Comparison Between OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE

Real quick before we get started, I want to update you guys on how we conduct these tests here at Falmouth. Now, normally we wait until the phone is publicly available before we conduct any tests.

So that way we’re testing on final software and that way we’re testing the same version of the phone that ultimately ends up in your hands. Now, that said, the community has made it clear that people want us to publish our results sooner.

So in an effort to find a balance, in an instance where a manufacturer sends us a device early like one plus did with the Nord, I’ve decided we’ll go ahead and cautiously test these phones.

If we feel like the software is stable enough. But at the end of the day, because this is still technically prerelease software, it’s important to me that we verify these results after the public release and will report on any changes on the YouTube community tab or on any of our social.

So if you want those reports, you can follow us there. But with that out of the way, I got to say, I’ve been looking forward to the speed test.

Now, normally I have at least some idea as to which phone is going to win. But in this case, it can go either way in the first lab. The iPhone, I see has that industry leading A13 bionic chip with Ed Vme storage.

While the Naude only has the Snapdragon 760 five and the slower USFSA two point one storage.

But then in the second lap, the NAUDE has 12 gigabytes of RAM for the model that we’re testing here.

While the iPhone S-E only has three gigabytes. So while I expect the SC to have the lead after the first lab. The question is will its lead be big enough to hold off the Naude from making the comeback? Let’s find out.

OK, we’ll kick things off by starting the stopwatches on each phone and then jumping into the first row where the two phones perform similarly in Facebook with the one plus door to being able to pull ahead in Starbucks.

We’ll see what happens here while loading this 500 page document in Microsoft Word where the SC just ripped through it, which is the same exact thing it does here in Excel.

Already moving on to the second row. Meaning just one row into this thing.

And the SC already has a pretty significant lead with it. Now, a full up ahead and showing no signs of slowing down here in snap seed as the iPhone finishes excluding the photo and begins working on Adobe Rush.

We’ll see if they won’t. Plus, Naude can make up some ground here in snap seed.

But unfortunately, it looks like the phone is editing this photo at a slower rate. And to make matters worse, we’re now on Adobe Rush, where that a13 bionic ship under the hood of the ACA allows it to export that article in flagship time, while the one plus Naude and its Snapdragon 765 G is rendering this clip at a significantly slower rate.

Now, this is the same exact clip that we use in all of our Adobe Rush tests.

It’s just a 20 seconds TENNET AP video with a simple transition effect added on.

Yet this small workload to the Naude an extra 10 seconds to complete along the iPhone essy to continue to pilot on pulling a full three apps ahead with both phones now and the gaming row. We’ll see if the NAUDE came.

Keep the iPhone from completely running away with it because if it can’t at least match the iPhone’s performance in these games, it still has a shot at making a comeback in the second lap, where the iPhone S.E and its three gigabytes RAM has already proven to struggle.

While the 12 gigabytes RAM and the model of the one plus Naude that we’re testing here will likely be more than enough.

But unfortunately for the nerd, a load’s subway surfers flip diving and fit the facts at a slower rate, allowing the iPhone to finish the first lap. And an impressive one minute and 47 seconds. While the one plus is still working on that last game in the gaming row.

So the iPhone SC has a huge cushion here, even if it does struggle with keeping all these apps open and running in the background here as it is with subway surfers.

I don’t know if it’s going to hurt the iPhone.I see enough where the NAUDE could make a comeback.

Now, while the one plus did load Spotify at a slightly faster rates, a loading ESPN and now Hulu at a slower rates only makes the odds of a comeback that much less likely. With it finally finishing the first job with a time of two minutes and 22 seconds or a full 35 seconds longer than it took the iPhone essy to do the same.

And while the SC is struggling to keep these last few apps open in the background, the fact that it reloads them so quickly doesn’t actually make it that big of a deal, allowing it to still complete the entire test in a healthy two minutes and 38 seconds.

As for the NAUDE. The good news is the twelve gigabytes RAM does indeed manage to keep all the apps open and ready to go, which allows it to cut down the iPhone’s 35 second lead from the first slap down to 22 seconds, coming in with a total time of three minutes flat, making the winner the iPhone as EA.

Anyways, that is it for me in this article.

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