Speed Test With Iphones

So I’ve been looking forward to the speed test for a while now. We have the budget for hundred dollar iPhone. I see.

Going head to head against the top of the line, the big boy, the iPhone eleven pro max now outside of their seven one hundred dollar price difference on the spec sheets.

There are a few other things to take note of. First, the iPhone.

I see it has three gigabyte ram compared to the four on the more expensive 11. And it also has a slightly lower native resolution. But the big story, of course, is both of these phones have the same industry leading A13 bionic chip, which in theory means they should perform roughly the same.

But somehow I find myself a little skeptical of that idea. I don’t know if it’s because the SC is using pretty much the same parts as the iPhone eight outside of the processor, or if it’s because we’ve seen other phones with the same processor perform differently, but they’re both running. I was 13. They’re both made by the same company.

Presumably the same optimization. So let’s see.This article is sponsored by I Blaze On with cushioned corners, a raised lip and a built-In screen protector.

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Downbelow and the description to learn more. All right. We’ll kick things off by starting this stopwatches on each phone and then jumping into the first row where the two phones perform identically in Facebook and here in Starbucks. It’s a similar story.

The SC seem to have gotten a split second advantage over the 11 pro Macs there, and it does the same thing in Microsoft Word.

But we’re talking just fractions of a second here. So moving on to the second row, the two phones are still neck and neck, which at least according to the spec sheets, is exactly what you would expect.

But I do it to say it is still somewhat surprising to actually see it play out.

Not only has the budget iPhone SC Knot’s fallen behind here, but it’s actually been loading most of the apps. Little fractions of a second faster now. This is nothing definitive. It’s still definitely within the margin of error.

But it’s just amazing to see a 400 dollar iPhone keep pace with an 11 100 dollar iPhone. Especially when you consider that the 11 100 dollar iPhone is undefeated here in the first lap, even against the top Android phones.

But we’ll see if the iPhone SC can keep it up here in the gaming row where it is possible that we might see some signs of thermal throttling depending on the cooling system the apple is using in the SC compared to the 11 pro Macs.

And typically bigger bodied phones do better with heat distribution.

And the iPhone I see is a small phone, but so far it seems to be handling these games without a problem. I don’t know if that would hold true over a longer session, but in this quick burst speed test here, the Essie’s performance is nothing short of impressive.

Now, I do have to point out that while the SC does have the lead here late in the first lap, there are a few caveats. For one, the SC screen is significantly smaller, so the robot arm technically has less distance to cover from point to points.

And two, we’re not using the eleven pro maxes regular swipe gestures as we wanted to eliminate that variable.

But either way, the two phones finish the first lap within two seconds of each other. I’d consider that well within the margin of error, meaning the two phones perform roughly the same in the first lap.

But how they perform in the second still remains to be seen, with iPhone SCA failing to keep subway surfers open while the 11 pro Macs and its extra RAM have it fully ready to go.

And with iPhone Essy also failing to keep premier open, the 11 pro Macs is able to easily pull ahead. But it fails at keeping Excel open, which is nothing too surprising. As we’ve seen many times in the past.

But it does somehow manage to keep word open, as it does at both Starbucks and Facebook.

So quite an improvement for the 11 Permax since the last time that we tested it. It looks like I was thirteen point five may have improved RAM managements, but not enough for the iPhone s. E to keep the same apps open, causing it to finish eleven seconds later with a time of two minutes and 40 seconds, making the winner the iPhone 11 pro Macs.

But it was a close one and a really impressive performance by a phone that costs less than most flagships anyways. That is it for me in this article.

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