Speed Test Between Smartphones

Lots of guys,And nobody sells more bones than Samsung, Apple or why wait? They’re the top three smartphone manufacturers in the world by volume.

And today we’re taking their best phones and putting them head to head in a fumbling style speed test. Now, taking a look at the spec sheets, these phones are very different.

The resolutions are different. The software versions are different.

And, of course, the processors are different as well. The iPhone 10 is packing apples. A11 bionic chip. The note eight comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon eight thirty five and the May 10 pro is using always own Karen 970, which while way it has been hyping up.

They’re saying that the Care 970 offers ultimate performance and that the May 10 will stay fast over time thanks to artificial intelligence.

Now there’s no way to know about that long term claim in terms of performance, but, well, we can’t find out. Today is Wishbone is currently the fastest. So let’s find out.

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All right. We’ll get things going by starting the stopwatches and then jumping into the first row of system apps with the animation times on all three phones being roughly the same.

Putting them neck and neck as they move into to Facebook with the iPhone being able to pull ahead as no date falls into seconds with May 10 falling into third.

So with all three phones now moving on to the more heavy duty apps, the iPhone is able to add onto its lead with it ripping through Photoshop and that A11 bionic shape being able to export the clip and premiere without breaking a sweat.

Meanwhile, The Cure 970 to me 10 is duking it out with the Snapdragon eight.

Thirty five in the notes were surprisingly, there was little difference between the two. As each one moves on to the gaming row, where the iPhone is able to officially pull a pull up ahead of the other two with it pushing ahead to fit the fat as the two Android phones began working on Flip Diaby.

So it’ll be interesting to see if either the May 10 Pro or the Galaxy Note eight can create at least some kind of separation here, because so far it’s been a bunch of back and forth with the Node eight loading some apps like Subway Surfers and flip diving faster and the May 10 pro loading apps like Photoshop and the Fad Here faster. So really inconsistent results so far.

In fact, the only consistency we’ve seen so far in this test is that the iPhone 10 has been pretty much faster across the board.

Of course, we still have the entire second lap left to go where the three gigabytes of RAM that Apple insists on using in their thousand dollar smartphone just hasn’t been able to keep all the apps in this test open and ready to go.

However, Apple has issued a few soccer updates since our last test, so we’ll see if they’ve been able to improve optimization as the iPhone finishes the first half.

With an impressive time of one minute and 22 seconds to May 10, Pro is just about done with that last app, clocking any time of one minute and twenty nine seconds, followed by the notice which comes in just three seconds later.

So the timing couldn’t have been better for the Android phones, with iPhone failing to keep flip diving open, setting up to make time proper.

A comeback where yes, it’s able to keep flip diving and subway servers open, allowing it to take the lead here in the speed test.

The iPhone 10 also feels like keeping up with servers open, which allows the Node eight to pass it as well. So the three gigabytes ram once again hurts the iPhone here with the six gigabyte packing May Tamaro completely.

That’s that’s what the time of one minute and fifty five seconds.

And the node eight coming in just six seconds later with the time of two minutes and one second. So we’ll go ahead and Ballymore iPhone to the finish line where it continued to struggle, keeping apps open on its way to clocking in a time of two minutes and 19 seconds, making the winner the walkway mates hand pro.

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All right. So here are the individual Abelardo Times from the first lab where you can see the apps that the May 10 pro and the No. Eighth went back and forth on how the iPhone’s A11 bionic chip is just an absolute beast that’s missing maybe a gieger to a ram anyways. That is it for me in this article.

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