Drop Test Between Smartphones

Last year with the iPhone 10, Apple claimed that they were using the strongest glass to ever be used in a smartphone. And this year with iPhone ten s and the tennis Macs, they’re doubling down on that claim thing.

This year, new iPhones are even more durable than last’s. So today we’re going to be putting that claim to the test, comparing the iPhone tennis max to easily its biggest competitor in the Galaxy Note nine to see which one of these thousand or flagships is actually more Derval.

Let’s get right into it. Round number one backdrop and three to one. So after that backdrop, both phones have their rear glass cracked.

But there is a pretty big difference in the total amount of damage that each phone took.

The iPhone tennis max suffered a few cracks at the bottom with a single crack going up across the back. While the No. Nine’s glass on the hand just completely shattered all the way across.

I’m not sure if the difference here is because the iPhone actually has stronger glass like Apple claims or bad to do more with the iPhones protruding camera lens helping it break the fall, which is definitely a possibility given the scuff marks we see here on the camera housing itself.

But either way, the total amount of damage on the iPhone was less than on the note, giving it the win in round number one, round number two, corner drop in three to one.

So neither phone suffered too much damage after that corner drop.

The screens on both phones are still fully intact. And the only real damage is a few scuff marks on each of the phones frames. The aluminum frame on the No.9 does make the scuff marks look a little bit more visible to the camera.

Under direct light here, but in most other lighting conditions, the scuff marks on the iPhone stainless steel band look equally as bad, making it a tie here in round number two.

Round number three, face drop three to one.

After that face drop, both bones, unfortunately, have their screens cracked. But just like with the backdrop, the iPhone did manage to do a better job of keeping the damage contained with the majority of the cracks being limited to the bottom of the phone.

Whereas on the No.9, the cracks just spider webbed all across the display.

So it looks like the iPhone tennis’s glass is actually stronger after all, giving it the win here in round number three bonus round. OK, so both phones still remain fully functional after our ten point inspection, meaning each phone will move on to the bonus round where it’ll be dropped up to 10 times from just under five feet. Last time the No.9 was able to survive.

Not one, not five, but all 10 bonus drops. Technically remaining fully functional despite its severely shattered glass. Let’s see if the iPhone tennis max can do any better Photoshop in three to one. So that was really loud.

Does the phone still work? Oh, so the screen does seem to be working. That’s good news.

But the shattering got. Wow. That’s quite a bit. So before we had that like relatively light crack at the bottom and over here.

But now we have full blown shattering bonus drop two and three, two, one, three, two, one. How much damage can one phone take? How much abuse? Oh, OK.The screen is off like OK, but the phone does seem to be working.

It seems like all four corners work camera do the male app. Is it working here. Well that’s interesting.

Look at that. So that works, right. The TV app. And then it looks like up here it can touch. Can’t touch right there. Nope. Oh. The very top left works. OK. So I’m assuming these will work for the second and third rows unresponsive as I just see a 3D type work.

Nope. Though. That’s interesting. So can we dial nine one one. Can we do make an emergency call. Yes.

No. No. Wow. OK. So after just three bonus drops, we had a throw in the towel dipoles display just wouldn’t respond anywhere in the area between the second and the third rose on the home screen. Pretty much making the phone unusable.

There’s also some damage to the display itself underneath the glass.

So all in all, just not a very good results here for the iPhone in the bonus round. All right. So with all four rounds in the books, let’s take a look at the scorecard and the first round, the iPhone’s rear glass sustained significantly less damage from the backdrop in the seconds.

Both Boleyn’s performed roughly the same.

While in the third iPhone tennis match showed us that its glass actually is stronger. And then finally, in the fourth round, the No.9 superior impact and shock resistance, a lot to wipe away the iPhone’s lead from the other rounds, ultimately giving it the win here in this drop test. Anyways, that is it for me in this article.

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