iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Test

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Test
iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Test

So the iPhone eleven pro max is the current phone, both style battery test champ. And when you take a look at the rankings on our Web sites, no other phone right now comes close to it.

But today, it’s going up against its biggest competitor in the Galaxy. S 20 Otara, a phone that now only has a more power efficient processor compared to last year’s galaxy. But it also has a massive five thousand million up our battery, which is 25 percent larger than the 4000 million of our battery on the iPhone.

However, the Galaxy does have a more power hungry display with its high refresh rates, which we decided to set at one hundred and twenty hertz. Considering that that is one of the standout features on this phone.

Now, don’t worry. We are going to be doing the 60 hertz first one hundred and twenty hertz battery test in an upcoming article.

So stay tuned for that. But in the meantime, I’m excited to see how these two phones stack up to each other. These are two the best phones in the world right now. So the question remains, which one has the best battery life? Let’s find out.

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And if all that, you need Downbelow. So we’ll start things off in the phone app where each one is going on the same one hour phone call.

Both phones are in equal distance of the mini cell tower that we have installed in the lab.

And both phones have consistent audio playing on the other end of the call to make sure that we’re stressing those earpieces where after one hour, the iPhone drops by only one percent down to 99, while the Galaxy falls by five percent all the way down to ninety five, which when you consider that the ESC Twenty Ultra has a giant five thousand million up our capacity.

It’s a pretty significant drop. I’m not sure if it has to do with that new 5G modem or if it was something else.

But we ran multiple trials and these results were consistent here in the messaging test.

We’ve been going back and forth with our automated chat bot after one hour of texting. The iPhone is able to improve on its lead, pulling six percentage points ahead, with its battery dropping by only seven percent compared to the nine percent drop on the galaxy.

And this e-mail test was simply opening up e-mails and scrolling through the mockable times like you would in real life, where after one hour of e-mail, we get a similar result as the last test, with the iPhone pulling another two percentage points ahead, bringing its total lead it to eight percentage points very early on in this battery test.

We’ll see if the Essany otro can cut into the iPhone’s lead here in the browser test, where we’re cycling through the same set of Web sites on each phone where after an hour this time the difference is at least a little bit smaller.

But the iPhone is still did a better job, dropping by nine percent compared to the 10 percent drop on the galaxy.

Here, an insta. We’re doing exactly what you would do in real life. Simply scrolling through the home feed where due to the sheer amount of scrolling that’s going on in this test, is gonna be interesting to see how that 120 hertz display has an effect on the galaxy’s battery life.

But after one hour, it actually doesn’t do much worse, with the galaxy only falling behind by one percentage point. So as we head into halftime here with the standby test, obviously the iPhone is outperforming.

But given the bigger screen and the higher refresh rates, the S1 Otara is at least hanging in there. And after the 16 hour standby, it’s actually able to match the iPhone’s performance with both phones doing really well, dropping by just six percent as we move on to YouTube.

It’s worth noting that we’ve calibrated the speakers on each phone to the same decibel counts. And of course, the screen brightness has also been calibrated to the same level as well.

And after one hour of binge watching film buff on YouTube, the iPhone improves its ten point lead up to twelve points, with it at 54 percent, compared to just 42 on the galaxy. And unfortunately for the galaxy, as 20 Otara, things might just get even worse here in the gaming tests, considering it has a larger screen.

And again, that higher refresh rate. And after one hour of playing and Alto’s adventure, actually, somewhat surprisingly, the galaxy was able to match the iPhone’s performance with both phones dropping by an equal 10 percent.

So we’ve seen the galaxy do worse in some areas and matched the iPhone and others.

But what it has yet to do is beat the iPhone in any one of these tests. We’ll see if that changes here in maps where we’re simulating navigation by having each phone’s G.P.S. sensor turned on and both phones actively checking for traffic information, where after one hour, the difference is a small one.

But the iPhone is still managed to do better with it, adding yet another percentage point to its lead.

Here in Spotify, we have a robot listening to its favorite pattern of sounds, again, with both phones having their speakers calibrated to the same decibel count where after one hour, like we saw in some of the previous tests, the two phones perform identically, with each phone dropping by 10 percent.

But as we head into Snapchat, the iPhone’s advantage is likely going to be a factor here.

Considering that Snapchat is one of the most intensive tests in this entire battery test. And considering that the galaxy has a 40 megapixel selfie camera setup, I’m not sure if it’s going to do any better in this test than in others. And after just 35 minutes, all five thousand million hours of the galaxy’s battery are completely depleted, with it only managing to beat the smaller iPhone, all of impro by 10 minutes.

While this iPhone live in pro, max here still has 17 percent left to go, which allows it to finish this Snapchat test with an impressive twelve percent of battery remaining, allowing it to move on to the app cycle test, which, by the way, the iPhone is still the only phone that’s been able to do that, where after one hour and five minutes of this extremely intensive test, the iPhone finally calls it quits with it managing to last a full one hour and 30 minutes of screen time longer, despite having a battery that’s over a thousand app hours smaller, making the winner and still the form of.

A battery test champ. The iPhone eleven pro Macs anyways. That is it for me in this article.


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