Android Phones Speed Test Results

The Galaxy Note town plus and the one plus seven pro have been sitting at the top of our speed test rankings for a while now.

We were going to run the test against the regular one plus 70. But after hearing about the 70 pro and specifically this decked out MacLaren edition of the phone, we decided to wait. And I’m glad we did, because both of these phones are packing some serious power.

In fact, they’re actually almost the same, except for two key differences. The first is the Wampus 17 pro is using the upgraded Snapdragon eight fifty five plus chip instead of the standard A fifty five look on the notes.

And the second difference is the note is using the newer F to F. S file system compared to the older x t force system bound on the one plus.

And in theory, both of these differences should have at least some effect on performance. Of course, there’s no real way to know just how much of a difference they make by looking at a spec sheets. So let’s get to the test.

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All right. We’ll kick things off by starting the stopwatch is on each phone and then jumping into the first row where the one plus 70 pro gets the step over the. In Facebook and is able to improve on its lead in Starbucks here in Microsoft Word.

We’ll see if the one plus can create some more separation between it in the notes while loading this 500 page documents.

But while the 70 pro did look that document at a slightly faster rates, it’s wasn’t by much which might cost the one plus here in the camera test, considering that it has to physically pop up.

That selfie cam where the note dozens, but somewhat surprisingly, the two phones snapped that selfie at identical rates.

And here in SNAP cede both voluntary editing, the same exact photo by applying two different filters.

Where this time around, the NOTAM plus was actually able to do so at a faster rate, cutting into the one plus’s lead as each phone begins working on rendering this article an area where you’d expect the 70 pro to outperform with its snapdragon a 55 plus processor.

But that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Not only does the note catch up to the 70 pro, but it actually passes it as it moves on to the browser test, which does come as a bit of a surprise.

The difference here could be due to the notes different file system and F two offense, or it could just be an optimization thing with a 70 pro being such a new device.

But either way, the two phones are neck and neck here in the gaming row. There was no difference between them and subway surfers and only a slight edge for the nose in flip diving.

So three quarters into this first lap and the difference between the two phones is not that big. While the note is holding onto its lead as it begins working on forward assault, the Walpole’s 17 pro is still right there behind it.

And unless something drastic happens in the last row, I don’t know if that’s going to change.

While the note flew through Spotify, so does the 70 pro.

The same exact thing happens again in ESPN with a 70 pro matching the nose performance and once again in Hulu, meaning the note finishes the first half with the time of one minute and 45 seconds, just two seconds ahead of the 72 pro, which comes in that one minute and 57 seconds. So not a big difference between the two at all.

And here in the second lap, with both phones having 12 gigabytes, RAM, that’s unlikely to change.

In fact, outside of slightly slower animations on the notes, the two phones perform the same with them ending just one second apart, which isn’t enough to declare a clear winner making it this speed test a tie. Any ways? That is it for me in this article.

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