Some Secrets About OnePlus 7 Pro/Cover By Zubair Ali

Some Secrets About OnePlus 7 Pro
Some Secrets About OnePlus 7 Pro

Just from all the leaks and rumors and the information that even one plus was putting out bit by bit, you probably know a good amount already about the 1plus 7pro. You know that it has a new higher resolution notch list.


90-hertz display, you know, it has dual stereo speakers, a triple camera system, and an improved vibration motor, and that it’s one of the first Android phones to sport faster you up 3 points o storage. But in today’s article, I want to talk about some of the things that maybe you don’t already know about the phone, some of the big things, and some of them just small little quirks.


So we’ll start off with that popup selfie cam. Now, if you’re like me, you be worried about having a moving part in your phone and its durability. But one plus says that they tested the Pop-Up camera over 300000 times and they’ve built a fair amount of software into the phone to help protect it. So if you switch back and forth between the cameras like a madman over and over, and I did this just because it looked cool, you get a little warning telling you to essentially it easy.


If you try closing it by manually stopping the camera back with your finger, it automatically retracts and warns you had to do that. And if you try to open the camera while something is blocking it, it’ll make this weird sound for a while and then it just gives up letting you know that it’s blocked.


But maybe the cool thing about the selfie cam software is it’s full of detection. So if the camera is open and you accidentally dropped the phone, it’ll automatically retract. This is pretty good, especially when you consider the selfie cam, when it popped up, even if you have the case on the phone, it’s going to be exposed. So it’s good that it goes back in and stays protected.


This time the camera’s on the back of the phone and it is a bit of bad news. And that’s the fact You can take photos with all three lenses. But when it comes to video, at least for now, it’s limited to just the main lens and the telephoto lens.


So if you’re thinking about using this thing as a little GoPro, yeah, that’s not going to happen. The third thing that you may not know where the phone is, a small one literally in the new SIM tray compared to the one plus 60 before it’s this new SIM tray is tiny. It’s still dorsum.


The tree has a store on each side of the phone for a different SIM card. And from the looks of it, it seems like there’s a larger seal around the tray for water resistance. I know that one post didn’t have this phone officially IP rated, but this at least is a good sign.


So the fourth thing that you may not know, but the one plus of impro is that while it has the same USGBC ports the 60 in terms of raw data transfer speed, Walpole’s seven is way faster, with USP 3.1 compared to USP 2. O on the 60. All right.


The one thing that you may not know is a new software feature that 1plus implemented into the 7 pro called Zend mode. Enabling this mode basically disables your phone for 20 minutes at a time.


So you can focus on it is what you’re doing without your phone distracting you. Now, while this may sound a lot like screen time or like digital well-being, it’s not because you literally can’t disable it once started. There is no home button.


There’s no back button you can press. And, you know, I thought for sure that if I restarted the phone, it would go back to normal. But nope, it still doesn’t work. So I like it. I mean, when you turn on Zen mode, it’s a real commitment not to use your phone, letting you have the day, night or it is, and allowing you to reclaim some of your attention, at least for 20 minutes without temptation at all.


  1. This six thing they may not know, but the one plus seven pros is its fingerprint scanner is a lot better than it was before on the 16th, not just because of the 3 element lens and the larger sensor compared to that phone, but because of the new algorithms that do an even better job of learning your fingerprints.


So it works faster and more accurately. Now, usually, you can’t really show the progress these types of algorithms make on a phone, but with the fingerprint scanner, you can. So here I registered a fresh scan of my finger. And while it works, when I use it just right, when I turn my finger over to the edge, it doesn’t work.


No matter how many times I try. But I unlock the phone successfully with that finger over and over, the phone’s algorithm learns more about my finger. And slowly but surely starts adding it to the database, eventually getting to the point that same sideways unlocked that I was trying earlier works nearly every time.


This means that you don’t go into the settings and register that same finger multiple times in an attempt to improve accuracy. At 1st, the fingerprint scanner is not going to be that great, but the more you use it, the better it gets. I literally hated the fingerprint scanner when I first started using this phone, but now that I’ve used it for a while, not trained it, it’s improved to the point it’s no longer an issue. It works pretty damn.


And, you know, while it still prefers the old style of a fingerprint scanner, like the one on the pixel, the scanner is no longer. It is a deal-breaker for me. Moving on, the seven things they may not know has to do with those edges on the phone. No, there’s no edge like on the Galaxy phones.


And no, I’m not the biggest fan of edge displays, but one plus did add a nice little animation when you receive a notification. It’s a small little quirk for sure, but it’s something that does add a bit of value when the phone is just sitting off to the side and you get a notification.


And finally, the 8 thing that you may not know about, the 1plus seven impros is it has a new cooling system that 1plus is calling ten layer liquid cooling, which is supposed to keep the phone running strong even after long gaming sessions.


Now, from my experience with the phone with the dual speakers and the 90 hertz display the phone, it definitely still gets hot. But more importantly, it hasn’t led to the processor overheating to the point there’s thermal throttling. Of course, we’ll learn a lot more about the phone’s performance we do our speed test.


I do have my review of the phone coming soon. Along with a speed test and the battery tests, the phones become publicly available. I was trying to give you guys some different coverage compared to what you’re probably seeing in your feed. If you didn’t like the article.


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