TECNO Camon CX vs Phantom 6 Review

You get calm, and I’m here to do a speed test between the, C. X. that was released last month and the techno phantom. Six that was published last September.

I’m not this is running on, and to get a book written on them to keep devices, this is running on a Leo M. X. 20 and clocks at 2.0 gigahertz, and this is Clark at 1.5 gigahertz this is the. Ram management of both of these devices.

You can see here that the Android 7.0 nougat manages more you know for more space, and you know who has left the blues way and requires less going on that you have a lot more space.

This is using 1.21.2 gigabytes of space, and this is N. 1.9 gigabytes, which isn’t a whole lot of difference, so yeah, this is running on android nougat 7.there, and this is running on android 6.0 marshmallow Sierra.

So let’s go ahead and open some apps now, so call log. Then, six was a little bit quicker that told me to call the registry. The contact. In the C. ex. Messages. I’ll be. The standard C. explode granted that there were a few messages on the come to the C. ex, so let’s open the browser. The phantom six is a little bit quicker there.

So let me show you guys how far some games open on both of these devices the same games free on both of these devices are protesting temper here. To see which puts up first so already the phantom six is taking the lead temple run, and that’s pretty.

So actually present press if. From from from 6 to so let’s try the jetpack joyride teach. We can see the effects of the 2.0 gigahertz clock speeds over the. Let’s now go to the suburbs self on both of these devices one to go.

Not all of these games the phantom six that’s booted up. Much faster than that come on C. X. which you know it’s just evident that the chipset on the. Maybe not by a lot more you.

You will run. So let me go ahead and set the camera on both of these devices for maybe I would go into because I’ve opened except the pops, and perhaps I’ll go back and check some of the games that I’ve begun. And see if you know the.

I can resume. Yes. He has misquoted temple run check some of the games that I’ve opened. And see if you know the. I can resume. Yes. So let’s go ahead and compare the comparable to these devices.

So from the viewfinder here, you can already see that the Phantom 6 is quite small cultures fewer objects down to come and see exit comes to the exes. You know full reach calmer, and then you can see that the familiar C. X. color them points year on crispier than the Phantom 6, so I’m just going to take a picture and show you guys the results so you can compare. K. So S. S. C.

So what do you guys think? Which is better, I feel like the color of the C. X. is brighter, but the call of the common fund them six these right an exact color because. I like what I’m seeing, and what is on the cover is right to me the, 6, 6 makes everything you know kind of in a bit brighter than you know what you’re saying you realize so yeah.

The book cover is good. So I’m just going to take one more picture. Saria, so let’s compare. One of these cameras is very detailed. The block on the, C. X. is more it is beautiful. A block is a pretty elegant block down the. The phantom six but the phantom six black is real art like I said the situation in the Comisi exists.

You know he works in this in favor of the camera makes pictures look even better than they are in real life. Still, upfront 6 is like an actual color right accurate enough to whatever it is you’re capturing, so let me go ahead and show you guys what you like to see something like a 2 to benchmark a lot of people you know.

I love to see these tests, so I’m just going to put it out and then. This has already been tested by when it says that again and I would check this one for the first time. So we can watch the progress between the two devices which one is, you know. Moving faster right now, it looks like the familiar C. X. is already way ahead, and the phantom six is.

Here we have the attitude benchmark results from both of these devices we can see from the effects that the, C. X. did fare better than the Phantom 6. And you know the android nougat or leads leads leads our chipsets on the fountain the pharmacy experiment has a role to play in this.

I’m not sure why the results vary, and you know you know the. Abortions, but I feel like you know. You can decide which you like to get, so the process of giving rise the phantom 6 did out due to a C. X.

But the camera wises the six-well, and you know you can get to decide to look deep well. Put up his devices maybe look slightly similar although this has a 2.52 glass and is has it to a regular class and then on the back you have the antenna bands you have the fingerprint sensor that looks good and.

On both of these devices, this also has a USB type C., and this has a regular USB type 2, but if you want to get one of these devices ditch dispatcher, the costs around 70000 and these costs around 90000 so if you like this article.

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Oppo Reno 3 Pro Unboxing

Hey, guys, this is my local radio three pro review. This article was scheduled to drop on the official launch day, but believe it or not, I’m 1 of the first people to get my hands on it. I have been using it for about a month now first off let’s get through the on-box and real quick when you open the box you have an envelope that houses the same injection to a user guide you can see all the 4 G. LTE bands that he supports here including glow 4928 a class C. P. U. case.

We’ll try this on in a bit we have the device wrapped in plastic this is the, or a blue color let’s see how well that case heats. Gets a lot of reserves it’s your all Khan as look at that slammed by certified get it dirty what’s fast charger a USB type C. cable and a pair of earphones there’s a film screen protector on here do you probably should take it out and use a glass one instead on the front you have a 6.4 inch full HD plus.

I’m led display with a 20 by nine aspect ratio. It’s got a 12.hold that houses a 44-megapixel camera and a 2-megapixel depth sensor on the back. You have a quad camera setup is 64-megapixel primary shooter at 13-megapixel telephoto lens 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens and a 2-megapixel depth stencil on the left.

You have you avoid Moroka swallows seem tree that holds two sim cards and an SD card on the right. You have to pop button.I’m Diggin the little green accents here on the top. You have your microphone on the have the speaker a USB type C. port a second microphone and headphone Jack let’s take a look at the design.

It’s a glossy and premium looking phone incredibly light sweet at first glance it seems like a classic glass and plastic sandwich. Still, the back is plastic too he gets a gorilla glass five protection it is pretty slim graceful one hand typing very bright outdoors the pill ships caught out doesn’t get in the way too much while watching the article.

There’s a camera bump on the back, and it does disappear into the case the compact camera Leo. It makes it look very 2020. It beats more high end down to find a lot rental 3, which also tried my hands on both amassed fingerprint magnets; this also that people call Todd versus to drop much upfront. They both have similarities in terms of dimensions and general feel but terms of aesthetics.

I think rental three pros haven’t applied here, but do let me know which you prefer. I don’t three advantages come with an under-display fingerprint sensor while the mechanism doesn’t do well with locking and unlocking in quick succession. It is pretty. Fast the phone has to shape to review the fingerprint icon on the lock screen I shake, I mean, and I pick up your phone first. This also faces unlock, not security. It keeps all the animation you can set it to local rights to your home screen on the software side operetta three cruise ships with android ten and call or S. Version 7 slapped on top of it same as the runner 3.

I’ve gotten used to calling us in the last couple of weeks. I will see that it’s a bit of 11 calls you get some bloatware both no annoying ads apple does some pretty impressive features let’s start with that elusive smock bar which you have to drive out by swiping left on it you will get. The hang of it here you have quick tools and shop close to you ops maximum of 20 you can, of course, move things around to exactly where you want them this also a sentence to change the transparency of the actual bar.

I didn’t see it as is it is it’s all forms so not having to reach to the top to screen record may come in handy speaking of screen records does a setting that lets you use your front camera while recording your screen maybe for giving contents I don’t know moving on you get swipe gestures on here.

I’ve never been a fan of this me Google virtual buttons kind of guy in the display settings you get dark mode which pretty much tons everything dark interface notification drawer. Instagram and even YouTube intuitively turn dark; this is something that many people use by default on amyloid phones with the idea that they’re saving battery life. I’m probably one of those people. It is also easy on the eyes at night. There’s something called S. the I.

The vision that makes everything slightly crispier I also leave this on by default. Why don’t you get game space to boost give performances op clone a feature lets you sign into to Facebook and Instagram accounts, maybe one for work on one? For personal use that way. You avoid slip-ups and stuff guestrooms and about its fonts to choose from for those who love to switch things up now and then to speak of you can customize icon style and.

Change your home screen mode if you fancy it after a while. You prefer everything on the home screen always-on display on deck lots to choose from digital-analog all that’s not you can schedule. What time you want the always-on display to show you the time because even if it’s a super ammolite display, it will tell on your battery life.

I got the 200 56 gig storage fairgrounds with eight gigs of ram, and you get about 200 51 kicks about being able to store about performance. This uses the head UP 95 octa-core CPU clocked at 2.2 gigahertz. Something about this cheap maybe underrated before I even got the chance to try it out.

I was positively surprised by the speed of this guy open multiple apps with allied slowdowns. Anything that would suggest that it wasn’t the flagship chipset in terms of speed feels faster than the snapdragon 730 G. C. P. U. and because that’s. What you get on the media said G. 90 T. I also didn’t get heated issues while running everyday ops a performance-based as far as me doing go here’s how the speaker come past side by side the Opel Renault 3.

When it comes to gaming, as usual, I think pop G. on default settings, which is enormous to graphics and high frame rates, you can’t get as high as he G. R. graphics.

But it ran pretty smoothly no lights offering drops no excessive heat in while gaming for long periods battery wise. You get 4000 that’s 15 media PA battery on dislike tweets after a whole day of using mostly social media apps and a lot of gaming on wifi. I got over 10:00 hours of screen on time, was 7 percent left to spare great battery life for heavy users like me always ends up being more than. Sufficient for the average user.who probably pushed through a day point 5, I was totally and utterly blown away by the child and speed it took me 53 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 percent get this. It took 22 minutes to load from 0 to 55 percent less than the time it takes the average person to get ready for work class.

You have to experience folk charging technology. You owe yourself this much about the camera; it’s pretty feature-rich get nights mode time-lapse and slow-mo I compared the camera to vanilla rental three. How does he get? High-quality self fees almost look exactly alike. Still, I think the rental three pro 0 exposure levels seems a bit better with portrait mode. You get the sense face mapping on both. I see some beauty softening going on on the rental three pro shops. Now the permit cameras not only theory megapixel counts, but image processing you get an excellent dynamic range of both and using a telephoto lens for a full time soon.

You see a lot of details and the shot rental 3 being slightly warmer, of course, sim combat set foot ultra-wide-angle lens using the primary camera on human subjects we see similar results. Still, you can see that the rental three somehow Honda’s exposure levels better with portrait mode, both my pop the issue pretty well. Again, the rental three topics appear way over process requires a software update to fix this one. There are some instances where the rental three outside the rental three pros indoors book look pretty decent.

As with all smartphones lighter because better quality so bad outs in mind the rental three pros give you better skin tone was unsure what to live callers that. The rental three portrait mode we into lights and isn’t high on both the bought record videos in 4 K., but this is a 1080 P. recording of both we E.

I asked on. So this is the back camera of the rental three and rental three pro shooting in 4 key do let me know what you think about it what do you video quality of both of these devices in the comments. The operator three pros have a lot of hype to live up to coming from the parental two series I preferred this design but even. Is arguable in a few ways.

It’s up upgraded, for instance, the camera and battery charging speed up that’s a. Still, in other ways, the rental too far outside this guy like. The build quality and, of course, a G. come compatible CPU J. come into CS will probably be better off with a location to move it from the snapdragon two immediate set cheap is a bold move, especially for this price brackets however all. The power users working-class business-savvy users who could care less about G. Kam have to know that this phone is a near flagship-class performer and is worth considering as for the price, then there has been fluctuating throughout my use. Still, the dollar equivalent is about 550 US dollars.

I’ll be clued in the launch price in my pin comments. It’s available in all the major retail stores nationwide. If you have any questions or love to see a game review do let me know in the comments, I hope you enjoyed this article. Suppose you did give it a thumbs up and share it.


Infinix S2 Pro X522 Vs TECNO Camon CX Specs, Speed Test

Infinix S2 Pro X522 Vs TECNO Camon CX Specs, Speed Test

It does is needed from you could to calm. Today I’m going to show you guys the speed test between the infinix S. 2 pro under a familiar C. X. so first off, I’m going to look at dance. It’s a benchmark score between devices the infinix S. 2 pro is on my left, and the technical C. exes on my rights, and I’m a six seed has a high end to do benchmarks scoreboards in real-life tests. We need to put that into the test and see what apps.

You know how quickly the open which one opens faster between the familiar C. X. and the Phoenix as to which is quick. Okay, everything I have here. And here. S. C.. Let’s open up some games shall we because I know what I mean as much as I would like to see everyone wants to see.

Like messaging and phone book and some of the default apps that come with the phone, the real test is the graphics, and that’s why I’m just going to skip to the graphics and keep this article short, okay, so temperatures. So right out the box and excessive pros faster only by so many seconds and. You know.

That is going to. And the next one. Let’s open the subway surf. So in service of the familiar C. X. D. X. delete, now it’s 11. I guess this is a free flow of the company. Okay. So I’m good at these devices running on android. I am running on underage. 7.0. So. G. is running on android 7.0.

The friend’s user interfaces. The same original point 0. Some. So let’s go ahead and try. Jet black joy right, okay. This is tricky now. I’m just going to move Gibraltar right here. And it’s.

Because I have to do this with one hand, okay and. S., so the infinix S. approach seems to be taking the lead here. That’s one of the ones. Let’s go ahead. Open. Asphalt 8 now, this is where you know. This is a happy game. This is graphics-intensive games.

You know, put up, these devices are quite capable of running absolutely because I’ve played books tweet the asphalt you don’t put on these devices. I’m just going to look them up and see which one is faster than some of this here to make it easier for me to reach India so.

I need to re-run these tests. So let’s go ahead and check out the round management devices. So yeah. So you can see here that the infinix S. 2 is using up more on down the road a couple 62 GB.

Because it’s would you be around on the infant’s as to pro 3 GB ram although the infinix S. 2 hasn’t switched around, so that’s something to take note of the. Ramanuja went on both of these devices at different. It’s been around.

So they fixed SO is taken the lead when it comes to the hospital. I set it thanks again I took it up with what is the price that. Well, just maybe a second faster. Well. The final test against ours. So I lost the score. I think it’s 31 or something like that out should leave a comment below if you have. This.

Review that you would like me to do so. So sad. So this is not running that requires the internet to work, so I’m just going to head back get my internet. I’m right back okay, so now we’re back after gotten the wifi. It’s close by, so the entire network is pretty average, I guess, but the average is not so bad right, so I’m just going to close this game.

Here and close this game. Here so let’s look at that Ramanujan’s again. So you can see the infinix S. is 2.2 GB on the, C. X. is Okay so. That’s. Keep going. This week will belong because I think that right now because I have my fi here.

I would have to do like a browser test because when I was right, let’s go to this game and finish up this game. It’s set up the wifi already. So let’s see which one comes out tops. Sh. Well, so far, I can call this a droll.

What is the new update for us? Let’s go ahead and see some of the apps that we opened up and see if they would continue from where we stopped because this is part of the ram management and how well he utilizes the romp that’s available. However, the S. 2 pro is a 3 GB on the standard 62 GB, so this might not be fair on the standard C. export I’m going to put both of them to test okay.

So said since. So the compass yes refreshes the sentence. That’s already like not a very good start for the concierge because we still have like games to C. K. So yeah. The difference in the 2 G.. Transaction effective. I think the infinix S. 2 pro because. The games. There’s no point, but I’m just going to go to jetpack joyride and see.

I feel like it’s. The whole family, yes. All. Big games or graphic intensive games when you play them when you’re done playing the games that are you obstinate close other apps don’t close okay, so that’s it for the.

This comparison between the comet C. X. and the infinix S. 2 I would probably make another video comparison between the infinix S. 2 and some other device so you guys should like and comments if you love this article. I’ll see you guys all right, guys, right.


Infinix Note 4 Unboxing and First Impressions

Look at the comments that they were going to be a box in the infinix note four. Note the infinix sign 4 is the next generation after that you can accept 3, which was the third generation of infinix note series infinix launched a. For full crow and unique feature that we knew to be the difference between these devices, expect something outrageous, and I’m not a big deal about the infinix note four pros, and this should be interesting.

Because I’m looking for it shows you guys some of the expense features, this unit is not in a call with a loss, but what we do this well, let’s see what’s inside. The box okay going to take a look at the clock before a box this baby let’s see some of the features we have here are the 5.7 inches full HD display and octa-core processor a 2-megapixel plastic megapixel doesn’t.

It doesn’t make a pixel is at the back and 8 megapixels on the front come to the fingerprints. Our fingerprints sensor optical fiberglass the infinix note 4 has the 300004000 battery, which is about 5 percent less than the infinix note trees battery of 4500 milliamps but this screen. However is also a 5.7-inch screen compared to the six months Aaron screen of the infinix note 3, so that’s something to take into consideration.

I feel like the bachelor would be a lot better definitely because of the chipset this unit she was at the 2 gigabytes of ram and 16 gigabytes of storage so comes with X. O. S. if it makes you angry and has a fast charge called X. cost, so we’re going to be happy. We have this one in ice you. Let’s see. What’s inside the box? Yeah, I have my keys here spots on the table. It’s. Yeah. That’s that’s fine. So.

It would help if you looked for this instruction to seize the ship you. I mean, I supposed and. It should come up okay so. Infinix note. For. This is good advice. So let’s see what else you happen to pock. Now there’s another instruction in the box that I didn’t understand, and then we have to do is to make your work easier, which makes this box. And. There we have the rest of the staff throughout the fall at one side.

And the rest of the stuff. On the other side. So. The screen protector it’s not a glass protector reading the script, which I. Click here. This is I’m out outside I don’t want anything to fly away so. Has the rubber case. Second C. or uppercase. The booklets here. Instructions on how to use your infinix device. Charger. The quick charger.

The ship our beautified no time, which is pretty good. W. as. The regular USB USB 2.oh. And you have had yeah. So let’s go ahead on the infinix. Four, it’s beautiful. It is seeking here. Yeah. That’s fine. So there you have it the infinix. Note for. Well, this feels nice, and it hasn’t curbed.

Yes, the house like curved edges kind of like a curved display, but this is the correct answer is a very thin screen protector on the black to protect you from scratching sound. You may not notice it, but it’s there. Okay, so let’s quickly go through some of the specs of the device while I. So on the back, you have the 13-megapixel camera and.

The flash to all-flash and. A nice cold Bach infinix Brandon. Okay. So on the front, you have the 8-megapixel camera with flash. And you have the fingerprint reader on the home button this is the first if a new slice sports a home button at this home button doubles up as a fingerprint reader.

Which is excites echo, which uses this for everyday use stage art should be fun it has capacitive buttons here are for black, and Asian switcher is on the left side is there. I should pry open see what’s inside. So it has a removable.

So this is a removable black, but the battery is nonremovable, okay. R. yeah 4300 M. battery. You have the micro SD slot on the left here, and you have to do a sim slot on the right-hand side you have the power button and volume rocker keys on the top you have the 3.5-millimeter headphone Jack.

On the bottom, you have the charging port, and the speaker grilles or one should before I step 6 on the other one for. 2 speakers are. I’m not sure which one. So the infinix note 4 feels like a blend of classic and aluminum but I’m not sure if this is on the minimum, I’m just going to assume that it is.

But the back is plastic, and it’s a curvy back for the price of this device I believe in the link down below in the description box, so that’s it guys I hope you like the article.

I can bring you guys the infinix note four pro and show you guys what he’s capable of I’ll be so excited to do this for you, but I need to subscribe to my channel down below and the same comments there is the positive response you okay so there we have it the infinix note 4.


Best and Cheapest iPhone X Cases

Hey guys, it’s no good comments today I’m going to show you guys some of the best pieces that I found on to give us a call. One of these cases is on a lot of problems. They are generic the R. T. P. U. Casey’s they are affordable. Most of them are not called stand up of regional cases like this is the final call.

You can please there is a species that looks like this, but there are individual differences, so it this one is cheaper, so let’s talk about the first case that I’d gone on this first piece that I’m going to go on. Or maybe 2000 or 2100 is the absolute worst case to get you to know if you want to show off your phone it’s going to take about 10: A. B. or C., 1015 days to arrive.

In a white Ford is going to be even. Now let’s take a look at it. This case. It’s gone I’ll see that he didn’t there wasn’t any false advertising that was known about the structure of telling you that it wasn’t. Right 30 right now. It’s raised here this race on the front for protection. For the past. It should be built for protection.

He does. So when you’re using your phone, you feel like your phone is protected a bit on—he why he’s not going to quit after 10. Or 15 I’ve had this for three weeks now. I can see that it has. Texas and. Tamera bomb has bumps on the side so that when you put it down. It doesn’t affect you.

They also have so many fronts but have a screen protector. And this group protections in the to be released. See that it doesn’t look so reduced, but without the screen protector, you can see that. This is probably the worst-case to get because he just expires and turns yellow.

Yes, so I did some fact-finding to look for a better case for this one. To show off the back of the phone as well protect my phone so I found this case. Another call yeah, so this is another call for. Begin entre high grades, I think.

Yeah, it’s a simple case. He has the same markers that the technician has the same tags that speak he has. Russia and stuff this is hard; this is not. J. O., this is hard. And. Yeah, it looks dirty option let’s go ahead with the phone C.. Get the protection that more protection. So yeah, this feels more reassuring than this one. It feels a lot more comforting than this one. He doesn’t.

You may not see it, but it’s breached, so let’s see if you can see it. Set to restart all corners. Right ever since, like. C. O. So yeah, on the box, it’s beautiful because this part of the box doesn’t get scratched because this poppy seed to be.

I can see that this part is in the to be elevated which stops this part from scratching which means that this part is not only not going to 20 under but it’s going to stay the same is going to keep clean and scratch-free for a long, long time this part I’m not so sure you could scratch because that’s the whole point. You can see the camera is completely protected. The commercialism is scratching on the floor.

On the table, whatever the case may be. The card out. Angry. So your switches. Few minutes which is easy to reach here on this one, the card sounds precise. The charging ports are specific as well. The buses the volume buttons that tactile. Easy to press the.

I can see this one. Easy to press as well. What else can I see the contacts on the bottom all right kind of? This one gives a lot of protection because of the distance between. The charger is just what I’m sure the charter every charter conference this last case is. Is the one that has the.

The most protection act you want to. A couple of reviews about this case and everybody kept saying that it’s the best case for you to know the advice and everything. So we’re just going to put the phone. The key. Institutional. Right now, they’re not going to see that this is by far the creepiest house Westfield.

Because the iPhone X. is so small, I feel like this gives you the absolute best that I kind of like it kind of feels like. So why does my iPhone 6 plus, which I was using before this one? I like that feeling about just gets better.

You can phone for this. This one is pretty big too. This will just be the. The customer but not like. Is looking like this other one. So this is a case its CPU plus. I guess the two materials there aren’t, for I’m going to assume that this is full.

What’s the word I’m looking for you guys help me. It’s a full design. 1.she’s just passed. Like. Since you. Cameras. Here which is quite impressive, I’ve never you can’t so much for calling us should apple Google for people who care you have an option to show you. Yeah. This is a slight bump on the site.
Best wishes. This is a small bump here all the edges for maximum protection.

It is three is the most recent out of all the cases. As the most recently T. as we’ll see, we’ll point it has the latest beauty and. He is better; this is the best way possible. So so so satisfying give enough feedback creek. This has the best. The. You’d switch it’ll be hard to reach, but you can change if you get in there. Well, that is the only.

Call on this case, the news, which is the hardest to reach all 3 cases but overall. I would say that if you enter a deep. And. Reach. So yeah, it’s hard is it to be hard to achieve my missing. Someone is trusting what mention in despatches speaker now with the front of the phone. Not on the back and the speaker as. To. Derek in the sound from the bottom. The front of the device.

That’s something that mentions. It’s great. This is my best; this is probably the case that I was using. Because I just like the design is excellent, it’s a full case he’s not original material. But.

It’s a great great great. Looks good, and it seems like the real deal doesn’t quite a cheap fake case. I think I like this one because it has this full screws. Everything is this is a real scream. It has this.

And if you don’t want to get a. And whatever. You can probably do that if you find a whole lot more for these cases because. And everything like that so. I would like to advise perhaps that you get the best.

But I believe in the link in the description of all of these cases, all 3 of them do let me know which one you prefer in the comments section.


TECNO F2 Unboxing And Review

Hey, guys are looking for new kind of calm, and this is the techno at to review Tecno unveiled five smartphones recently at the F. 2 is one of the low-end ones before we begin kindly hit the red button down below to comment and hit that bell.

I concede be notified when the next article drops on the books you have some of the specs, and I’ll be scrolling the rest on the screen if you want to go through it when we open the box we agreed to with the phone popped in a plastic wrap.

On the needs that you have a film screen protector and a case. You also get the warranty card specification model at 2000 medium battery here phones a 1 amp charger and micro USB cable on the front of the device you have a 5 inch it’s 54 by 480 P. display above the display.

You have a 2-megapixel camera with flash on the front-firing speaker also has three non-Backes compasses two buttons down below on the back you have a 5-megapixel camera with dual flash on the left you have nothing on the right you have a volume rocker and power key on the top.

You have a 3.5-millimeter headphone Jack on the bottom you have your microphone and micro USB port when you proud the box using the leap. At the bottom, you’ll see three individual slots for one micro seem one regular season and an SD card F. 2 is very light in the hand you can also reach all corners with one hand and said no kept it simple with a design.

However, it comes in other colors, which I’m sure many would appreciate the display isn’t going to win any awards. The screen is very responsive for typing out messages the techno FOR 1 gigabyte of ram and 8 gigabytes of storage. You only get 3.5 gigabytes to use.

So this wants to use it with a nasty card. This is a low-end phone, so guys don’t expect me to reach performance on this guy. It’s running on a lie teach iOS can on top of Android 7.0 Nougat, which allows.

You have some customization like H. I. themes and power my stuff optimizing efficiency. The processor is a 1.3 gigahertz quad-core processor MC 6580, the same one running on the Tecno spark K. 7, however. The GPU is in Mali 400, which is not as powerful as the Mali T. 720 on the K. 77 F. 2 is okay for Facebook Twitter Instagram and other forms of social media but gaming.

It’s limited, for instance, and the PUBG did it play on this guy. I’ll be doing a 5-minute gaming experience at the end of this video to show you how it handles them now. Let’s move on to the camera modes of pretty BC. Can you still get the beauty mode and panorama mode? These are some of the photos and videos were taken on F. 2?

Do you guys think? The 2000 battery gets you about 4:00 hours of screen on time, which would only take you through 3 quarters a good deal of medium usage, and if you’re gaming, you run out even faster, so keep it, light guys.

If you’re out and about we’ll make you pop out with you or charge thanks to 3 C. hub for sending me this review unit the price of the Tecno F. 2 is 21600 narrow translates to 60 U. S. D., and you can pick one up at any 3 C. hub retail stores nationwide you also get 40 percent off-screen replacement cost.

If the screen is damaged within 18 months, if you enjoyed this article, kindly leave a thumbs up and share it if you wish to see more items of similar prices from different phone brands. hlet me know which one you like me to review in the comments section I’ll be replying everyone as promised here’s my gaming experience footage. This faster. Once they saw. This Fire. Thanks for watching and see you in the next piece.


Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Gaming Performance Review

Hey guys, this is my gaming performance test of the show me pickle for F. one. So in the book of the phone, you have the default graphics settings set to H. D., but you can also select H. D. R. but not all for H. D. not yet 20 devices, I think, and on the frame rates, you can set it to high. And ultra, but I’m just going to use the default settings here and.

Get back into the game, okay. So at the end of this article, I’m going to be showing you guys my answer to benchmark test results and my deep bench. Result in it’s a pretty impressive spoiler, but yeah you guys need to see that does get to the end what’s the rest of the article evidence to try and call to this article to all the relevant parts.

Where I mean don’t get me killed 4 I am shooting somebody so yeah it is going to have like more adults than the last one. So you can see all those shadows everywhere. It’s like every week more realistic than it was on the last one that I reviewed. So.

The brightness settings the highest, so yes, the book a form just in case you guys were wondering. Why should the back of the phone see in all of its plastic glory? So yeah.

Yeah, let’s talk about screen bleed for a second so. It was one of the first things I noticed because a lot of we talked about it before it’s about having screen these problems and stuff, so on this, you need that I have here and experiencing this screen bleeding and.

I am trying to get used to it because Icon, so basically to scream, bleeding starts on this page to see how the light gets at this end. They’re about to function. I’m currently outdoors so, but if you guys can see it, it’s like a light thing.

And here you don’t have any of that. But here you have to rely on. Is that the sacrifices you make when you get a 300. Dollar phone or 118000 our phone for this one that I go it’s 122 gigabytes. I put it on, Jimmy.

I wouldn’t set the link in the description so if anybody wants that you can buy from there so to give an experience so far has been pretty smooth I haven’t had any issues with pop G. play pop G. crashes no lag out lots of the light so if you guys can go to someone like you guys let me know. Still, so far, I haven’t noticed any light on this phone. Everything has been running smoothly.

You know it’s just been a breeze. So 1 of the selling point of this 1 is the snapdragon 8 foot 5 CPU and Adreno 630 C. GPU which is supposed to be very very good for gaming and if you’re buying this phone and you don’t plan to game then you probably are not taken full advantage of your money so.

This is the best, maybe yeah, the best sub $300 gaming device. The trade-off is that the camera is. The camera is not perhaps as impressive as the chipset obviously and. The plastic view this not plastic but still is plastic, and it’s kind of what you would expect from the cheaper device. Yes, so let’s go and play another game. US 49. So that’s what mine is smooth right now.

And I didn’t notice any lag but apparently. Crashed ones, I don’t know what happened. Yeah, I just took a screenshot of that is kind of like an M. I bought. On me, white dog. Let’s go to the antutu benchmark test results first and see what we have here it’s a pretty impressive 280 1000 900 53 imposing 4 $300 device or 118000 R. 4128 gigabytes.

Which I bought you can check on G. mail for the prices that the honor because they keep fluctuating, so let’s check the bench. This is also pretty impressive. You can make some comparison with all the devices of compared on my channel none have come close to any of these scores before and barely get up to half of the ratings. This one is not up to twice the amount of the prices that I.

You know that I’ve got them so overall I think that this is a perfect gaming device I enjoyed giving on this phone and I believe that if you want to game you should get a pickle phone and thanks for watching and do give this article.

Samart Phones

Energizer Power Max P490S Smartphone Unboxing

Hey, guys, this is my box in a quick review of the energizer power Max P. for 90 S. I’ll be given this one away because thanks to you guys, he 25 K. subs this week more details on. How to win at the end of this article, the packaging is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It is metal and shaped like a toolbox completes with a handle.

You have a ton of information about specifications on the body when you open it up you agree to the device let’s put that to decide you have a tempered glass screen protector so velvety wrong here. Lovely to the touch, you have a user Manuel in several languages the massive 4000 about battery a class silicon gel case pretty thick and adds a lot of bulk feels like a standard.

I’m a case for construction workers. You have a charger with detachable power plugs depending on what country. You’re in. You can easily switch between the two pain ended three-pin plug. It has 5 volts 1 amp have a micro USB cable and a pair of earphones pretty general so far.

If I do say so myself on the front of the device, you have a 5-inch display with 480 by 960 resolution. Which is 18 by nine aspect ratio on top of that have a five-plus 0.3-megapixel dual camera with flash and a speaker on the have an eight-plus 0.3-megapixel dual camera with flash a fingerprint sensor and some Brandon.

You also get the speaker on the back and freedom and made entirely from plastic. It is textured on the back for better grip when you proud to back you see 24 G. LTE ready now the same slots and a nasty card slots on the right you have your power button and volume rocker keys on the left you have nothing on the bottom.

You have a microphone on the top you have a 3.5. Millimeter headphone Jack and micro USB port sets in this up was a breeze display looking super duper bright outdoors. However, viewing angles average the P for 90 S. ships with near-stock android 8.1 oreo, and there are no proof way sites in display settings.

There’s no adaptive brightness or reading more all funds to choose from. You get to gigabytes of ram and 11 gigabytes available to use out of that 16 gigabytes of storage. It ships with media tech 67 to 8 to 9 cheap clocked at 1.3 gigahertz and power V. R. G. E. T. 100 G. P. U.

The fingerprint security was easy to set up and do not the fastest it is more accurate than the average phone in its price range without the battery. Inserted the power Max P. for 90 S. is light as a feather and with the battery, and it’s still relatively light.

It is a pretty compact phone, so no surprises there. He has a size comparison with the iPhone 5 S., which is shorter than the iPhone 10, which is slightly wider and does what we know for 3 I., which is altogether more significant. You can quickly type on the one hand on the beautiful sky. It can take up all your social media needs as long as you keep your usage lights to medium. I think pop G. on this phone.

I didn’t experience any extreme heating issues. I’ll be including a summary of my land the gameplay at the end of this video. The camera interface you have video and photo mode you also get HDR and portrait mode for the front and back camera the video does recording in 1080 P. I have T. I. S. Thanh on Indy’s footage.

About battery life, I got over 8:00 hours of screen on time. I had to change display settings permanently on and leave the temple run for 8:00 hours to drain his guy. The battery life is super, and she keeps you going for two days plus on light to medium usage here’s.

My final thought the Pomerantz P. for 90 S. is a brilliant attempt at that entry-level phone with great specs for its price these days most brands target the mass market. They overlook anything from 5-inch displays, and below the P. for 90 S. would also make for an excellent secondary phone if you find yourself in need of one.

You already have a 6 inch plus display smartphone. The P. for 90 S. is priced at 129 US dollars, which converts to 4 to 6000 naira. You can also win this review unit by faces and that being linked in the description box and following the instructions.

I hope you enjoy this article. If you made it to the end, give it a thumbs up and share it you can come and go with me on Twitter or Instagram and see you in the next one piece.

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Oukitel C12 Pro PUBG

Hey guys, this is the game review of the contested 12 parole you can see here that the notch doesn’t block any parts of the game, except for the edge where it’s called, so you have like the groove wholly covered here. That’s what it around can also see the same thing. So it is good to try not to block the speaker back. Yes, we can hear everything.

These are the graphics that say that we currently have you have average frame rates and smooth graphics settings. Remember that this is a 480 P. device. Cool. Let me go out to Eddie’s actions. At the end of this video to show you guys my battery reading and and and you can binge scores. S

o one thing I noticed is that the details the 12 pros. Runs better than in the DG 83, I don’t know if it’s because of the 40 piece green. But it does run better. It’s a better-given device outside a general that is not a given device at all.

But in terms of how some of the bronze even, if it’s choppy, it’s not as rough as the committee G. and I played this on the last sentence possible, and it was utterly Smoove only for the fact that you have a life sentence.

You have said and done not so great, but it is more playboy if there’s a word like that down the 2 G. 83 it is even less choppy than death from the G. 1 that was quite disappointing because I expected better from hello P. 23 on any phone.

I have pleaded on iPhone X techno, and it was smooth, but on the many G. 1, it wasn’t somewhat as you guys so that I might give it a few.

I guess the media G. has a lot to do in terms of customization, even though this one is how to recommend it because of the 480 P. you still get. Very smooth with ours. The battery on this guy I can’t wait to show you the battery and gets in on that because C. 12 pro which is 33000000 this is 300000000 battery if you’re getting like.

Let me say that I was impressed, and I wasn’t expecting that. I’m just going to where the action is because this game has gone on for too long. Does it turn out?

I won that game, and, incredibly, it did, but now let me show you guys down to the benchmark tests on let’s check on how hot the batteries get in and see the battery is pretty hot.

But I can barely feel like even around the camera it’s warm but just as warm as the rest of the body nothing extreme around the camera anything like that that is the score.

That I’m getting on WTOC 12 pro, this is the battery that I am getting on this guy, so we have about 7:00 hours of screen on time the standby life is amazing guys like.

It’s not as exaggerated as this, but it is fantastic, so this is our down of some of the apps we use for letting go and looking at the beacon score of this guy. So I hope you guys enjoyed this article.

Samart Phones

Nokia X5 (Nokia 5.1 Plus) Gaming Review

Hey guys, this is the game a review of the Nokia plus this is the Nokia X. 5 the Chinese variants, and I’ll be playing pro evolution soccer 2019 and after I’m done with.

I’m going to show you down to the benchmarks, and I would be playing pop G. as well in this article, so I’m just going to keep everything short, so you can see all that we have going on here. So yeah, this is the default settings. So.

This is my second time playing this game, so you guys should be in mind that I am so not good. The first was on one knee on the mother is in the books.

Now I’m playing and recording at the same time, and that’s just a different ball game entirely you guys a little, you know, and with my party, I hope to make up for that I want to switch over to the—the volume.

The motivation is that there are no looks into like maybe there’s a little bit of logic if you guys could see a little bit it’s closer. It is a need to be able to live here. But it’s not very noticeable 30.

Surely it is excellent, so please, for the when you lose connection seems like blacks though that someone has to make sure you have the I. so that there’s a little bit of light just the right amount.

But like I said nothing serious or anything like that. You guys should go easy on the comments because this game please so horrible. This isn’t very pleasant. I notice some stuttering.

I think that I’ve read an awful pass 19 moving over its apology all right, so first off, let’s see some enters a benchmark score. And while attitudes I’m going to show you the temperature of after about 4 minutes of the game please Sir can see that the heat. C. O. score here.

I should have that score in the comparison is taking advantage. I just started working after. Update that was pushed to it so. Initially. So that we have the bench score. Right.

So let me go ahead and play Papa Gino, and now we have our problems she currently on there. Let’s check the settings we have and want to go ahead and put it on the highest systems message we are. S. H. E. we’re going to play this on the Monsanto forcible. All right. Let’s do this.

This is so smart that I allowed me to junk with somebody else who put us in a place where we kind of get an account even get any gone from here, so it says that I have to run to the nearest location to find me some guns.

So so far most of she knows anything like that—finally guns. So there we have it. I won the game with for my teammates did a life of 3 of my teammates still alive and. That’s amazing, but I’m not the M. V. P. though I only killed four people. Okay so.

This is the temperature. Right after the G.. So you can see the party took it to 42 degrees I hope you guys enjoyed this article.

If you did give it a thumbs up and share it, also follow me on Twitter Instagram to see what I’m up to the technician support let me know what devices you’re likely to compare the Nokia 5 phone one plus with and I’ll see you in the next one, please.