Drop Test Between LG V30 vs Galaxy Note 8

Drop Test Between LG V30 vs Galaxy Note 8
Drop Test Between LG V30 vs Galaxy Note 8

What’s up, guys? And you guys have been asking for the LGB 30 drop test. You’ve been messaging me on Facebook. You been leaving comments here on YouTube.

So here it is today. We can be doing a formost our job test with the V 30 where we’re gonna be dropping it. Side-By-Side next to arguably its biggest competitor in the Galaxy Notes eight.

But before we get to the test, I want to give a big thanks to Tech 21 for making this video possible. So when we tested the Evo check case for the LGBT 30, it handled the back corner and face drops without a problem.

Tech 21 protects drop after drop with the V 30 we tested still looking flawless.

Tech 21 cases are dropped, tested 20 times to ensure durability and long lasting protection to be able to withstand the multiple drops that occur in the everyday use of a smartphone.

The Evo check case is available for both the LGBT and the Galaxy Note eight and a number of different colors. So click on that link down below in the description and get your phone the protection it deserves. All right.

Let’s get to dropping round number one backdrop and three to one. All right.

So after that backdrop, both phones pass our ten point inspection and remain fully functional. But cosmetically, there is no contest. The V 30 surprisingly survives the backdrop with almost no visible damage.

While the NORAD has this rear glass completely shattered. So a really impressive result for the V 30 and an easy win for it here in round number one, round number two corner drop and three to one after that corner drop.

Both phones have their aluminum band scuffed, but because the bands are all metal without any kind of layering over top of them, the scuffs honestly don’t look all that bad.

And neither phone really did better than the other here, making it a draw in.

Round number two. Round number three, bass drop in three, two, one. All right. So that face dropped, cracked the glass on the front of both phones. But the result on the glass, you know, it does look better with a majority of the cracks being contained to just the corners, which may or may not be due to it having curved edges.

The V 30, on the other hand, suffers more significant, cracking with a shattered glass of top, distorting the selfie cam, giving the edge to the note aids in round number three bonus round.

OK, so with both phones still being technically usable, we entered the bonus round where we drop each phone directly onto steal from much higher up, which should put the shock and impact resistance of each phone to the test.

Last time the Galaxy Note eight was able to survive. Not one, not two, but all 10 bonus drops.

While the glass in the front and the back, the phone did take a beating. Most of the display itself remains undamaged except for on the edges.

However, unfortunately, after doing our ten point inspection, we found that no matter what we did, we couldn’t get the camera or the flash to work. So a decent results, but not necessarily the best. Let’s see, the V 30 can fare any better. Three, two, one.

He doesn’t make as lot of the noise because his phone is so lightweight and still looks like it’s working. Cool. Three, two, one. Good drop is the result. Good. All right. So we have a little dimple in the screen here.

Obviously, way more shattering. The back doesn’t have any shattering thing, some phones that shatter on the back. After all this impact, but the back holding up nicely. The screen looks like it’s working and pretty much all the corners.

That will hurt that one. Hurt. Nothing much.

I mean, same story. A little bit more like little fractures in the glass, but it’s still worth fighting for. This thing is doing really well. And drop 10 drops.

Can you do 10 bonus shots? Three, two, one.

Would Allen sound to the worth to do it? And it looks like it is still fully functional. Aletha, touchiness.

OK. So the V 30 also survived. All 10 bonus drops. And while the front glass looks really bad, the rear glass still remains in perfect condition. And unlike on the note, AIDS, the rear camera and the flash still work. However, the wide angle camera on the back did get damaged with it. Unable to focus on anything can actually see what looks like the camera housing at the bottom of the viewfinder.

So what? The lens may have gotten somewhat dislodged.

The display itself, though, still remains fully responsive to the touch. However, when you lock and unlock the phone, you do get this flicker that happens.

And what’s weird is if you keep the always on display option, turn on in the settings, the screen won’t turn back on after you lock it. You have to, like, fully restart the phone to get the screen to come back on again.

But if you disable the always on display option, this doesn’t happen. And it works just fine. So a really interesting result. All right. Before we take a look at the scorecard, let’s quickly review our new scoring method, because, man, we needed one. So from now on, the scores will be based only off of how a phone performs relative to the phone.

It’s being compared to and not off of any other phone from other dropped tests.

The winner of each round will receive 10 points, with the loser scoring anywhere between six and nine points, depending on how much worse it did. If two phones perform similarly, each phone will be given 10 points.

And after all four rounds, the scores will be tallied up to determine an overall winner.

Anyways, let’s get to the scorecard in the first round. The clear advantage went to the V thirty, whose glass remained fully intact, the phones tied in the second round and the third note eight suffered less damage on the fronts.

And then finally, in the fourth, while the notates display looked better to be Thirty’s camera and flash still worked, contributing to the V Thirty’s higher overall score, making it the winner here in this dropped test anyways. That is it for me in this article.


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