The Battery Test Results

Lots of guys, And easily the most common type of requests that we get here, our phone both is requests for us to test more phones.

And look, I’d love to test every smartphone out there, but with our test taking up to a week to produce per phone with the programing of the robots and everything that goes into it, there’s just not enough time and resources for us to do them all.

But in today’s article, we are trying something new, something that I think can help us test more phones for you guys than we usually do by partnering with our longtime channel sponsor in Wiggs, who by sponsoring today’s article, has given us the resources we needed to run for new battery tests. Also, a pretty big phones that we missed out on last year.

In this article, we’re going over the battery test results for the iPhone Eleven Pro, which, you know, we tested the 11 pro Macs and the regular eleven, but we did miss out on the regular eleven pro.

We’ve tested at the smaller galaxy as 10 e the 90 hertz one plus 70 and the one plus seven T pro.

Now, because this is more of a roundup helping us catch up with some of the phones that we’ve missed, the we’re we’re gonna be doing it isn’t a typical comparison. And instead, what I want to be doing is adding these battery test results to our Web sites.

And because Wick’s made this entire thing possible, I’ll be doing a walkthrough of how we built our Web site using Wake’s in the process.

All right. So we’ll start off by popping into the Wick’s Web site.

Ed, where were immediately taken to the home page of our Web site using this top menu? We’ll switch pages to the battery test page. This pages pretty simple as our whole Web site is with a graphic banner here at the top, a text box here on the left with a short description about the test itself.

And on the right, we have article which if that doesn’t just link to our channel, but it links specifically to our battery test playlist that way.

And it’s how we upload a battery test. The article here, it gets updated automatically, which is great because I know that I probably forget to do it.

And then finally here, the bottom is the main purpose of the page in our official battery test rankings, which is simply just a list of all the phones that we’ve tested so far.

So I added this list and everything you see here on our Web sites using these sidebar menu in the ED where you have options to do things like customizing the menus and changing the page background.

But the main thing that I end up using is this plus icon that lets you add almost anything you can imagine to your site. So for the text box, I just want to text.

And then paragraph four, the article widget, I just want to video and then obviously YouTube. And for the main list, I just went to lists and grids and I use this specific list as my base.

And then I just tweeted, look, just the way I wanted. OK.

So the first phone that will be adding to the battery test results is the Galaxy as 10 e. Since we’re adding a Samsung phone, here are just duplicates. One of the existing Samsung phones, so that we had on the change the manufacturer of logo.

Of course, I wanted the change a logo if I had to.

I can just hit change image on the icon and do it from there.

But all we have to do for now is change the name of the phone, change the specs, which for the to any means a five point eight inch screen, a thirty one hundred million up our battery with a native 10 ATP resolution.

So for the results, this Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy s 10 e actually lasted longer than the Galaxy s 10 with the X no ship. But this is only by minutes, with a total time of twenty three hours on the dot, which considering a 16 hour standby means it had seven hours of screen time. So not the best results. But you know, to be fair, it is a small phone with a small battery. Next phone will add is the 90 hertz one plus 70.

So same thing again will duplicate a one plus phone this time and change the name and specs, which includes a six point five inch ninety hertz display with a native 10 ATP resolution and a pretty big.

Thirty eight hundred million of our battery.

And the results were actually pretty surprising despite the 90 hertz refresh rates. It did really, really well, lasting at twenty five hours and 34 minutes in total with a screen on time of nine hours and 34 minutes. Which places? It’s at least for right now at third place.

So a top three rating for a phone that has a higher refresh rate. Who would have ever thought that a phone with a high refresh rates can have good battery?

Next up is the 70s at Big Brother and the 70s Pro, which has a slightly larger screen at six point seven inches, a slightly larger battery at four thousand and eighty five million hours. But it also has a significantly higher fourteen forty P native resolution, which actually ended up in having slightly lower battery life.

In total, it lasted at twenty five hours and five minutes with screentime of nine hours. In five minutes, so not as good as the regular one plus 70. But still a pretty good result. If I had to guess, I’d say the difference was due to the differences in native resolution.

But either way, I think the results on both of these phones are excellent.

And then finally, the phone that I was most excited about testing for this article is that that regular iPhone 11 pro will duplicate the eleven pro Maxis row here, which is the current battery test champ beating the next best phone by almost two hours.

But we’ll go out and change the name to eleven pro and the specs with a smaller five point eight inch screen on the eleven pro. But obviously a much smaller battery.

Add three thousand and forty six million hours, which resulted in a total time of twenty five hours and 24 minutes with nine hours and 24 minutes of that being a screen on time.

So that’s a crazy results. It’s longer than the Galaxy s 10 and the No. Ten plus, which are obviously bigger bones with bigger batteries.

And it actually did that with similar specs as the galaxy as 10 e, which sits all the way at the bottom of our rankings. Now last up is adding the numbered rankings to all of the results. We’re just changing these little text boxes. And there you have it.

I hope because I found this article helpful, I’m happy you were able to add Forni results to or better test rankings. Big things. Again, two weeks for making this article possible.

If you’re thinking about building your own websites, you can help us out by using that first link down Downbelow in the description.

And if you guys like this concept of a sponsored article that lets us test more phones than we usually do. It will help us out. You know, maybe you could do other phones at the RSG phones. And the reason phones. I don’t know. But anyways, that is it for me in this article.

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