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The TECNO Camon 12 Over The Pro Variant

Hey guys, in this article, we’re going to be finding out if you should save money by getting the final out techno come on 12 over the more expensive pro version that I reviewed earlier full disclosure you don’t get this VIP packaging when. You bind a retail store as this was sent to me by technical about exclusively what you do get in the store is this box is pretty similar to the standard 12 pros.

You have some of the specs on the side and Bach when you open it up you agree to the device let’s go ahead and pull out the stick on the back end on the front you get overlooked the holds the once.

It caught a user Manuel you can see all the 4 G. LTE bands that disappoints here including blue for jeep on 28 a sim eject tool to a hot glass screen protector textured TPU case with Manchester city logo embossed on it on the bottom compartment.

You have a 1.2 charger micro USB cable and a pair of earphones on the front you have a 6.5 inch HD plus ITS LCD with 20 by nine aspect ratio on top of that display you have adults notch that houses a 16-megapixel camera with dual flash and earpiece on the box you have a 16-megapixel primary shooter.

It megapixel ultra-wide lens on a 2-megapixel camera for depth sensing which points flash you also get a fingerprint sensor on the back and some techno branding on the left you have a 3 in one tree that houses to 4 G. LTE Nono sings. As the car on the right, you have a power button and volume rocker on the top.

You have nothing on the bottom. You have a 3.5-millimeter headphone Jack microphone micro USB port and a speaker the comments wells back, and the frame is made from a shiny polycarbonate material on the dark jeep color like black on.

The sets and lights and but is a gradient Colo I’m not a fan of black phones, but this call is pretty impressive. The coming 12 uses 20 by my long-form fox hill, and even though he’s just as wide as the. Prove the area, and it’s taller and thicker. It’s curvy around the edges. It quite lights about its size, but the case had to be tough have.

Speaking of the case, you cannot use the case of the standard 12 pro offense and nine on the comments well and vice versa because of the Taliban mentions plus you don’t want to cover your fingerprints. The box on the front of the coming 12 doesn’t use that.I’m a lead or under-display fingerprint technology Haiti plus ITS LCDs not quite as crisp as the Commonwealth and YouTube videos I still cops at 720 P.

Here that being said, it’s not a terrible display that is bright outdoors. It’s responsive to type on and has with you, and uncles get basic settings like Ikea reading modem option to hide. The knowledge in the sense that it comes with four gigs of ram, which is less than six gigs of sheep on the pro version, we have 64 gigs of storage here with over 54 gigs available to use.

It runs on android 9 Pinewood illiteracy child was version 5.5 slapped on top of it by now you already know what the latest version of his child S. pixel.let’s please keep to the performance the process of par and his guys.the heads UP twins to octa-core CPU clocked up 2.0 Giga hearts same one on the typical 12 Peru from.

What I realized about this cheap based on my experience it is more seamless and lags free when paired with lots of rams. It doesn’t get too hard and is very battery efficient because. It’s 12-nanometer process technology. It is not the fastest or most potent media technique range of cheap products.

But it is adequate for all your social media apps and messaging. The fingerprint sensor takes about half a second. Still, it is accurate most of the time the face unlock takes nearly half that time to unlock and escapes through the animation’s pretty quickly if you want to check out your notifications without opening your phone.

I suggest you go to settings and security and switch to remain in lock screen when it comes to gaming uses the power of the RG 320 on Iran’s pretty much the same as the standard 12 pros. I posted on my stories that it passed 2019 has been updated to run smoothly all they had your chipsets with PowerVR GPU even more so than pop G., which still has few occasional.

So if you’re a big fan of pestering to 19, you will enjoy gaming on the comments well Sirius even get an E. I. mode that stops any background activity from interrupting your game please about battery life. I go through a full day of use in most social media apps and 4:00 hours of playing pop G.

All on wifi, it does give me noon of the screen on time at the end of the day, with 10 percent left to spare using the standard 12 pros like this will get. You about 9:00 hours of screen on time, and while this is more than enough for the average user, the difference in battery endurance plays a vital role in why you may consider declined a lot over the.

It took me 3:00 hours and 45 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 percent, which is forever and a day one whole hour and 45 minutes longer than the child in a time of the standard 12 pros. It also didn’t speed things up.

When I use the fast charger because it doesn’t support fast charging the camera on the comments, what has the same triple camera configuration on the body as that of the Commonwealth pool and find some nine if you see my blind camera comparison? Article.

You already know that the output is the same as I believe in the link of both and somewhere down below in the description, you get the excellent dynamic range and this guy.

I’m ultra-wide lens produces even better contrast you get my crew mode, which helps focus when you go close to your subjects and how the images come out looking great for budget phones now when they come on $12 defined specs using the selfie camera which is a 16-megapixel land on.

It’s not bad as a standalone and even manages better exposure levels. It wants to capture as much detail as a comment 12 pro offense, and nine portrait mode also appears to produce punch-up colors than the usual, way, which is something worth noting in does.

I think the primary camera appears to capture more lights than the funds of 9. The dual front-firing flash also gives off that cheeky motion effect; hopefully, an update fixes this vicious article in 1080 P.

The technical 12 may be more popular because of its lower price points, but some visible features may make the pro version stand out, and some not so obvious ones I don’t think many will care that if Google assistant button is gone.

But undoubtedly that under-display fingerprint technology of the pro is not something you see on every budget phone; you also get more room. The pro may come down to how much you love taking a selfie is after qualities way bets on the advantage for me.

I think the price difference is due to the significant decision-making factor because the price is 47500 naira, which is 40000 naira less than the cost of the pro, and you get the value for all of the pros features.

But I’m not sure what the difference is what that’s much for every user, especially those who don’t take a lot of selfies. You not only get to save money with a standard 12, which has many of the same core features as the pro.

You also get a bigger screen size and better battery life on this guy do let me know in the comments you prefer if you found this article.

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iPhone X Face ID Vs Charcoal Face Mask

I’ll be experimenting with iPhone tens face ID to determine if face ID works with a black charcoal face mask on, but first, let me do it not so quick on the box in a test impression on the iPhone 10. So here we have the table pretty much the same size as the iPhone 6. I don’t know why the box a little dirty.

I need to find a T. mobile sim in the tree, which pretty much explains that anyway inside the box, you have some greeting cards and stickers on the needs that you have the iPhone 10 smartphone. You have the standard charger earphones and apple lightning to 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack adapter and lastly apple lightning USB cable, so now I’m looking at the device for the first time.

It’s gorgeous glass everywhere the first houses the face ID technology and its infamous notch. Nearly all of the front is the 5.8, or later full HD display did not also house a 7-megapixel TrueDepth camera that is compatible with portrait mode no flash or notification LED on the back. You have 212 megapixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras. The wide-angle is an F. 1.8 aperture and a telephoto lens at F. 2.4 aperture liquid flash.

It has an optical zoom digital zoom up to 10 times. Both of these lenses have a visual image stabilization. On the left side, you have the mute switch, and volume rocker keys on the right you have to be a power button on the bottom you have stereo speakers and one of the group is justified statics and lightning USB port on the top you have nothing the iPhone exes pot by bionic A.

11 chipset, and aside from the design changes, you also have to adjust to the new bezel-less form factor, which comes with a couple of new gestures swipe from the top right to get to the control center swipe from the top middle on the top left he gets unification tree swipe off.

To get to your home screen, swipe from the bottom, and then to the right to see running apps such as hold running top slides and then touch the red box to delete all swiped. The slight pop to delete running apps the front camera also comes with some excellent nifty features like the portrait mode, which comes with different lighting.

It’s still not very accurate to maybe stick to the back camera will get portrait shots and images it took me all of 2 seconds to get over it, and it’s not going to get into the display is such a beauty to behold. I do not mind did not show up, so I notice.

It all the time, but I do not mind it. I also applied a glass screen protector on display. Which was frustrating at first because of all the bubbles it hot after a deal to nearly all the bubbles were nowhere to be found, of course, I watched a lot of videos about the glass screen protectors for the iPhone X.

I got to know that even the most expensive ones and the cheapest ones leave bubbles; however, no one said anything about the bubbles disappearing on its own, so here’s how I applied that screen protector and what he looked like. Yeah, we have that. Okay fine. X.

The front and the back of the $1000 iPhone 10 are entirely made of glass, so you might want to get the keys for it. The battery life seems to be slightly better than the iPhone 6 plus. This gets me nearly a full day of medium usage, so now on to the face ID is straightforward to set up now many may be wondering.

If his idea would work with makeup on the answer is yes and no because sometimes it covers the essential Marcus of your face, you will be able to open your phone with face ID. Still, now my experiment is for this situation where you are at this par with some face mask on this and soon.

Let’s see if face ID will detect my face while wearing a black face mask in the following footage, so I have a face mask on it now. I want to test if the iPhone can unlock with my face mask is not even dry yet or anything like that still very very wet, and I do see the contours of my face right now I’m going to try to unlock this device with a face mask. So.

Analysts recognize Celeste right again. So you can see that the logo is just like. It’s just. Thus yeah I phone is not unlocking. I had to. My face does not recognize my food; that’s my fee.

But now actually. Can you see it? But this is what I have on I have a black face mask on right now that would be all for this experiment deliver comments and let me know what phone you would like me to compare with iPhone 10. Please feedback to support my channel till next time, guys, please.

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Infinix Zero 4 plus or Infinix Note

Guys, I’m here to do a quick comparison article between the infinix 04 that was just released yesterday on the infinix note three that was released about two months ago. The infinix sign three price points about 60000 in the range of 6060 5000, and this is currently returning 416000.

Now that’s it will pan you know so about 50 something 0 difference between these devices, so you know I’m expecting some significant differences between them so first off the similarities and display boats 1080 P. full HD IPS manifests very similar in disbelief.

I was going to increase the brightness a little bit here and there to be here. So you can see the displays are you know very similar you know different backgrounds but still very identical okay, so on the second similarity is the notification LED doubles partner notification LED when you get receive messages.

When you’re charging, you get like the inscription and the D. D. only difference is that this has like several colors for the instigation of how blue, red green you know any color want. You know I think that maybe a variety of colors and in this house just a green color.

And then this is the third similarity that the boats but the on trade these put running on android 6.0 marshmallow and. The I. is running on XO S. U. Y. I do infinix on you why and then the house. They both have the fingerprint sensor on the back.

So I’m just going to test the fingerprint sensor for you okay, and yeah. C. R. high-speed fingerprint sensors and then let’s go on to the differences between both of these devices now they both have body cameras with dual flash, but this is a 20 this is a 20.7-megapixel camera. And this is a 13-megapixel camera now the difference is that you know one is professional. The other is well good, but still, this is a whole new you know user experience.

When it comes to Colorado, too many settings that you know confirm borrowed from the DSLR camera professional camera, a lot of professional photographers. I would appreciate and people who want to lead me to be more about the photographer. I would understand spending evenings are for which I also do understand.

I can you know borough or learn a little bit about 4 I mean if it’s older fee professional photography so that it’s something that you know the uses of the Phoenix, therefore, we get to appreciate and then. The. Front camera this is a 5-megapixel front selfie lover 5 megapixels is really.

You know right, but for the infinix 04 has a vast angle 13 megapixels this camera. Because this camera which is. Unusual for it, that’s a megapixel. Amazing for the front-facing camera, and that is something you know would come to use like a lot second thing that I need to.

Like about the infant exam for is that they’d sports he has 4 G. connectivity for GLT E. is fast and you know 3 Jeez you see a snail compared to 40 which you know people are okay with 3 G., but I mean now is the future, and I mean I want to you know to be on top of it.

So yeah, I mean this has 4 G. and is excellent. I like that about this, and I forgot to mention that the camera has like optical image stabilization the infinix.

I’m 04 house of schoolmates did lies action that is just hardware that has been in place to make sure that your article does not shake when you move around. This 1 has a software feature for that, but this is more effective, and you have on the inside of these both of these devices are two different processes here.

You have the anti-Kate octa-core Hey, have the MC Kay octa-core. 1.3 gigahertz speed and on this one how the hell you ten chorus that’s that this ten-course this is aids course that’s up to corn this is ten courses hello this is a very very new process of from anti-K.

Well, for media tech and then you know the answer to benchmark, you can see the differences between both of them both of these devices have like well you take a look identity benchmark scores. Their friends their tree company complete if it exists 04 entirely obliterates the note three you know by a long shot.

You know you’re going to get fantastic game speeds fantastic in everything I’ve opening speed from these lots more than you get on this or the device, and then you know that is going to sell after. You’ve used your device for a long time. This device also comes with a 32 GB ROM on these on it 4 GB ROM, which is twice the size of the 16 GB and the.

And 2 GB ram, so that’s two times the size of these hands you know that probably helped a lot when it came to when it comes to open apps you know helps a lot when it comes open in ops close in ops and then leaving them running for a long time.

I’m still returning to them, and yeah, the battery life, so the battery life on this beast is a 4000 medium by default on the minimum batteries huge for any device to date, and you know it’s would run you know for several days if you don’t use.

It so heavy for gaming on stuff, and this has a 4500 maybe a bunch of weeds, which is an absolute beast as well, and you know it would give you a lot you no longer. Usage time down the Phoenix area 3, but you know that’s probably because you’ll be using this perhaps for less powerful stuff, and they use this for you.

If you know your, your photography Aldi and in your, you know gamine. You see, a lot of heavy apps maybe a decent op or whatever I’m yes, but this would last you more than 84000 medium battery should last you for more than a foot average user you know part of probably pushing cities, and this should last you about you know two days.

You know some change, but most people charge their phones at the end of the day, so it’s you know kind of like. And then that’s it for the comparison between these devices when it comes to which once again ultimately.

I think the price points would help you decide. I believe that pain you know 1 116004 days is worth it because you get that very, very clean, you see the aluminum body that is entirely unibody like it’s.

It’s as premium as premium could get today when it comes to the antenna bands the color you know the cameras at least raised but still it is very very very nice looking and that’s. I would suggest that you get this if you can if you if the budget is not your if you don’t care too much about how pricey it is.

It is not even pricey for the features that you get, so yeah, and then you know for people whose for students, and you know average but people in an average budget, you should probably get the infinix. No three because just because you still use all these fantastic features and even if you come.

It’s not us as professional or whatnot you still can enjoy your device for you no longer time slightly longer time, you know, so yeah, I’ll be back with a game review and if you like this article.

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Infinix Note 4 or Infinix S2 Pro

Hey guys, I have the infinix S. 2 pro, which was launched in April, and in note four, which was launched a couple of days ago now, a lot of people may not have realized this. Still, infinix record 4 is slightly less expensive down to S. 2 pro the notes for costs 53000 naira, which translates to $130 for the 16 GB plus 2 GB variants and 58000 nairas.

Which translates to $150 for the 32 GB plus 3 GB variant while the S. 2 pro cost 60000 naira, which translates to $160 you wonder why Daddy’s here you’re about to find out why. So let’s get a closer look at both of these devices’ dissimilarities. They both spoke the same process.

So I’m back camera, but what else the 2 megapixels plus it megapixel dual selfie camera on the S. 2 pro-company blows the note for the 8-megapixel selfie shooter way because. It’s ridiculously full other than that S. 2 pros huge display is not quite as crisp as the full HD display on the note 4.

It isn’t noticeable until you put them side by side as I am now I’m doing. I would be scrolling you know the rest of the specs similarities and differences on the screen, but let’s look at the real-life usage now.

Are now for boot speeds the infinix note four booted up a lot quicker now I’m connecting to the same wifi let’s now go into some of the apps first off let’s make sure we aren’t running any apps now the fest I’m going to test is Twitter the note four opens with a faster. Instagram.

I will call this a draw I think gallery the S. 2 pro takes this one music the S. 2 pro wins it’s but not by a lot snapshot S. to Prue loaded up. One faster by the hair. You too S. 2 pro is the clear winner here let’s move over to games you know the good stuff let’s start with temple run. S. 2 pro wins this round sober self. S. 2 pro looks that up quickly as well and finally the last load of asphalt 8.

Surprisingly the infinix note 4 loaded up the asphalt eight faster. I think overall. I’ll give this to the infinite because it looked at nearly every fast out ever so slightly. Given express and both of these devices are small, so no complaints there now for the answer to benchmark score they’re quite similar with an old for being slightly better.

I don’t think around management test will be fair because if it’s not for is a 2-gigabyte variant while the S. 2 pro has 3 gigabytes of ram, but you know what I’m going to do it anyway so let’s open suites are. No refreshing their YouTube. Boat refreshed Instagram; both refreshed separate self.

Now, this is where you see the extra round and asked to shine asphalt also the no four is rebooting the game while the S. to prove continues from where you left off you can always pick up the 3 gigabytes of the note for to enjoy the benefits of gaming is your thing do.

You know, for, however, manages more space as you can see how many rounds in the four use when compared with S. 2 pro running the same apps now let’s look at that counter even though they both sport a 13-megapixel camera.

They even if as the pro’s camera has a more accurate color than the note four which tends to oversaturate to beat when you zoom in on the wrong image, you can tell the S. 2 pros kind are is doing a better job.

On the surface side of things, the S. 2 pro is undoubtedly the winner according to the spec sheets, but let’s put that to the test now we know Mahmoud S. 2 pro and in those four appear to be on par. The quality is quite similar, however, with me back in the sun didn’t force the money to bring up my complexion while the S. 2 pro is on the dark side on the full mode S. 2 pro still hasn’t found this much.

Even with 04 plus yes, the pro is more full on the indoor shots. The S. 2 pro also outshines the note for intensive image quality. This storm. Which one of these devices should you buy well if you love the form factor of the S. 2 pro, which is more compact and your wifi lover, yes?

I’m talking to you because I’m kind of gore’s the S. 2 pro is for you if you want your battery to last more than a day it was down to the next day and maybe the day after that if you’re pushing it you know a little farther than the note four should be your choice.

I have to see that the note is super sleek you know that calm back takes me away even for a 5.7-inch device doesn’t feel doubt beacon the hands so,

let me know dies in the comments section, which you think is better for you, and I will be bringing you guys the note four pros on the box and soon.

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Infinix Hot 8 Unboxing and Review

Hey, guys, this is my boxing and a quick review of the infinix hot eight the box has a greenish Lemonis gradient color you have some of the specs on the back when you open it up you are greeted with a smartphone. Let’s go ahead and take out the stick on the back end on the front. This one is the midnight black color.

It also comes in quite some scion cosmic purple and shock high you get the warranty card you have an envelope that holds the sim ejector tool in notes from files by Google to use them on the wall. You can see all the 4 G. LTE bands that he supports here, so no go for cheap on 28 X. club leaflets a film screen protector and a textured TPU case.

It has this beautiful modern office wall graffiti look that adds a bit of personality to the phone in the bottom compartments. You have a standard 10 watts charger, a micro USB cable, and a pair of earphones on the have a 6.6 inch HD plus IPS LCD with a 20 by nine aspect ratio on top of that display.

You have a drop notch that houses an 8-megapixel camera with flash. If he’s on the back, you have a 13-megapixel primary shooter, the 2-megapixel depth sensor on a QVGA light, and so with quad flash, you also get a fingerprint sensor and some infinix branding on the left.

You have a 3 in one tree that houses to 4 G. LTE nana seams and an SD card on the right you have a power button and volume rocker on the top you have nothing on the bottom. You have a 3.5-millimeter headphone Jack microphone micro USB port and a speaker the hot it’s back and frame I made from the glossy plastic material and.

It’s a unibody design; it does seem like the black color is a bit boring. I’m probably is the least attractive of all the color options this device is significant. But not too heavy considering definitely for two handed-use comparisons is designed with that of the S. 4 dead not she’s ident. Call the hot it is significantly taller but hot.

It’s back coming off as less premium to the display is only 60 plus this plea but close well saturated with this aspect ratio. It is meant for media consumption, especially movies. It’s bright outdoors is responsive to type on and has excellent viewing angles you get.

I came here to read more it said try doesn’t option to hide the notch in the set as we see that it comes with two gigs of ram and that cities of storage you have over 24 gigs available to use it runs 109 Pinewood elitist excellence cheats are version 5.0.2 slapped on top of it. The quick settings it gets all the funding utility tools, and after a while, you get a whole lot of blue where, and you can delete them, we get found by Google preinstalled.

If you’ve ever used any phone running android go edition and probably have an idea of what these guys do, this is your file manager. You can share files clean duplicate files, and keep the case taken up all. Your storage space and uninstall unused apps et cetera navigation sets are I hear all six options, including swipe, gestures a small pond out, especially for one-handed operation on this phone.

Because it’s a high aspect ratio and reaching the top requires second-hand clothes even the total for the 100 moods requires a swipe from the tough about performance the process apar in disguise the head you each wants to quad-core CPU clocked at 2.0 gigahertz same one on the SmarTrip plus that.

I reviewed they have a lot in familiar capable of running your social media apps and messengers but not at the same time. Hence, you spice up. It’s all displayed a split-screen is not something you want to do regularly on the heart eight. The fingerprint sensor takes about 2 seconds warlock, which is slower than most it does read most of the time accurately. The face unlock also brings about a second lead to something.

We’ve gotten quite used to on the hot seat resistant direct sound, and here’s what the speaker sounds like side by side as for. When it comes to gaming, as usual, I play pop G. on default settings, which on this guy’s smooth graphics that average frame rates prevalent on some keys still get cation or starters.

There’s this neo engine pop up, and it’s supposed to give you some game booster Hans Joachim plea if you like to see what it feels like in the separate gaming review, let me know in the comments about. The battery life I go through a deal for use using mostly social media apps took photos I live to the game on wifi give me 7:00 hours of screen on time with 50 percent battery left.

The hello 822 CPU uses a 12-nanometer process and has already been established as a power-efficient chip. With basically 5000 medium-high battery, what you get is two full days of use or ridiculously NXT screen on time for the average user. It took me 3:00 hours and 37 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 percent, which is the downside of having a massive battery on a budget device such as this 1.

Because it doesn’t support fast charging the camera on infinix hot, it is indeed a step up from the single-camera of the hawks 7, and most of it isn’t just for show the boycott is adjustable before and after. Your shot plus you get a lot of P. R. I mean, which is for anyone who’s incident here are some of the shots that I took.

How does that not make ranges fair the family portraits militants descend, but it does have a prop 5 to. Confess it as for the hawks it’s money to take a better look at himself with better skin tones. The QVGA light sensor brightens the sharks, but callers end up looking to feed it.

This is the selfie camera of infinix hot eight. Here’s what, or do you sound like infinix hot. It is the first infinix smartphone to pocket 5000 media PA battery and packs the most prominent display from pure physics. I know some people need all.

The battery juice to power a small country on that smartphone and is only recommended to do is we B. console people into budgets willow phablet-sized gadgets for consuming media. If you’re not in this category Dennis Montreat plus it’s probably a better option for you so quick question.

I do any other budget phablets from any brand of fox and displayed is enormous for the price of around 2000 Iraq on 19 US dollars please let me know in the comments because all these plus a decent camera has me wondering.

If that market forces at play come from the prices of the competition, that is if there are any for the heart 8. I hope you enjoy this article.

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Infinix S2 Pro X522 Unboxing

You guys just took it from you get a call when you’re watching the unboxing of the infinix S. 2 not even exposed to is the success of the infinix hot S. Was a selfie arm flagship, so to speak from infinix, this is although well the successor, and this is also targeted on the selfie industrial wi-fi lovers people.

Who loves to take self fees and use the front-facing camera, so let me quickly show you guys the specs you can the box is a turquoise color and. It’s a fresh or bright color, so to speak so.

It’s for the people who love to show their faces, so yeah, you can see the features of the S. 230 megapixel posted megapixel dual front-facing camera is like the most outstanding feature of the S. too and from the launch I.

I’m guessing that the bomber is also used as a megapixel shooter. This is a 5.2 H. T. I. P. S. display it has a fingerprint sensor or 3000 medium battery optical processor. Has a 12 CM, and this is the pro version of the S. too, and it supports 32 GB and 3 GB ram and also if an X. Ekso S. that’s their own customized you why so that’s the Phoenix.

Ex 52 into two and then to call I have here been courts block them you know purist on the box this for you guys and even if I’m kind of on my own here and I have to hold my phone with one hand and. You know duty on boxing with one hand, so you remember how it was on the fast the first video that I did all the infinix hot S.

It was just like this, and anyway, let’s look at the books that are inside. This is an easy guy. This is easy, but I couldn’t wait to you know get a professional job done. So you guys are just going to take me. Review the way it is. So yeah. Let me take this out. So.

So you have—the pain. When you open this up, we have a screen protector. It’s not the tempered glass, just a regular screen protector. Thank you have a booklet from infinix purposely use them on ours. So this is everything that that is in this box.

So you have a fast charger. From infinix because the infinix S. 2 plus does support fast charging. Okay, you have a USB cable. The regular USB cables that you see from infinix is the 2.0 U. S. B. cable. So this pillow from the screen protector that came with the phone.

Put it up. And. Already on. So I’m just going to leave this on here. I’m sure you guys will come out the door calmer. And. Dust, I’m guessing the big one is the 13 megapixel on the small one is 8 megapixel.

I mean, I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m guessing that it is. It does have capacitive buttons that you know these three dogs from this country do save space a little bit, you know, because it has a 5.2-inch display having capacitive buttons keeps the area on the screen for every other thing gives you a lot of real. Hence, estates there’s a 5.2 inch HD IPS display of the box you have the fingerprints.

You have the fingerprints. The sensor you have a dual flash, and then you have it at a 10-megapixel camera. Because he does have like silver. I’m going to see antenna bands so. The top and the bottom of the device. On the left-hand side, you have the volume rocker. So while the market town and up. On the bottom of the phone you have. The 2.0 USB port. And you have speaker grilles.

This is not about stereo speakers or even to speakers, so I’m just going to. I’m just going to say that these are. Maybe one of these is for I statics, and the other one is the speaker, but I can’t be too short again, but that is when I think of an. So. On the right-hand side, you have to have the power button, and you have the same tree which doubles up. As he. That’s the country so.

From the looks of it, it looks like a hybrid same just like you have on the hot as. So on the top, you have the 3.5-millimeter headphone jock. So that’s a fire this thing I want to show you guys what the selfie looks like some are just going to put on some clothes so now I have sent to the infinix S. 2 pro, and I wish to.

Sure, you guys with the cameras like so. First off, I’m just going to try out the back camera, which is a megapixel and the front camera. And it’s a good picture of it. I hope you guys can see that. This is S. 2. Pro. So what do you guys think?

Someone to try out the front-facing camera and show you guys what it looks like. Okay, so let’s look at the results. Sandeep, I’ll be showing you guys. What it looks like some indoor right now and. Do you have it? The infinix S. 2 pro box and so if you guys like this article.

If you have any questions, leave a comment in the comments section below and. If you don’t like it, we have done this down, so I had them comments to get all the Phoenix updates.

I’m going to be comparing the infinix with maybe some other devices that you may like to see.

Latest Smart Phones

Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition

Hey guys, you get a call, and this is the standard see ex-Manchester city limited edition boxes. Now I’m super excited about this one because only 200 units will be sold in my country Nigeria and I call myself extremely lucky.

Who wouldn’t okay let’s quickly look up what we have inside the box so this device comes in this beautiful Manchester city. Everyone is going to be getting the device package to sing. We so now let me quickly take the box out of. Pocket and show you guys.

What we have here. Now let’s open it up. Wow, lots of gifts. Why. It comes up to them for you to know all everything I see right now. Okay, first, we have to come in 6 my city today to show units which are the official, not just the city football club smartphone.

Suppose you didn’t already know that we see a lot of the club’s back all over the box that gives it away. Yeah, we have an adorable and block selfie stick. He does have a Manchester city club by the temple of the pickup you connect that end to your phone. And here, we have a block customizable to speak out with much of the C. T. badge logo or whatever you like to call it and techno Brandon.

It’s charming looks excellent as well in the box you also get a USB cable for charging your Bluetooth speaker, so this goes into this, and that’s pretty much it even you have a use in mind to help you get acquainted with your new external speaker. You have a water bottle flask. T

The black stainless steel on the inside who can tell. It’s not just the city logo on one side and techno on the other side. I feel like my only the city funds would feel at home with all these gifts you know not to love. Okay, so now let’s look into the actual box that houses the.

It’s a Manchester city box which rhymes with the blue color that a phone call so. I would be running the specs on the screen, so you get the down-low of every all the specs of the phone on the screen there’s a 3-month warranty sticker on the side which guarantees you a free screen replacement for the first three months of purchase so everyone.

Who are you know you know if you’re clumsy, you’re not very careful you can fix this screen for free within the first three months this could come in handy. Please read all the books you agree to in my chest 60 cards let’s take that out here we have the device. So let’s take out the plastic on the bottom into that beautiful.

60 blue color. And the plastic on the screen. Yes, you have the 5.5 inches full HD display on the 16-megapixel camera with dual flush. It already has a screen protector applied on it as well you may not see on the left you have the power button which is textured very lovely and the volume rocker keys. You also have to ask the—part 3 of both.

On the back, you have the fingerprint sensor. The 16-megapixel camera and the ring flash point slash you also have the Sentinel Brandon and Manchester city club badge. Down below the antenna bands you know over wrapped in a metal body which is beautiful and. On the left, you have to draw the same tree. On the bottom, you have a regular USB charging port—the speaker grills and microphone. On the top, you have a 3.5-millimeter headphone, Jack.

So let’s party stop while you see what else is in the box. What do we have here the Manchester city team everything you know the tables covered in you know I bet everything inside is that much of the city. The end so there’s a small pouch. You also have some pumps that. Use a model of your warranty card—the card from music. And then you also have to painful opening the trees here.

You have a regular USB cable quick charger. Headphone. So let me quickly set up the device I see you guys what interface looks like. Yeah, the interfaces Manchester city team as well, and you know let’s go into the story to see what we have.

One of the unique features of the, C. X. much as this is a limited edition is that he supports a 4 GB ram and the 64 GB storage space when compared with a, C. X. O. G. just it’s come a C. X. you know. You can see all the extra around that you have on the come to the C. ex the city limited edition, not to mention the storage space for days you know.

I don’t think I would be needed an SD card with this device; honestly, it also comes with a variety of much of the city football club wallpapers for the funds. So let’s go ahead and test that comes around. So let me take a picture of my trusty Bluetooth car MP 3 player, which icon Gigi op.

Well, let’s look at the seem amazing cameras to come and see X. that we know and love. Let’s take a selfie for good measure. So yes, awesome stuff coming to the company is not going to disappoint you, so that’s it guys let me know in the comments section below if you would like me to put the rams.

To test run management test alongside the C. X. O. G. or any other suggestion that you may have, you can leave in the comments section below to show your support to my channel, and I’ll be back with some new short article based on request guys.

Latest Smart Phones

Infinix Hot S3X Gaming Performance Test

Hey guys, it’s not suitable for the good of calm. This is my game test on the infinix S. 3 X, so I apologize for the noise in this article because I’m currently outdoors and have no constant electricity in my country, so the generator is always on. Chris W.. Okay, so my next article will be pretty exciting because that one is.

An article based on request and I have already filmed it, but it’s going to take a long time to edit the video, so I decided to do this, which would take me to the mall. The cycle isn’t this one of a published this one first. This is the shortage of doubtful mind completely doing on the property you guys love so much. Yeah. This is, please enter the race. Think about it or do it.

There’s nobody to remind me to stop. Some might just get addicted. I keep going, but no, I’m going to try to keep this video on that 10 minutes to make it about 15. Please, I know it’s about you know, having a chat with you guys and enjoy myself. Key. So the first round run pretty smooth I can I like the.

Rampages mood maybe there was a lot I didn’t know C., so if you guys noticed like I should let me know in the comments section, you could see that the notch is covered. You don’t get any of that. It just looks like there is no knowledge on this phone but days, so it’s not going to feel operational block a screen or anything like that.

No good at this. If he does right. With a maximum of 3 topping the groups instead of moving. So in my next video lottery compared three devices from infinix hot S. through the halls as the ex five just because it’s on my most requested article, there’s also a standard X. comparison.

What I did include that in my next article just because. I wanted to make sure that the prices of the devices compared with very similar X cost. A bit more than the other three the order to. All three tools on concerns.

Well, I guess I’m a loser in this game. So let’s go ahead and switch to pop. She still. So, guys, I am thankful for the fact that it’s a 2 part video because I just rewatched the fence spots, and I said I made a couple of mistakes.

So I would it’s entirely something about economics not being included in my next video is a standard X. is cheaper than the hot S. 3 and hot S. 3 X. and.5. But more expensive than the. No, come on, it’s cheaper. Sierra and they come on X.

Bruce is more expensive, so you have to choose between. Have to choose between. Hi guys, it’s hard to concentrate while C. You have to choose between a 16 GB come on X. and 64 gigabytes coming next broke, which is with the decision getting hard. Apologies again for. The noise.

So yeah, I use this phone for 2004 hours now. I think 2004 hours now, and I have my battery life battery reading my screen on time. I know that I was quite impressed with my first 2004 hours, and I’m going to sell that in my next article.

I’m going to show you guys actually in my next article now I. have already charged a bit just because I wanted to gain.

Died and I had to charge me for like 10 minutes before playing this game. So I’m looking for some action. Are you guys not to worry I’m going to do the ordinary expropriate camera testify con so that I can give you guys that you know you want.

Hopefully, I get around to doing it. Maybe I’ll even get surprised when asked me a lot about the comparison between. Photos that I feel like I hot I covered with some of the similarities that I’ve done, so you guys know draft on the hot S. 3 classes hot S. 3 article versus.

The guys knocked on the hotel through the due process. Well. It’s really. How do three vessels note five and up it is going to be similar in terms of speed test is good to see that B is identical to this one, so if you’ve not seen that one, you want to know how this would compare to the notified they should see.

Yes, give me mode is not on. There are gaming modes, someone, yes, somewhere, but I don’t want to put some because I get distracted and lose this game. Should somebody. So you guys, I’m going to show you guys the and to benchmark test results at the end of this video as well I did that my first article which.

I feel like people get to the end to watch that. That’s why do we want to make this video very long. I want to make it as short and sweet as possible. But I need to know what somebody should need just so.

It can justify playing the game. Sodomite is upon us in real life. The lights dim lights upon us. They don’t like that. The guys I’m trying my possible best to finish this on time so that I can—all 4. I’m amazed. It was excellent stuff.

You guys see that. So finally. I’m done with the pop G. because. This wasn’t supposed to be a long article, so just quickly going to show you guys my answer to benchmark results before the night hits us do you guys remember to like this article if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel so I can.

And so courage me to give you guys more articles. So yeah that is the intervention of this court you can see that I checked the battery a bit before this article died.

But I’m not going to show you guys my screen on time to the next article and discuss all the reasons you should get it. I don’t want a different device that got released this year between the hot S. 3 X. on note 5, so that is going to be my next article.

Hopefully soon right on the top so you guys should be on the lookout for that’s one to get the item you want to watch the article as soon as it drops then hit the bill icon hit the bell icon, and then you get up to you as soon as it falls and. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one, please.


TECNO Camon CX Unboxing

Hey guys, this new kid from nuclear Coleman hits on fox Technos leads as to come to our flagship the techno common C. XO I have in my hand here the box so this is what you get when you go to the store to purchase 1 of these.

It’s you know to block Brandon you know black is always a beautiful package, okay so here we have some specs the technical C. X. ships with android 7.0 nougat, so that’s the new west underage operating system you recall that the comments.

I was running marshmallow on it. You know this is an upgraded version, so when you get in, you see each year bump off you know new software features that come with android 7.0. The process is 1.5 gigahertz octa-core versus the common C. 91.3 gods octa-core. This is a bit too.

This is better. This is faster the displays the same 5 for five full HD I. P. S. touch screen you know it’s like you know standard these days on the resolution is also full HD.

The company has been bumped to a 16-megapixel front camera with dual flash on the 16 megapixel back camera with a ring flash, so to tackle come on C. X. also, supports might speed fast charge. Hence, yeah, that’s you know 1 of the things that I find you a lot now because you know ever since I experienced.

I have never been there, but I’ve not been able to use a regular device. I feel it’s going to be horrible to use a proper tool that doesn’t charge any faster this has a fast charge, and you know that’s on the line to test you see the memory is a 16 GB ROM and 2 GB ram expandable up to 122 gigabytes storage your SD card. Then you have you know the connectivity obvious answers and later.

You can see right here the battery has been increased by 200000000 which is you know which should show your day to day you should use it tied to the fact that you know the android 7.0 kind of like saves battery more than the marshmallow I hope you can read this. It has a fingerprint sensor so,

I’m looking surprised when I see one of those on the box the item and has a couple of excellent beauty features you know this is also running on each iOS you why on top of android 7.0. You know this is an updated version of its iOS, I think, so you’re going to find out when a box this device.

So you have one cracked screen free wrist replacement within three months of purchase so you can repair your screen for free if it’s broken within three months, which is fantastic. A lot of people have to buy insurance kind of for one year get like fix the screen. So.

Now we are greeted by phone. Now, this is a 5.5-inch screen, but you can see that you know even without ripping the plastic. Right, you can see that the filter since bloody reissue. Very high, and you know there’s a lot of management proper management of the space on the phone.

This is the most you know quality feeling device from you know that popular series that I’ve felt I felt the common CNI which had the Mets are ream. Still, you see the park was plastic this is the full metal body it is a beauty let’s just party device and talk about what else is in the box. So yeah, while the device is powered on.

I would like to see what else I get from, you know. Hi, the. Some of you have your—a nice. A new color smart pouch, so I’m just going to place right here. You have a ticket that’s missing from one of your 12 months here this is your warranty get this week every second the price that you buy, please moment once you have your shoes online on the creature and then some. A pamphlet so.

Then you get your first charger. Hey, and then you have yours. U. S. B. is a USB type to this the regular U. S. B. thank you used to do don’t need to you know you can have extra fees you know lying around everywhere. So which is good, I mean because this is still very much about. And then you have your proprietary.

And from some of yeah, this is what you have in yours. This is what you have in your technical familiar C. X. Yes, I need to pan for frying. You know sim card yeah, let’s look at the device now. Some just going to. You know to skip through these real.

Okay, so this is techno come on C. X. on the front, you have the 5.5 full HD 1080 P. display on you have the 16-megapixel camera with dual flash on my left-hand side has the same tree is a dual sim device so on the right-hand side you have the. Memory card slot, so you can insert some Sam’s on you and search for the memory card slot.

This is not anything like the hybrid seems that you all don’t like. This is precisely what you want in your techno device must have only to have a memory card on the right-hand side. You have the power button and volume rocker.

And on the bottom of the device, you have the USB charging ports and do you have the speaker grilles the noise cancellation and voice piece so and then on the top you have the 2.5-millimeter headphone Jack. On the back of the device, you have a 16-megapixel camera with a quad flash just for.

And the fingerprint sensor so you know techno has been making phones with fingerprint sensor since the phantom five on 20 September 15. You know they are swift. I can only imagine that the fingerprint is even faster. Still, I’m not going to try it out now, so let me like to take a picture with the camera so you can get it. Here I’m just going to have my sample. So I took a picture.

And can you see that if you find that it is beautiful adorable? Wow like. Just looking at the viewfinder loan, I am impressed. So yeah. I need to do a full calmer review.

Because I mean this is my first think like I don’t even take two pictures, this is like one picture just snapped and it’s beautiful so yeah there you have it the cat the technique on the C. ex I hope that you know. You guys wait on for my next article, hopefully.

I’ll do it comer review and gave me a review on you know whatever you request, so if you like this.


Infinix Hot S X521 Gaming Review

Hey guys, I’m here to do a game review on the infinix hot S. I have in my hand here the latest fingerprints flagship from infinix X. 521. I downloaded some games.

Yeah, modern combat. Future fight Marvel’s future fight Pokemon go account of us as doubtful temple run kidnapped another key these three games are from audio games they are made by Nigerians aren’t you know by. My parents are grown doing so.

The process so on this device is a 1.3 gigahertz octa-core processor and. Let’s see how the games work first I’ll stop it temple run jumper on his. You know everyone’s favorite I have mine. I have my wifi loaded. That’s high performance for the games because I was on some battery saving mode before. Sierra.

The other system is the temple run. I haven’t played it before says give me just a moment, so yeah. Pretty smooth. I guess. I guess I suck at the game. So. This is a kind of us is down from its pretty light games for us because the modern combat it’s heavy on the future fight is heavy but have tried on both and.

It’ll work very smoothly. I’m a kind of us is done for so yeah I guess set made by Nigerians. These are the live games are the ones that you play in the office, and you know. Can. So.

Enjoy while. Maybe this one to do at work or something Chris the brightness so you can see clearly what’s going on. Then I wasn’t concentrating so.

It’s a bit difficult. It’s quite challenging to play. I thought it would be more comfortable, but if it’s not actually while. Well, I will be getting anyone’s credit score in this game. Okay, so let’s try. R. Balki I look is one of my favorites.

I don’t know why this is a password that was password how to put my fingerprint to access the game can see how pretty quick that was. So. A book is the one that I think I am very, very good acts because. Because of precision, I believe that I know exactly what I’m doing okay.

It doesn’t seem like it, but trust me. Yeah. Okay, I think my high score is pretty unbeatable. I’m very, very good at it and. You know the position is something that I think I got when it comes to 3. Just pulls. I’m funk in the industry, but trust me. This is an isolated incident.

Because I’m paying attention to the media as well. Good. I am pretty good, okay, I’m just going to exits and. You can see that. Let’s go to. Kidnap. So. A lot of permission sections. So kidnapped is this one is slightly easier do not touch the girl such as. Okay, one going up, we can go there, you know. From the tender very.

Very cool version of Pokemon that lets you go out and experience stuff while looking for working on. This became a problem we used to fight another booking later. We just need to try to influence the.

The area that you’re looking at this location. Well yeah, I can see if. This is. Lucky. Sierra. A lot of people complain that they can see what came out and we have to go through. You know I don’t know how to go about it I could leave the link in the green description location.

To get your procurement team down the. You know when you move to Sweden X. And. Yeah. So I’m going to you know to try one of the big games, maybe a future fight. Yeah, this one has to play sideways, so I hope you can see that. I. I thank the Lord for the games and Raffles and food. During. To add. You guys are working conditions.

This is the difference between the two teams to do that first. Yeah, I have been doing and making. And it pretty much takes about the same time. Very. Yes. This is the first mission I see something else. This is another thing. Service using. So I hope you guys.

The card. In the first place. I’m just going to go to the last game there. It’s modern combat. Yeah. I’m sorry that is you have to do so. I wanted to bring the shield against asked I could make it shorter just send me the name of the game they want to do anything except as. Does that work the speakers and decide if it’s not.

That’s my house, and it’s blocking the speaker. So that’s not bad. I like. What a combative because. The complex. I don’t want to go to. Yeah. You guys shouldn’t judge making articles while giving, and you know it’s.

What are they? What are your limits construction locations over? So I’m going to end the article here everything is buttery smooth I have played absolutely at how many games now and because to see all of them are running in the background.

So yeah. It is cool that I don’t have to start the game over, so I think that this is this could be a gaming phone if you. Hey, it’s loaded all these games without. Close in any or anything like that on a 1.3 megahertz octa-core processor. This is possible. So yeah.

So click be sure to take the light and comments button and then send your suggestions for. You know another gaming review if you may or any questions that you have on the infinix hot S. specs features or whatever, so yeah, you can also follow infinix infinix mobility on Twitter and. If an ex Nigerian Instagram to get more information about this device said thanks.