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Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Low Light vs Huawei P30 Pro

this is brought to you by Squarespace what’s up everybody I’ve been in Paris for about two days now and I haven’t been able to explore it pretty much at

all because I’ve been so busy with the Huawei P 30 launch and what I want to do today is just go around and kind of look around and see

what the cities about take the new Sony a 6400 with me I love having that flip-up screen and seeing myself now I don’t want to use an external

the mic I just want to see what the internal mic can do see how effective of a vlogging tool this is and then also I want to share with you

my last 48 hours approximately with the Huawei P 30 Pro let’s go and explore the city this should be fun [Music] [Music] so I’m out here exploring Paris today

and it’s a nice day there’s a ton of people out and I’m testing the galaxy s 10 plus versus the Huawei P 30 Pro so the first thing

I want to talk about with the P 30 Pro is hardware-wise is not much different in the May 20 Pro so if you’re looking for a huge chance they’re

not gonna get it the one thing that I did notice is the P 30 Pro doesn’t have a quad HD display which is kind of weird to me

because I figured since the Mait 20 Pro had a quad HD display then I figured this one would have it but to be honest the display is really good

and I don’t notice the difference when it comes to resolution at all but the one thing that I did notice is that the display is not as bright

on the AP 30, Pro typical Huawei hardware nicely built it feels great and I’ve been enjoying it so far now it’s 42 hundred milliamp-hour battery I’m sure

that 1080p display will help a ton with battery life I can’t make that judgment quite yet because I just I’ve been running this phone so hard doing so many

camera tests that I really can’t determine a regular day’s use out of it but I’ll have that in the full review but hardware wise is still stellar and

I’m just using the crap out of this camera right now I mean I’m loving it there’s a lot of different things about this camera that we’re going to discuss

later it’s very very similar to the mate 20 Pro very similar but it also has some really good improvements to [Music] the second big thing that I want to

talk about with the p30 Pro is that zone because I mean that’s the thing that they touted the most I feel like there’s a 40-megapixel sensor that

does have a super spectrum sensor so I guess the biggest change in this is the green for yellow so it’s an AR yup sensor and you can see

that at night and I’ll show you that a little bit later I feel like the colors are getting a little mixed up right now maybe with the software it’ll get

a little bit better but zoom so 5x zoom and then you have a 10x hybrid zone and that 10x works good so if you see the

Eiffel Tower behind me I’m gonna show you some shots right now of how far you can get because look at how far away I am from it but 10x

you can get that you can see the people it’s nuts watch this [Music] from Paris to back home that quick I know it’s been weird but the reason why

is because I had like 20 minutes to make it from Toronto to here so

I couldn’t vlog at all in the situation but I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that when I asked people what they thought about

the p30 Pro for YouTubers react you can check that out I’ll go ahead and link that if it’s ready but they all talked about the camera because that was

the biggest thing the camera is probably the big game-changing thing and the zoom that I showed you earlier it is true it’s legit now that’s the one thing

that I thought that needs a little bit of work is the low light performance when it comes to the zoom lenses because when it comes to zoom of course many

cars have to come by and mingle on her noise but when it comes to zoom I feel like in low-light performance the zoom is not as good but that’s

expected right that’s expected because the 40 megapixel does well but the one thing that I noticed is that the time-of-flight sensor on the back it helps a ton

because I’m taking a lot of aperture pictures and what I mean by open aperture is just kind of leaving that aperture as wide as possible on aperture mode and

taking shots and what’s cool is that you can get people from much farther away from that you can ever think of so here’s a few pictures from Paris where

people were getting married on that top part and a lot of people are taking pictures and I was being kind of a creep taking pictures of them but what’s

cool is like you can see how far I was away from this person and it cut her out perfectly and you can just see the individual strands of

hair and everything and I was so far away and then look it just looked like it came off of the DSLR so that’s the one big thing and

there are multiple pictures that I took like this I’m gonna show you a few of them and this camera and while it might need work and with final software it’s

going to get a lot better the camera is improved overall they are the camera systems so that’s something that you can look for and the last thing I

want to touch on is battery life so that 1080p display which was kind of a disappointment, in my opinion, I can see why they went for that because the

battery life is legendary on this phone I think a lot of people are gonna be talking about that on Twitter and things like that because the mate 20

Pro already had incredible battery life and I think that this one is slight slightly better because I’ve gone like two to three hours on this on this phone

in the very beginning and I might be at like 98% it’s kind of crazy how slowly it trickles down but I think David Cogan the unlocker he did a

day-to-day life thing and I was with him that day and he ended the night with like 50% battery life or something like that so I’ll link that to so

you can see it because he spent a whole day with it just kind of documenting his time but the battery life 4,200 milliamp hours on the pro version I

think you’re gonna be happy with that as well so let me know what you guys think about this phone I just wanted to share my 48 to 72

hour experience with you so let me know what else you want me to talk about in the full review cuz I’ll be working on that I stayed a little

bit more time there was a huge software update that was also pushed yesterday so that changes things a little bit too so until this thing goes on sale

and we won’t really know what’s gonna be like with final software so I’ll keep you updated on that I also want to thank the sponsor Squarespace for sponsoring this

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