watching this let me know which one that you prefer like

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