Speed Test Between The Best Phone

What’s up, guys?Today we’ll be speed test between the best phone from Google and the Pixel three XO going up against the best phone from Apple in the iPhone 10 as Max taken a look at the spec sheets.

The iPhone is powered by the 812 bionic chip, coupled with four gigabytes of round while the pixel is rocking Qualcomm Snapdragon eight forty five.

And just like the iPhone, it also is packing four gigabytes of RAM, which, you know, I had to say is kind of surprising that Google went with four gigabytes instead of something like six, which most other Android phones have.

But at the same time, the pixel probably is running a leaner version of Android compared to those other flagships.

And it’s one of the few Android phones that’s actually running on Android nine point o.

So the question is, will the pixel software optimizations be enough to overcome its seemingly limited hardware? Or will the iPhone tell us Macs log yet another victory against its Android competition? Let’s find out.

All right. We’ll get things going by starting the stopwatches on each phone and then jump into the first row where the Pixel three is able to get the step over the iPhone, loading both Facebook and Starbucks at a faster rate as both owners move on to word each is loading the same exact 500 page documents with the iPhone being able to not only catch up to the pixel, but to pass it, moving onto Excel with a tennis match just blowing through.

It’s an already moving on to the second row. So an impressive start for the iPhone here in the first stop, but the pixel three still hasn’t fallen too far behind with it.

Joining the iPhone here in SNAP Seed where just like the iPhone, it’ll edit that selfie that it just took by adding a filter. An expert in the image out to storage where it looks at the pixel, did complete that task at a slower rate along the iPhone to improve on its lead as it just rips through premier and already starts working on the browser test with the pixel expert in the video clip and premiere at a slower rate as well, putting it a full out behind the iPhone midway through this first lap.

So things aren’t looking so good for the Pixel three, but if you could manage to avoid giving up any more ground to the iPhone here in the gaming row, it does have a shot at making a comeback in the last row where we’ll be loading more lightweight applications like Spotify and ESPN.

But unfortunately, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen with the pixel 3x.

So taking significantly longer to load both subway surfers and flip diving and with things not looking any better here in fit the fat along the iPhone tennis max to pull even further ahead as it finishes up with Bullah force and moves on to the last row where after quickly loading up Spotify, the iPhone is on its way to turning that one.

I lead. It has over the pixel into a full blown and two app lead with it already moving on to Netflix as the pixel struggles to finish up with Bullah force, letting the iPhone capture its biggest lead so far in the speed test, finishing the first slide with a time of one minute and forty six seconds.

So as the iPhone starts working on the second lap, the pixel is working on finishing the first, with it taking slightly longer to load ESPN, but being able to load both Netflix and Amazon at a slightly faster rate, finishing the first lap 16 seconds later with a time of two minutes and two seconds.

While the iPhone has been doing an excellent job keeping all the apps open and ready to go.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the pixel, with it failing to keep Bullah force open, which is the first time in a really long time that we’ve seen a phone failed to keep an app open so early.

But we’ll see if the trend continues as the pixel moves on to fit the facts.

Where once again, it fails to keep the app open, allowing the iPhone to cruise to the finish line with a total time of two minutes and 30 seconds.

And as fast forwarding the pixel to the end where it fails to keep every single app open. Finishing the test over a minute later would a total time of three minutes and 35 seconds, making the winner by a huge margin.

The iPhone 10 as max. In case you’re wondering, we ran this test multiple times on each phone and the results here were consistent. Anyways, that is it for me in this article.

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