10 Plus Camera 4K Video Test Samsung Galaxy Note

all right it’s time to check out galaxy’s edge here at Hollywood studios it’s already out in California but this is Orlando Stern yeah it’s the preview let’s see what

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iPhone XS Max Camera vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus

what’s up everybody this is Danny and today I’m doing the camera comparison between the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as a dual camera system while Dino ten plus has

a triple camera system also with the time-of-flight sensor for dedicated depth so I am really interested to see if that actually makes a difference and I want to know

which audio source sounds better so I’m gonna switch off in between let me know in the comments which microphone pickup is better and what the front-facing camera is doing

here because the note 10 plus actually shoots in a higher resolution so it should technically look better so I’m gonna go around today I’m gonna test these cameras in

every lighting condition and let’s see which camera comes out on top let’s do this before we get started let’s talk about the testing process both of these phones were

left in pure Auto mode I feel like this represents the average consumer best of course the no 10 plus has a pro mode if you have time to play

around with the settings to get that perfect shot you can seen optimizers left on the note 10 plus since it’s on by default the only changes made to the

note 10 plus are the beauty modes they’ve all been disabled the no 10 plus has a tendency to overexpose by a stop or so this is more of a

Samsung trait that you’ll see across all of their cameras some people will probably like the brighter look on some images it looks more pleasing especially pictures of flowers or

greenery there’s more contrast there it can be more balanced samsung also leans towards the heavier saturation so some pictures can look unrealistic but this is more of a preference

thing and like any other camera comparison this does go back and forth sometimes sometimes the iPhone has the brighter and more balanced image even when it comes to plant

life I can only face these characteristics off of repetitive results in my testing the big thing that I don’t like about the overexposure in the Samsung processing is the

clipping of the highlights especially in trickier or harsh lighting conditions this can lead to a loss of detail and blowouts but props to Samsung for fixing how the scene

optimizers renders the blue sky it looks very natural and not hyper saturated like it was before so that is a huge improvement I’m not a huge selfie taker but

the note 10 plus has a wider front-facing camera I do like the balance of the skin tones better on the iPhone but better dynamic range here on the note

10 plus in this scenario the note 10 plus has a dedicated depth sensor on the back called the time-of-flight sensor and from the portrait roll pictures that I’ve tested

so far it looks like it does make a difference the edge detection is much improved and there are a few pictures where the iPhone missed and the note 10

just nailed it like this railing the iPhone totally failed here the skin tones I feel are still better on the iPhone the note 10 plus over exposes the skin

not giving a realistic rendition but big improvements to life focus mode on the note 10 plus from the previous Samsung phones light focus video is also fun to play

with it’s not perfect but it’s a cool option to have their different background blur modes so those are fun to use my favorites are the glitch and also the

color point mode the biggest advantage of the note 10 plus in my opinion is the ultra wide-angle camera on the back I love having this so much I wish

that the iPhone had this option I was just at galaxy’s edge in Hollywood studios and only with the wide-angle camera can you capture all of this especially ultra wide

video it’s exceptional in 4k check out this full video if you want to see the note 10 plus video camera in action if you like slow motion they both

have very good usable 1080p video the note 10 plus looks a little bit sharper though if you look closely if you want that super slow-motion at 960 frames per

second the no 10 plus is the way to go it doesn’t look very good but it’s really cool to have nevertheless both phones shoot up to 4k 60 frames

per second quality is insane on both of them here’s a walking sample in 4k they both have optical image stabilization

and both do a fantastic job but the note 10 plus has some of the best stabilization that I’ve seen in a while also the note 10 plus can

shoot video in HDR 10 plus if you’re integrating that footage in post production for the most dynamic range and detail when it comes to daytime image quality it’s a

toss-up it could go either way so let me know which one that you think did better let’s get to the low-light performance everyone’s favorite the note 10 plus does

have a faster aperture going down to F 1.5 compared to the iPhones F 1.8 and that should theoretically let more light in and produce brighter images and for the

most part that is but just like in daytime it comes at a cost of overexposure and highlight clipping there is a dedicated night mode and if you switch to

it it does help with dynamic range shadow detail but if you look closely the images are over sharpened where the iPhone looks more natural sometimes the night mode just

captures too much detail and it just doesn’t look good in my opinion I prefer most shots without the night mode on this neon sign they both look great but

the notes rendition is super sharp and more vibrant where the iPhone looks more like it came off of a DSLR or mirrorless camera it’s smoother and more balanced when

it comes to shadow detail a lot of people like seeing more details in the clouds so if you like that you will definitely favor the note 10 plusses camera

but in a lot of situations I like the black sky rendition better on the iPhone this is just my preference though if you edit your photos afterwards you can

always add contrast to make the sky darker but this is just straight out of the camera the more pictures that I look at the note 10 plus as HDR

seems to be really aggressive with boosting highlight and shadow detail some people want the more natural and what my eyes are seeing at the moment look and that would

be the iPhone where the note is giving you the ready to share picture right out of the camera but this wouldn’t be a camera comparison if they just don’t

go back and forth the note just does so well at brightening up the picture and sometimes nailing the overall scene but other times just looking too aggressive and the

image starts to fall apart I think the biggest disappointment at this time at launch of the note 10 plus is the 2x quality just like the iPhone when lower

lighting condition hits it switches to the main sensor instead of using the 2x and crops in but the note just looks really over sharpened and overexposed look at where

this main sensor shot looks comparable to each other but when you go into that 2x look at the shoulder and clothing of the woman is just so sharpened that

the edges have a halo effect I’m sure this can be easily fixed to a software update though Samsung is known to push out updates after launch so I hope

this is fixed very soon colour replication of certain hues can be totally different in this concert scenario the iPhone was the more accurate one the Reds are still captured

better by the iPhone as well but it does go back and forth so it depends on the scenario this is definitely not one-sided there were a lot of times

where the no 10 plus camera looked better as well and the over sharpening is not always bad in certain photos because it really brings out the details when it

comes to 4k nighttime video they both do well but the same characteristics are here the note has a brighter overall video button sacrifice for overexposure and clipping look at

this area this is handled much better by the iPhone and also the crop is heavier on the note 10 plus where the iPhone remains a little bit whiter this

is definitely a tough one if I could call this a tie I would because each of these cameras have their strong suits and weak points I think it will

come down to preference generally speaking if you like the brighter picture with more vibrancy and sharpness you’re going to love the note I’m surprised though how well the iPhone

kept up here people always hate on the iPhone for being behind the times but it still remains a benchmark for balanced photography even though the feature set isn’t as

heavy if I had to pick one camera though and take only one camera with me I would choose the no 10 plus because of that incredible wide-angle camera once

you have it it’s impossible to go back especially with this type of quality and the ability to shoot video with it little minor things like the wider front facing

camera the different modes and all those features the note hands-down has more versatility but regardless of which one that you buy you’ll definitely be happy let me know which

one that you picked as the winner in the comment section below