Speed Test Review

Last year, when we tested the Pixel three Excel and the iPhone tennis max, the iPhone just dominated the pixel beating. It’s by over a minute.

But this year, things might actually be different.

The pixel forward now has six gigabytes of RAM instead of just four. And it’s also the first phone we’re officially testing with Android 10 now.

That said, unfortunately, Google decided to stick with the slower USFSA two point one storage instead of 3.0. And they also stuck with the regular Snapdragon fifty five instead of the eight fifty five plus which considering how powerful the iPhone eleven pro has already proven itself to be.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the pixel four stacks up.

But will it get embarrassed like it did last year? Or will it be able to redeem itself? Let’s find out. After the test. Be sure to check out the official speed test rankings on our Web sites, which we created using Wick’s.

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Just answer a few questions. Upload some of your photos and pick a theme that best matches your style. And then have a do the rest. Building you a professional website that looks great on mobile and on desktop. Try it out for yourself at the first link down below. OK, so we’ll kick things off by starting the stopwatches on each phone.

And then jumping into the first row where the iPhone is able to get the step over the pixel and Facebook.

But the pixel is able to quickly recover in Starbucks and it takes the lead as both phones began working on word. But with iPhone, it just ripping through that five hundred page documents.

It’s able to take the lead right back as it blazes through Excel and already moves on to the second row. So a pretty big lead for the iPhone. Very early on in this speed test.

We’ll see if the pixel can make up some ground here in the second row as both phones work on snap speed adding.

And that’s one but two different filters to the same exact photo. And unfortunately for the pixel four, it does look like it’s editing this photo at a slower rate.

Even worse, it’s about to move on to the video exporting test here in Adobe Rush in the area where the iPhone has always been dominant, thanks to its a series chip.

And just like expected, the iPhone powers through Adobe Rush without a problem with the pixel, clearly rendering this video slower as well. So things are beginning to get ugly. The iPhone is showing no signs of slowing down here in the gaming row, with it already finishing up with subway surfers as the pixel finally finishes up with a dopy rush.

And with the pixel also loading this Google trend search slower. The odds of the pencil for making a comeback here in the first lap are almost slim to none.

However, it is worth noting that the iPhone loving pro did a struggle a bit in the second lap when it went up against No Templar’s earlier this year. And with the Pixel four finally having more ram, it might just be able to recover in the second lap.

Of course, in order for that to happen, the pixel has to stop the bleeding here and the first lap.

And unfortunately, not only does the pixel load both subway surfers and flip driving at a slower rates, but it also loaded fit the fat slower as well, allowing the iPhone to pull a full of four apps ahead of the pixel as it finishes the first lap with a time of one minute and 50 seconds.

So just an outright dominant performance by the iPhone in lap number one.

So dominant, in fact, that even if the pixel is able to keep all the apps open and ready to go and lap number two, I don’t know if it will be enough for it to make the comeback.

The iPhone is just six apps away from completing the test. While the pixel is still working on the first lap, finally completing it 27 seconds later.

So a huge cushion for the iPhone even as it fails to keep. Excel and word open, the pixel is still really far behind. But the good news for the pixel is it is at least managing to keep these games open and ready to go, something that the Pixel three wasn’t able to do last year.

So a definite improvement, but not enough for it to beat the iPhone with the iPhone completing the task with a total time of two minutes and thirty nine seconds with us fast forwarding the pixel to the finish line where just like the iPhone, it failed at keeping both word and excel open.

However, it did manage to keep Starbucks open on its way to completing the test 36 seconds later, with a total time of three minutes and 16 seconds, making the winner by a huge margin.

The iPhone eleven pro Macs anyways. That is it for me in this article.

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