Comparison Between Dark Mode vs Light Mode

Lots of guys, And dark mode is pretty much everywhere. It was the highlight feature and I was 13.

Google brought it to Android with Android 10 and countless hours of engineering have been spent on bringing dark mode to third party apps.

And also, the obvious benefit of being easier on the eyes in a dark environment is dark mode is supposed to bring with its better battery life. I’ll use some phones with Olá displays like the ones I have here due to the way these screens work where black pixels are actually turned off instead of being backlit like on LCD displays.

So I decided to put her robots to work and figure out like just how much of a difference in battery life Doric mode actually brings.

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All right. So we’re running this specific battery tests on the iPhone tennis Max.

But again, the benefits of dark mode should apply similarly to any phone with an old display. Now, we’ve controlled for all the variables that we could just like we do in all of our tests. And of course, that includes equally calibrating the screen brightness to 200 nitz.

In fact, the only difference here is that on the left dark mode is enabled, whereas on the right it’s the same exact iPhone only with the normal or light mode enabled.

And after two hours of going back and forth with our automated chapatis, we already see a pretty big difference.

Dark mode helped the iPhone drop down to a healthy eighty eight compared to eighty three on the late mode enabled iPhone here and Twitter. It’s the same setup. Once again, we’re just on our Twitter profile at above and scrolling through it where after two hours of doing so on each phone, the difference gets even bigger.

The iPhone with DARG mode enabled dropped by only 16 percent down to 72, whereas the lay mode iPhone had a twenty six point drop all the way down to 57 percent.

So just four hours into this battery test and dark mode has the iPhone ahead by 14 percentage points here in YouTube, you can see that the dark mode that YouTube uses isn’t completely blacked out like in the previous tests. It’s more of a dark gray tone.

But Google themselves say that even dark colors like gray can reduce battery consumption.

Just so you can test dark mode, that’s exactly what we see.

The dark mode enabled iPhone dropped by twenty nine percent compared to the thirty seven point drop on the light mode enabled iPhone. So a twenty three percentage point advantage, just six hours of screen time in and here in maps.

We’re looking to add another two hours of screen time. But after just one hour and 33 minutes, the lay mode enabled iPhone died.

Now, unfortunately, we didn’t check the battery percentage on the dark MOAD iPhone.

Exactly. At this point, since the test was designed to run for two hours and I didn’t expect light mode one to die so quickly. But our calculations have that roughly 30 percent based on the fact that after another 27 minutes and maps, it was at a healthy 26 percent. So needless to say, that’s a huge difference.

Roughly 30 percent battery on the dark mode enabled iPhone at the point at which the light mode enabled iPhone died.

But before you go off and enable dark mode, I do want to point out that’s a we tested just apps that have dark mode enabled.

That’s all the apps or websites that you use on your phone will have dark mode. So don’t expect this extreme of results. And B, the screen brightness that we tested out was at 200 nets. And in our other tests at one, it’s which is closer to what you’d have indoors.

Two hours on Twitter saved only five percent with dark mode, whereas that same exact test at 300 nets or closer to what you’d have outdoors, Dirk Mode saved twelve percent.

But either way, it’s been proven dark road, at least if you have an old display, can save you some juice. That is it for me in this article.

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