Making The iPhone X Modular

What’s up, guys? And you’ve heard of modular smartphones before, or a phone that can change or be added on to over time.

But what you probably haven’t heard of yet is a modular smartphone case. So when writer should reached out wanting to team up and sponsor a video telling me that their new iPhone cases were also modular, it got my attention because we’ve done drug tests on Rinus Shield cases before.

We did one where we dropped the Wampus three off of the third story of a building and the phone was able to survive that.

We’ll also be doing a drop test in this article, so stick around for that. But the idea of having that high level of protection with a case that can basically make your iPhone modular is interesting. So this is the Rhino Shield Mod case.

And at first glance, it looks like a regular bumper.

It has a race slip on both the front and the back, along with their shocks, red material that allows your phone to withstand drops of at least 11 feet.

And being a bumper, the phone’s design isn’t hidden like some of the bigger and bulky cases do. So if you want to maintain that design, you want to be able to appreciate all the hard work that the team at Apple put into its than a bumper obviously is one way they want to go.

But the first place where the Mod case is different from other bumpers is you can completely customize the look of it.

The room on the back of the phone and the buttons on the side are removable so you can swap them out with different colors to make whatever unique color combo you want.

Of course, given that the back class on the iPhone eight or the iPhone 10 costs a lot of money to repair. You might want an extra layer of protection on the back just in case it falls on a rock or something.

And what’s cool is the mod case can actually transform from being a bumper to a full on protective case.

A back plate already comes in the box that you can just pop on. And they also have a bunch of different ones that you can choose from. You can do a simple setup like this with a clear back and a white bumper so you can kind of preserve the idea of having your bumper.

Or if you don’t care about hiding the Apple logo, you can do a white marble back plate that we actually paired with white side buttons. That gives you a nice and classy look.

And then there’s my personal favorite, the carbon fiber backplate with yellow buttons.

This, to me, looks absolutely amazing, like I’m a big fan of this. I just had to put it a Lamborghini wallpaper on there just to kind of complete the supercar look. But again, you can make hundreds of different combos to match your own style. But the modularity on this case goes beyond just changing it from being a bumper to a full case or making them look different.

There’s also the option to upgrade some of your phone’s capabilities, like the camera.

So Running Shield has for different lenses right now that you can choose from, that you can just twist on when you have the lens doctor installed.

There’s a fish eye lens, which honestly, I’m not a big fan of because, like, I don’t really take those kind of photos, but I am a fan of the HD wide-angle lens that looks just like a lens you’d get for A.D.s LA. It even comes with a lens hood and it gives you a crisp and clear one hundred and ten degree viewing angle with almost no distortion.

They also have a super wide angle lens that has a crazy one hundred and sixty five degree viewing angle. If you really want to get like everything into your shots and my personal favorite is this combo lens they have, which cannot only give you a 100 degree wide angle, but you can also twist off the top layer of the lens and have it double as a macro lens, letting you get super close up to things to get those macro shots that you normally just wouldn’t be able to.

Now, I think the most interesting part about this case is that the whole modular system is rhino. Shield says this is just the beginning.

They have other things in the works, like backplate that can be used as a wallet with little slots. They’re also working on supposedly like a battery backplate. And there’s even these two little slots here towards the bottom. That rhino can be used to insert a lanyard.

But they’re also kind of hinting that those slots will be used for something else in the future.

So I’m excited to see what happened. I’m excited to see the modular system grow. I think a lot of companies have tried to do modular smartphones and they kind of failed. And I honestly do think that a modular smartphone case does make a little bit more sense because a multiple are going to put a case on their phones anyways.

And B, you can put this case on the iPhone you already have.

You want to go out and buy a whole separate phone. Now, unfortunately, the Mark case isn’t yet available for Android phones. That will be coming later.

But for now, they still have their new crash card case available.

Phones like the Galaxy s eight and the pixel two, which are supposed to be even thinner and tougher than they were before, thanks to a new material. But before we jump out of this video, there’s still one thing left to do. We have to do a drop test, right.

We have to test the durability of this thing because it’s a case. And I also wanted to test out these lenses, like do a video test for you guys. So I figured there’s only one thing we can really do. Right. Do a drug test filmed entirely on iPhones using these lenses. So score time.

All right. So we are outside. What you’re looking through right now is the lens of an iPhone eight. Plus, we got the HD lens attached, like the big boy over here for the side camera.

We have an iPhone seven with that awesome carbon.

Roback plates, but the lens we have attached here is the wide angle, so like that one hundred and sixty five degree angle. It does give you a little bit of distortion, but I think is the best lens to put in this situation where we want to make sure that it captures the drop, which speaking of here, is the iPhone 10. So I’ll go out and put in my pocket and drop it as if I did an accident.

It hurts. It hurts. Does it work, though? Yep, we’re good.

So next drop is a little bit higher up. This is probably the second most common drop. You’ve got your chest height, so you’re texting and like you accidently sneeze. It’s still I don’t know. I’ve done thousands of drops us. And yet it’s still, you know, hurts a little inside. So.

Is, though, good? It’s that time. It’s that time where we do the extreme test.

I mean, this is not so extreme, but we can do something a little extreme, right? We’re gonna lift it up. I’m about six foot tall. Three, two, one.

It looks like it’s good. So. Yes, we are still good to see that the gesture works, I’ve heard before one of their jobs hasn’t worked. All right, we’re good. I mean, there you have it.

That’s the rhino shield. My case. It’s going to protect your phone, obviously, from these everyday drops. Merely did a drop test with a crash guard from like over 22 feet. So I wasn’t too surprised. Still scared me a little.

But if you guys want to learn more about my case, check out the link down below in the description. They’re also giving you guys 10 percent off. You guys are interested, but I put all the details down below. So I think that’s that’s pretty much it for me in this article.

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