A Drop Test Between Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max

Lots of guys,And today we have another form of style article. This time a drop test between the galaxias Santa Claus and the iPhone 10 as Max.

Now, what’s interesting about this drug test is on the one hand, you have the iPhone, which Apple claims is using the strongest glass to ever be used in a smartphone, or at least that’s what they’re saying back when they announced it.

And then, on the other hand, you have the Galaxias town plus, which is using the new Gorilla Glass six, which Allissa, according to Corning, the company who makes Gorilla Glass, can survive drops of to two times better than Gorilla Glass five, which is what Samsung was using on their phones last year, which, of course, begs the question, which one of these two very expensive smartphones is actually more durable?

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Test. Round number one backdrop and three to one after the backdrop.

Both phones have their rear glass damaged. The Gorilla Glass six on the Galaxias Tom Plus didn’t really seem to make any difference here, despite all of Corning’s claims with the glass completely shattering. And spider webbing all across the back.

The iPhone’s glass, on the other hand, while not completely undamaged, did significantly better with its back having just a few cracks.

And although its big protruding camera lens did get a few scuffs around its housing.

The iPhone did well enough here to get the win in round number one, round number two, corner drop in three to one. The screens on both phones remain undamaged after that cornershop, which is actually pretty impressive when you consider just how thin the bezels are on these devices.

And while both phones did receive a few scuff marks on the corners themselves, there really isn’t much of a difference between the two making it a tie in the corner job. Round number three, face drop three to one.

The face drop did its damage to both bones, though cracks on the iPhone are mostly contained to the bottom corner of the screen, whereas the tense cracked spiderweb all across the front.

And to make matters worse. After doing our 15 point inspection, where we test everything from the cameras and sensors to the flashlight and charging port, we found that the s tense fingerprint scanner under the glass no longer works.

No matter how many times we tried, how much pressure we applied, we just couldn’t unlock the phone with a fingerprint. We even tried restarting the asked hand without any luck.

And after going into the settings, the S10 wouldn’t even allow us to register a new fingerprint.

So a really, really disappointing result for the S10. Plus here, giving the win to the iPhone in round number three bonus round. OK, so while the S tends fingerprint scanner no longer works. The good news is everything else still does, meaning it gets to go on to the bonus round.

Now we call it the bonus round because it’s the least important round in this test due to the fact that nobody really drops their smartphone 10 times consecutively. However, this round does at least give you an idea as to the impact and shock resistance on a phone.

Last time the iPhone was able to survive three consecutive drops before the area between the seconds and the third rose on the touchscreen, stop working. So we’ll see what the Galaxy s ten plus can do any better. And three to one.

So one bonus drop in phone looks like it’s good if the screen works. Yes, it does.All right. One, three, two, one. That was amazing. It fell flat.

No bounce. Just stuck the landing. Can we call? Yes, we can. And one more drop, buddy. And you’re done.

All right. Drop number 10.And three to one.So some glass flew out just for the grand finale.

This insane, totally ridiculous bonus round and bonus still going can make an emergency call if we needed to.

All right. It passed. So after 10 consecutive drops from just under one and a half meters, the s.m plus seems to still be going relatively strong. We checked if all those drops smack some sense back into the fingerprint scanner. But as expected, it’s still a no in that department.

But otherwise, the camera and the touch screen still remain fully functional. So a pretty good result in the bonus round. OK.

So with all four rounds in the books, it’s time to take a look at the scorecard.

The way scoring works here is the winner of each round always receives 10 points with the loser of each round, receiving somewhere between six and nine points, depending on how much worse it did. So in the first round, the Gorilla Glass six on the S10 plus didn’t seem to help at all, with it shattering significantly worse than the iPhone in the second round. Both phones held up rather nicely.

In the third, both phones cracked. But the Galaxy s 10 suffered one of the worst results we’ve had in a while, with the functionality of its fingerprint scanner being completely destroyed. And finally, in the fourth round, the s.M proved that while a single drop can kill its fingerprint scanner, at least its other components have great impact and shock resistance.

But in the end, the S hence more shattered glass and the failure of the fingerprint scanner costed the match, making the winner of this drop test, the iPhone 10 as max anyways. That is it for me in this article.

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