To Quickly Change Their Batteries/Cover By Zubair Ali

To Quickly Change Their Batteries
To Quickly Change Their Batteries

Starting with the iPhone 8, Apple began supporting back charging on all of their new iPhones, finally giving their customers the ability to quickly change their batteries up to 50 percent in as 30 minutes.

Not only is this a really convincing feature to have when you’re running low on battery in the middle of the day but by finally supporting it.

Apple has helped the iPhone kind of catch up to its Android competitors who have offered the feature for years. But here’s the thing. Unlike Samsung, unlike LG or Google or Whiteway or Motorola, Apple decided to think differently and not include a fast charger in the box.

And instead, they sell the cable and adapter you need separately for 70$, which, you know, when you just spent 1000$ on a new iPhone 10 s or even 1100$ on the tennis max.

You kind of expect Apple to throw you a bone, right. Like every other manufacturer includes if charged in the box. So why does apple?

Well, in today’s article, we’re going to try to answer that question, looking at three potential reasons why Apple may have decided not to include a fast charger in the box and to start things off. We had to go over the first reason that comes to mind, the most obvious reason to who isn’t a complete Apple ship.

And that’s that Apple just sees an opportunity to make more money by now, including a Fashoda in the box.

Not only does Apple increase the profit margin on every single iPhone sold with a cheaper charger, but they get to increase the revenue from their accessories business from who wants fast charging.

So from a business perspective, as people don’t stop buying iPhones because they’re not including fast chargers, there’s really no reason for Apple to do so.

And the reality is, most people aren’t going to avoid buying an iPhone just because it doesn’t include a fast charger. I’d go as far as saying that most iPhone users outside of the tech community don’t even know what fast charging is.

So, again, why would Apple just give it to them for free, giving away stuff for free?

That isn’t how Apple became a trillion-dollar company, but who knows? Right. Like, maybe the profit isn’t the real reason.

Maybe the real reason is the opposite in that Apple is to save you money by having the iPhone last you longer. Now, I know that sounds crazy and it probably is, considering against their main revenue model, but hear me out for a second.

So because charging effectively pushes more energy into the battery in a shorter amount of time, it generates more heat than conventional charging does. And both Apple and Samsung will tell you on their websites, excess heat is bad news for capacity.

In fact, Apple goes as recommending that you remove certain cases from your iPhone while you’re charging it in order to help cool things down.

So by not equipping each and every new iPhone user out there with a fast charger who likely will only charge their phone overnight, where fashion doesn’t really matter.

Apple may be saving millions of iPhones excess heat, which in theory could help those iPhones last longer. Sure. It may not make a difference in the first year or the second year and maybe not even in the 3rd.

But considering Apple is now supporting iPhones for longer than ever with the 5-year-old iPhone five best still updated to IOW Bug, it could have a real effect.

So is this the real reason? Well, it is interesting.

I don’t think so. At the end of the day, if Apple really only cared about battery preservation, they could always ship the iPhone with bad chargers and just build them a software feature. And I was told that Defoe’s iPhone too slow charging Samsung has a feature just like this where you can toggle fast charging on and off.

So clearly Apple can do it, but they don’t. So. Well, extending the life of the iPhone battery may or may not be a supporting reason for Apple.

It’s definitely not the real reason why they’re not including a fast charger.

But let’s shift gears now and move on to the third reason why Apple may have decided not to include a Fashoda and maybe more importantly, why they may not ever include a Fashoda in an iPhone box.

And that reason is Apple believes wireless is the future is the reason why they say they got rid of the headphone jack.

And it’s the vision that inevitably leads them to get rid of the port.

And getting rid of that charging port be a lot harder of a transition if your customer base was already used to fast hurting because of right now, wireless charging is two times slower than fast charging B a cable.

And given all the troubles Apple has had with airpower, I don’t know if it’s guaranteed by the time that Apple does remove the charging port, wireless charging will be equal to what you can get with fast charging.

So there’s a good chance Apple may be holding off on making fast hurting standard the iPhone because they plan on getting rid of wired charging by now, including a fast charger in the box.

And by putting a pretty high price on fast charging, they ultimately reduce the total amount of people who become accustomed to it.

And, they reduce the total amount of backlash that they’ll get when they remove the charging port. So which one is it? What’s the real reason why?

Personally, I think it’s more about the money in the short term and about the transition to becoming fully wireless in the long term. That is it for me in this article.


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