Apple’s Strategy To Win Android Users

Apple and Google have been competing since Android was first announced.

But over the last year or so, it really feels like Apple has been turning the heat up on this competition in what seems to be a concentrated effort on stealing Android users away from Google and given the state of the industry.

This makes perfect sense. Most people already have a smartphone and they’re upgrading those smartphones less often.

So for a company like Apple, who obviously doesn’t want to continue to see a dip in their sales figures, the gigantic market share that Android has over Iowas presents itself as a huge opportunity.

And the moves that Apple has been making to win Android users over it has never been more obvious than in I was 14, where they’re now only doubling down on the relative strengths of Privacy and Long-Term Supports.

But they introduced a number of new features that were pretty much copying pace straight from Android.

This has led to plenty of social media posts where Android fans are talking about how Android has had these features for years.

But I think for Apple, that’s exactly the point.

On the one hand, to giving every Android user one last reason not to switch to the iPhone, while on the other hand, even though Android users are technically making fun of the iPhone, they’re simultaneously providing free advertising for the fact that some of their favorite Android features are making their way to the iPhone.

But all of this didn’t actually start with. I was 14. I think the first big move the apple made, at least for me, was when I was thirteen point one, when Apple finally brought real automation to the iPhone.

Be a series shortcuts. Now, before this updates, automation on the iPhone was super limited and it was just way better on Android. It was the main reason why I typically preferred Android phones over iPhones.

But in Iowa, thirteen point one Apple, arguably even the playing field.

Of course, maybe that only matters to a small percentage of Android users like me with I was 14, though. Apple is going after the mainstream users.

Whenever you hear someone talk about Android and why they like it, at some point or another, you’re going to hear the word customization and why Android is still miles ahead in this area. I was 14.

Does significantly narrow the gap by simply giving users the ability to add, which is right on their home screens.

And by finally having a juncture for all those apps that don’t need prominent placements, both things, by the way, that Android has had since day one. I was 14, finally offers more control over the homescreen.

And I think it removes a major pinpoint that many Android users had when considering making the switch. But Apple didn’t just stop at automation and customization. Another area where Android has always had the advantage over Iowas is in multitasking.

And again, while Android is still has the edge in this area I was 14 has significantly narrowed the gap with picture in picture.

Finally, letting iPhone users do things like watching article while taking notes or being on a video call while watching article.

Add to that the ability to now said defaults, apps for email and browser, and all the sudden Android users that were on the fence about switching can be right at home on an iPhone. By setting G.M. and Chrome as their default apps and with new backed out feature, the iPhone even gets better.

Integration with Google assistance before using the Google assistant on iPhone was a high friction process.

You had a swipe out of the app that you’re in and find the assistant wherever it was on your home screen. But now you can set it where a simple double tap on the back.

The iPhone launches the Google assistant automatically just from the home screen.

But in any app, even from the lock screen, which I think is a pretty big deal, I mean, we’re talking about automation, customization, multitasking, default apps and the tighter integration with the Google assistant.

These were all features that pretty much two years ago were exclusive to Android.

But with I was 14, that’s no longer the case. Now, I’m not saying that Android is still isn’t ahead in all of these areas, but Apple has, again, definitely narrowed the gap.

And with them being more aggressive with pricing, with phones like the iPhone, Essy having the A13 bionic chip and with Apple supporting their phones with software updates for like five or six years compared to the two or three that you’re lucky to get with most Android phones.

Honestly, I don’t know if there’s ever been a time where it’s been easier for a lifetime Android user to make the switch. But what do you guys think?

Do you think these new features are going to get people to switch over to life on more, or do you think Android advantages are just way too strong for that to happen? Let me know. Downbelow and the comments.

Either way, though, I think ultimately this is good for you and me, the consumer, since I was getting better. And as a result, Andrew is going to get better to.

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