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iPhone XS Max Wireless Charging vs Galaxy S10 Plus

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today we’re going to be doing a wireless charging test and comparison with the new Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus and the iPhone
10’s the max I want to specifically test this brand new wireless charging two-point no charger from Samsung the S 10 series is the first to support this new 12
watt charger is supposed to be much faster so I’ll be testing this with the new Samsung dual charger it looks a little bit different from last year’s dual charger
last years had a stand on the larger base but this one does not and I also noticed that the new dual charger has a much bigger cooling system I
know that was a complaint from last year so even with the increased wattage this new one should stay cool while charging with less noise which is a great thing
it is a hundred bucks though so it is a little bit steep for the iPhone 10 s max I’ll be using the Nomad base station which is also capable
of wireless charging two devices at the same time but at 10 watts each but no matter the wattage the iPhone 10s max is limited to 7.5 watts on wireless
charging so both of these chargers are linked below if you’re interested both legit charging bases both of these are drained down to 0 the iPhone starts on its own
when it gets enough charge but I’ll turn the S 10 plus on to make it fair all Wi-Fi cellular and notifications and everything will be left on to simulate
a real-world charging scenario so let’s go ahead and do this after 15 minutes we have 10% charge on the 10s max and the Samsung galaxy s 10 plus
we have 15% charge after 30 minutes on the iPhone we have 21% charge and on the galaxy s 10 plus we have 31% 45 minutes in the iPhone has
27% charge and on the galaxy s 10 plus we have 48% after one hour the iPhone has 32 percent charge which is pretty slow and I think that’s the
problem with most people when it comes to wireless charging and the S 10 plus has 63% which is almost twice as fast one hour and thirty minutes in the
10s max has 47% charge and the S 10 plus has 90% charge this is impressive and the fastest wireless charging that Tessa’s so far we are getting close
1 hour and 45 minutes in the iPhone is at 53% and the galaxy s 10 is at 96% so right at 1 hour and 55 minutes the s 10
it’s 100% I know this seems slow for wireless charging but this is impressive you have to realize that this is a 4100 milliamp-hour battery that charged this
fast and the 3100 74 million power 10 s max has just 56% charge so this is a blowout since I have the extra time what I’m going to
do is take a galaxy note 9 that has a four thousand milliamp-hour battery that doesn’t support fast wireless charging 2.0 but let’s see how long that takes to
charge and see how far the note 9 gets before the tennis max gets to 100% charge quick note I want to mention on Heat the S 10 feels barely
warm to the touch after 100 percent cool to the touch I do have to say it was warming up in the first hour of charge I could feel
it on the display when I was waking it to check the charge levels but at 100 percent charge the phone feels cool so the distribution of power and heat
management is done well throughout the charging process, ok so moving on to hours and 15 minutes the iPhone is going to be at 66% and the note 9 is
at 11% I didn’t have the always-on display enabled on the s10 plus but I’ll leave it enabled here because why not after 2 hours and 30 minutes the 10s
max is at 72% and note 9 is already at 21% after three hours the iPhone is at 84% and note 9 is already had 42% three hours
in 30 minutes the iPhone 10’s max is now at 91% and note 9 is a 62% it’s catching up pretty quickly and here at the four hour
mark which in my last comparison test is where the iPhone 8 plus hit 100% so the 10s max is at 99 % so basically at 100 it should hit
it here at any minute but what’s pretty sad is that the note 9 is already at 80% so basically at the same time that the 10s max took to
wirelessly charge to 100% you could almost charge two flagship Samsung phones in that time which has much larger battery capacities which are pretty Wow so there it is wireless
charging 2.0 is a win for Samsung let me know what you think about this is a clear-cut win some of the fastest wireless charging that I’ve ever tested

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