Redmi K20 Pro vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test

All right, so we’ve been getting a lot of requests for this phone on Twitter, on Instagram here on YouTube. A lot of people want to see the Red Army. K 20 pro in a speed test.

So we listened. Thumbs up if you guys want to see more coverage on this phone. But for those of you who haven’t heard of the key Tony Pro, all you need to know is that it’s arguably the best bang for your buck smartphone in the world right now, with it costing as little as three hundred sixty dollars USD depending on where you get it.

It’s got a bezels nationless display. It has three cameras in the back for wide-angle and telephoto. It has pretty solid build quality.

And yes, it has the specs to match with the Snapdragon eight fifty five under the hood along with six to eight gigabytes of RAM, depending on the model.

We were only able to import this six gigabyte model here, but still a significant jump over the iPhones of four gigabytes of RAM, which as a reminder is on a phone that costs eleven hundred dollars. Of course, the big question here is how this apparent value champ will perform against the phone that costs nearly three times as much. Let’s find out.

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All right. We’ll begin by starting the stopwatches on each phone and move into the first row where the two phones perform roughly the same in Facebook. But here in Starbucks, the case, what a pro is able to jump ahead.

Already working on Microsoft Word where it’s also able to launch the app faster.

We’ll see if he can load the document within inward faster. And now the iPhone catches up as both phones make their way to excel, where once again they k 20 pro loads the app itself faster than the iPhone was able to.

And once again, the iPhone loes, the document within the app faster giving the iPhone the lead as both phones move on to the second row here in SNAP Speed, we’re editing the same exact photo on each phone by adding a couple of filters where, from the looks of it, the iPhone is doing so at a faster rate, giving it a nice little cushion as it heads into Adobe Rush.

The iPhone did stutter a bit there in launching the app, but unfortunately so does the K 20 pro something that we didn’t see happen on the Galaxy. S 10 plus in our previous test, which will likely cost a K 20 pro as the iPhone just powers through exporting that short video clip.

And despite having the Snapdragon eight fifty five under the hood, the K 20 pro chips away at the task at a slower rate, allowing the iPhone to pull a full up ahead as it starts working on the gaming row.

So the Red Me K 20 pro has dug itself into a bit of a hole here.

It’s trending slower than the S ten plus did in our previous test, and it doesn’t do itself any favors loading Google Trends slower as well.

So just over halfway through this first lap, the that 20 pro has his work cut out for it. Now, the good news for the read me is the iPhone has typically been slower at launching the apps in the last row compared to some of the other Andrich phones that we’ve tested. And we’ll see if I was twelve point four does anything to change that.

But if it doesn’t, the Katani pro has a chance at cutting down on the iPhone’s lead so long as it doesn’t fall any further behind here in the gaming row.

The Katani pro is able to load fit the fat faster while the iPhone stutters in both Spotify and now ESPN.

So a real opportunity for the Katani pro to start working on making a comeback. But unfortunately, it does take longer to load Bullah force, allowing the iPhone to maintain its lead as it starts working on that last app.

And Amazon finishing the first stop with the time of two minutes and seven seconds.

Now, this is where things will get interesting. Diven has struggled in the second lap and most of our previous tests, an area where we’ve seen phones like the SRN plus and the one plus seven pro make their comebacks.

But with a K 20 pro finishing the first lap 16 seconds later, with a time of two minutes and twenty three seconds, it isn’t going to be as easy to k 20 pro still has to keep all the apps open itself if it’s going to have any shot at a comeback which given Shamis, more aggressive RAM management isn’t necessarily guaranteed despite having more ram.

Now the iPhone did fail at keeping Excel and word open, but unfortunately the Catona approach fails at keeping Adobe Rush open.

This is something that we observed in all of our trials. But the good news for the Kaid 20 is it did manage to keep Snapp’s utopian cannot keep Excel open and know the case when the approach fails at keeping Excel Open, which is the daggered that allows the iPhone to stumble across the finish line first with a total time of two minutes and fifty nine seconds.

We’ll fast forward the Catona approach to the finish line where a complete sitars twenty three seconds later, with a time of three minutes and 22 seconds, making the winner the iPhone 10 as max.

Now I do have to say, while the case when a pro didn’t win this one, considering that the iPhone costs nearly three times as much, this speed test was way closer than it should have been and that things might have even been different if we were able to get the eight gigabyte model. Hopefully next time Shammy will reach out to us. But anyways, that is it for me in this article.

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