Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Drop Test

The Galaxy No. Nine and iPhone 10 are both very expensive smartphones. And while they’re all glass designs do look nice and enable certain features like wireless charging.

It obviously makes them much more susceptible to completely shattering in the event of a drop.

Now, both Samsung and Apple have taken some steps in order to make these all glass phones a little bit more durable. Apple is using what they claim to be the strongest glass ever in a smartphone.

And Samsung has been using a new, stronger aluminum that supposedly helps reduce the total amount of shock that sent to the glass when it drops. So today we’re gonna be testing both of these phones. Side-By-Side to see which thousand. Our flagship is actually more durable. Let’s get right into it.

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Round number one backdrop in three, two, one. So after that backdrop, the good news is both phones still remain fully functional. But the bad news, at least for the No. Nine, is that the rear glass is completely shattered.

It looks like the No.9 took the bulk of the damage at the bottom left corner with the kind of spider webbing up all across the back.

The iPhone 10, on the other hand, did really, really well with its only damage being a tiny crack in the glass.

That’s kind of hard to see here on camera and a small scuff mark on that big old protruding camera lens that may have actually helped the iPhone break its fall.

Either way, it’s an easy win for the iPhone 10 in round number one.

Round number two, corner drop three to one. Neither phone took too much damage from that corner drop. However, the No.9 does suffer quite a few scuff marks on his blue aluminum frame, which, you know, while not significant, it definitely looks worse than the scratches on the iPhone 10 stainless steel giving the iPhone the slight edge here in round number two.

Round number three, face drop in and three to one.

After that bass drop, both bones have their screens cracked. The No.9 suffers the bulk of its damage at the bottom writes with some severe spider webbing up along the right edge.

While the iPhone tends, damage comes mainly to its top left corner with the rest of its screen remaining largely unaffected, giving it the win once again here in round number three bonus round, with both bones still remaining fully functional after our 10 point inspection.

We enter the bonus round where we’ll be dropping them up to 10 times from just under five feet to put the impact and shock resistance up each phone to the test.

Last time the iPhone Ten was only able to survive five drops before its home gesture completely failed to respond, deeming the phone pretty much unusable. Let’s see if the Galaxy No. Nine can do any better. Three, two, one.

All right. Drop number two. And three, two, one.Oh, baby. I definitely saw some more glass fly out of there.And the phone’s still working. This is crazy. That this phone still works.

And three to you know, like, I’m so convinced every time I check it out, when I turn this thing around, it’s not gonna be working. But it is. Three, two, one. What’s that even sound? The worst of all, the drop. So I’m pretty confident this thing’s gonna work.

Can I be wrong? I turned it off on accident. Nope. Still works. Look at that. Wow. Through the eyes and words. Out of the actually interesting test. Go home. That’s as. Fireworks display still fully functional. We can make a call. So it it passes from them before and press it.

So after conducting yet another ten point inspection, testing everything from the screen and the buttons to the speakers and sensors, everything remains fully functional, even that variable aperture.

Sure, the phone doesn’t look pretty at this point, and we’ll most definitely cut your finger if you attempt to use it.

But the fact that Samsung made the No.9 of this resistant to impact internally is very impressive. All right.

So with four rounds in the books, let’s take a look at the scorecard.

And the first round, the iPhone Tanah just crushed the No.9 coming away almost unscathed in the seconds. The stainless steel frame on the iPhone was able to outshine the no nines aluminum while in the third. Both phones cracked.

But the No. Ninth damage was worse. And finally, in the fourth round, the No.9 was able to turn things around with an impressive showing of impact and shock resistance. But in the end, it was the iPhone.

Those able to talion a higher overall score, making it the winner in this drop test.

If you guys want to see how the Galaxy, No.9 and the iPhone 10 rank compared to the other phones that we’ve tested.

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