Comparison Between OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra

The championship match up. We’ve all been waiting for is finally here. We’ve got The Wombles apro going head to head against the current champ in the Galaxy. S 20 Otara now taking a look at the spec sheets.

Both of these phones are powered by the same Snapdragon eight sixty five.

Both of these phones have really fast storage. And really the big difference here comes down to RAM with the one percent pro that we’re testing, having twelve gigabytes of RAM, while the S 20 ultra has a ridiculous 16 gigabytes.

Now, I don’t really expect the RAM to play a role in that second lap, since both of these phones have more than enough RAM to keep all the apps open. But in the first lap, there is a chance that the extra ram on the ESC Twenty Ultra could actually give it an advantage, depending on how aggressive Samsung is with their app caching of the S1, the ultra ends up caching apps better than the one. Plus apro.

It can have faster, but of times, of course, one plus is kind of known for their optimizations. So this thing can honestly go either way. I’m excited to see what happens. Let’s get right into it.

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We’ll kick things off by starting the stopwatches on each phone and then jumping into the first row where the two phones perform identically in Facebook and roughly the same in Starbucks.

So heading into Microsoft Word, we’ll see if one of them can create at least some kind of separation here where the one plus a pro does just that, pulling ahead as it moves on to excel.

And from the looks of it, it’s able to run it through that app faster as well, giving it a nice little cushion as both bones move on to the second row and began working on snap seed, where each one is editing the same exact photo, adding not one but two different filters before exploding the image out to storage, where this time the Essany Ultra is able to keep the one plus from pulling any further ahead.

Meaning here in laps. It’s the S01 Ultra is still right there in this thing and from the looks of it, it’s actually rendering this video at a faster rate.

So we might just see a comeback here. Where?

Yes. Truly, Ultra is able to take the lead for the first time in the speed test, already moving on to Google Trends.

So a pretty big turnaround there. Kind of surprising given the similar specs.

But this 20 is proving that it wasn’t just a fluke loading Google Trends at a faster rates while absolutely blowing through subway surfers, giving the SUV ultra what may be the biggest lead that we’ve seen so far.

And at least in flip diving, that lead only gets bigger with a champ loading that game faster as well. So the one policy pro is in some serious trouble here.

So far, it’s loaded the last four apps in a row at a slower rate and unfortunately, it’s slower and fit the fat as well.

So as it gets started with forward assaults, that’s when he Otara already moves on to the last row where it’s able to pull not one, but two apps ahead with very little runway left here in the first lap. We’ll see if two one plus can at least cut down on that lead before it’s too late. But with it loading ESPN slower as well.

Yes, 20 Ultra is able to finish our first night with a time of one minute and 47 seconds with the one plus eight pro finishing just under eight seconds later with a time of one minute and fifty five.

So a very interesting first lap there. The difference was consistent across all of our test trials and outside of maybe three or four apps.

Yasuni Otara had the edge over the one plus in all the apps with the big ones of course being the video render and the gaming row.

Now, considering that both of these phones don’t get bogged down too much with heats, I think the difference here it came down to optimization if now on the phone side than on the developer side.

But either way, the 20 OTRO is able to finish the test first with a time of two minutes and 23 seconds with the one plus a probe coming in with a time of two and a half minutes flat, making the winner and still fumbling style speed test champ. The Galaxy s 20 Ultra. Anyways, that is it for me in this article.

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