Speed Test iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 6S

Thanks to last past for sponsoring a portion of this article. So we have a special speed test for you guys today. Were we able to get our hands on a brand new still sealed in the box? iPhone success. Plus, a phone that almost five years since it was originally released.

Apple still supports what the latest version of IOW 13.

So we decided to do the only logical thing and test Apple’s oldest and still supported iPhone against their latest and greatest in the iPhone 11 pro Macs. Taking a look at the spec sheets, a lot has changed over the years.

The iPhone success has Apple’s a nine chip compared to the industry leading A13 Bionic.

And it only has two gigabytes around. That’s half of what Apple is putting in their iPhones today. But the success does at least have passed.

And Vme storage, which is super important when it comes to speed. And again, both phones are running on the latest version of Iowa’s 13. Now, before we get to the test, I want to thank last pass for sponsoring this portion of the article.

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But for now, the Skitz at a speed test. All right. We’ll kick things off by starting the stopwatch is on each phone and then jumping into the first row.

We’re right off the bat. The 11 pro is able to pull ahead, loading both Facebook and now Starbucks at a slightly faster rate as we move on to Microsoft Word. Each one will have to load up the same exact documents where the 11 pro just blew through it already working on Excel with it, actually loading that Excel sheet before the success is able to finish up with word.

So a huge difference. Very early on in the speed test, we’ll see the success can do a better job here and excel where from the looks of it might actually be falling even further behind with it taking almost eight seconds longer to complete the same task.

But it does finally joined the Eleven Pro in the second row with its starting to edit a photo here in SNAP Seed, while the eleven pro is a full up ahead of it.

Working on exporting this clip in Adobe Rush, which is one of the most intensive tasks in this entire speed test. And one where we might just see the biggest difference yet, considering how much progress Apple has made in there, a series chips.

So as the iPhone Eleven pro moves on to the gaming row, we’ll get to see how the iPhone six, as does here in Adobe Rush, where it’s struggling even before the export task, with it taking significantly longer just to open the video project itself.

And as far as exporting the article as you would expect, it’s doing so at a slower rate, although I will say for a phone it this old it’s actually doing a little bit better than I thought it would.

But that’s not to say that it’s anywhere close to the 11 pro with the 11 pro almost done with the gaming row as the iPhone success is just barely getting started with it, which is pretty incredible when you think about it.

Dipoles success was the undefeated speed test Tampa back in 2015, with it destroying all of its competition in 2016 and even beating some bones in 2017.

So to see this big of a difference with the iPhone Olympio pro finishing the first stop before the success is even halfway through the gaming row.

It just goes to show you how far smartphones have come and we’re not even done yet with the success loading subway surfers flip diving and fit the fat at a slower rates.

The iPhone 11 might just be able to finish both laps before the success finishes with the first, which would be kind of fitting considering the first phone to ever lap another phone here.

A phone buff was when the six asked did it to the Node seven. But with iPhone success finally finishing up with the gaming row and moving on to the lightweight apps in the bottom row, the former champ certainly isn’t going to make it easy.

And with D11 pro failing to keep snap, he’d fully ready to go and with it also failing to keep Excel open. It’s gonna be close.

However, it does look like the Eleven Pro is reopening these last few apps in the second lap faster than the iPhone six, as is loading the lightweight apps in the first lap, which again just goes to show you how far the iPhone has come, which was far enough for it to finish the entire test before the iPhone success finished just the first lap, with the success actually taking five extra seconds to do so.

We’ll go ahead and fast forward through the second lap where.

It’s two gigabytes of RAM, the iPhone success was only able to keep those bottom four apps open in the background without having to reload every single one of the other apps, causing it to finish the entire test in a painfully slow four minutes and forty three seconds, over two minutes longer than it took the iPhone 11 pro Macs.

So just incredible to see how much faster the iPhone has become. Anyways, that is it for me in this article.

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